Friday, December 7, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 1 keeps coming in!!!!

Jerry Morgan was moved to a private room on Friday, but later in day, things changed & he was moved again...this is latest from Geneva and I really appreciate her keeping me/us posted...this is combination of three emails from Geneva:
Jerry Morgan has been moved to another room near rehab. Room #247,
(405) 486-8247. He still not able to stand by himself and still has a headache. Keep him in your prayers.Looks like might take awhile for him to be up on his own. He is able to talk. I was so glad to be able to talk to him. Tonight [Fri] when I talked to him, his words sounded a little slurry, but that could be he was tired and under medication. He does enjoy hearing from his friends. Afternoon sounds like best time to call. You know how hospitals are, they like to get all the test and therapy out of the way as soon as possible.

I had a real nice email from Mike Wyant, class '57, out in CA....he has been back in hospital, had three stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. He is recuperating at home and feeling much better now. Two of his daughters were in the recent fire hazard area, one had to evacuate because of the fires and Mike had to get what he could in a hurry out of a home he has in San Diego county. Fortunately, the fires missed them and no one hurt. Mike did send this 'request'.......
Please ask our friends to have some special prayer for Caralee Everett, LHS 57 grad. She went through chemotherapy for cancer this year and had to miss the reunion in June. The doctors thought they got it all, however, some more has shown up. She is now changing addresses and I don't know her new one yet, but if anyone wants to send her a greeting, they can send it through me at and I will forward it to her.

Correction....Marilyn wrote to tell me she missed typed...if you want to help...its Hospice of SWest OKlahoma NOT SEast Oklahoma...!!!

Thought some would remember and might be interested.....a book out by Frank Rush, lll. 400 pages, 200 historical photos of Craterville Park and Sandy Lake Park. If you are in Lawton, the book is supposed to be available at Ramons, Museum of Great Plains, Sadlers Book Store, Meers Store, Howard Council Saddle Shop, Trading Post at Cache or you can order from Frank Rush lll at PO Box 810555, Dallas, TX, 75381. Book is $25.00 which includes tax and shipping if you order by mail. Contacts are (214) 725-6727 or email:

Weather humid, warm, should be pleasant in San Antonio. OU and Mizzou scheduled for 7:00pm (CST) 2 hours and counting (that's 120 minutes Oklahoma time). Anticipation and excitement are building!!!! Bill has the TV warmed up! I have stew/cornbread and apple dumplings on hand to nourish the 'arm-chair' quarterbacks! (7:00pm - CST). I know Johnna (Gordon) and Wayne Parks are field-side in SA. They drove up and met some of their kids from here. Granddaughter Brooke is an OU cheerleader! And, I do know Dick Densley has snow falling (WA) but he has goulash, cornbread, and mince pie to keep him warm! OK......We're fixing to kick-back & EAT! I mean....ROOT for the home team!

Regards to all........ Georgia

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