Tuesday, November 27, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 19

I am so very sorry to learn that our '59 classmate Robert "Bob" Newman is very seriously ill. I received this email forward from his cousin, Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis, and she felt it would be fine to send out so that old friends and classmates would know. Bob is also cousin to Sam Joyner and Joan(Scott), Carol (Scott) and Ronnie Scott.
Bob and wife Marla and son Kevin live in Plano, TX and his daughter that sent this information is in Dallas area.
Bob also has a younger brother Rich, living in Minneapolis......

"I think each of you knows my Dad has been sick, diagnosed with a disease similar to ALS. (Lou Gehrig's disease.) My Dad isn't doing well. The doctors are saying he has one to two months left to live. We are telling family so everyone has time to talk to him again before he passes. We are also trying to gather email addresses so updating everyone will be simpler when he does pass away. We just created a website (the link is below) so you can keep updated on him or send messages via the web as we go on. I know my dad would love to hear from you over the phone though. Their number is 972-608-0020 if you don’t have it handy.Here’s the website, please pass it on to whoever you think might be interested in it.http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/robertnewman Hope you all are well and that each of you has a great Thanksgiving."
Take care, Michele (Newman) Liu; 972-437-0663.

I hope you will all join me and keep Bob and his family in prayers.
btw....I visited the site and ended up sending an email greeting to Bob through the email address of his wife (on the right side of page, scroll down to 'email author').

I also had a call from Marcille (Covey) Southerland. She has been told that Pearl Jo Uhland, a former librarian at LHS, has passed away. I have not heard anything about her and nothing in Lawton paper. She was living out-of-state with some of her children. If anyone has information, please let me or Marcille know. Always hate to hear of a loss.

I know this may not be the best of Thanksgivings for some but I still hope for a wonderful holiday for each of you, filled with those you love - family and friends. Yours truly will be out of pocket for a few days as Bill and I are heading north to spend Thanksgiving with daughter Leslie who lives in area where the pilgrims started this holiday (Boston).....just hope I don't have to wear one of those tacky hats! And I don't like buckles on shoes!! Too sporty!

Warm regards to all...those with health problems are always in my prayers..... Georgia

Sunday, November 18, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 17

I am sorry to report several passing in past few days.

Hazel Carnes, 98, in Noble, passed away on Friday, Nov. 9. Formerly of Lawton, I believe Hazel is mother of '60 classmate Beverly (Carnes) Carlson of Las Cruses, NM. Services were Monday afternoon (Nov. 12) in Lawton.

Helen L. "Pudge" (McCain) Banks passed away on Nov. 4 in Bartlett, TN. Helen was born at Fort Sill, grew up in Lawton and graduated LHS in 1948. Hope this is right...but believe Helen was sister to Williston B.P. "Bill" McCain, class '56, who passed away in 2005. A Memorial Service will be held at First Baptist Church Chapel in Lawton at 11:00am on Nov. 30. An online guest book and sympathy cards are at: < www.grayfuneral.com>

Also, Viola M. (Shelton) Hines passed away on Nov 15. Viola grew up in Lawton, graduated LHS in '54, attended Cameron two years, married Ronnie Hines in 1958. Survived by Ronnie, a son, twin daughters. I believe Viola had cancer. Funeral services will be this Monday, Nov. 19, Becker Funeral Home Chapel here in Lawton at 1:30pm. An online guest book and sympathy cards are at: < www.beckerfuneral.com>

I know that Bill Shanklin is very ill and your prayers would be appreciated. Bill has been fighting cancer about 7 years. Bill is class '48, living in Texas, and brother to Bob, Jerry, Jack, sisters Jane and Jean, another sister Judy who is deceased. LHS grads all.

Received this note from Charles Brooks:
I have been trying for years to locate an old friend from the class of '60. Lost contact to Ronnie Evans and his wife Connie back in the '80s. I noticed that someone asked for help in finding someone in the last e-news and thought it was a good idea so I will try it too.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ronnie Evans class of '60? And, did get this response about Bobby Huddleston Wed. evening:
Mike Harris here, class of 59. I got a call from Ronald Honeycutt this evening and among other things we discussed I asked if he knew about Bobby Huddleston. Ronald told me he talked with Bobby recently, at a funeral I believe he said. In any case, Bobby Huddleston is living in Clinton, Oklahoma and is apparently well.
Mike Harris

Had this email from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs: "Just arrived home this week to Niamey from US, but would love to be with you for lunch on Tuesday. The dust is thick and heavy here -- our dust storm season is in full bloom."
Got to visit with Jerry when she was in Oklahoma back in August.
btw...Niamey is in Niger, Africa. Jerry and hubby Ron have been in Africa right at 30 years.

Billie (Suggs) Penn, class '57, told me that she had a copy of a 1911 LHS yearbook that belonged to her Mom. Billies Mom graduated LHS in 1910 and her Dad in 1911. Billie gave the yearbook to the library several years ago.

Had a wonderful, fun lunch on Tuesday. Eight of us got together and exchanged a lot of past history, new info, and had some great laughs. Kay (Pavillard) Otis and hubby Jerry came down from OKC. Jerry was lone male. We were happy to see him and he did seem to have a great time And why wouldn't he with 7 *premier foxes at his table!!!
Kay has had serious health problems and treatment and she was doing fine and looked great!

Also looking great.....Carlana (Fitch) Murray up from Wichita Falls, and locals Janey (Johnston) Scott, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith, Kay (Holsey) Strickland, Pat (Dunn) Doughty, and moi! Fun time. Will try it again after first of year.
*premier foxes.....what Dick Densley called 'us'. Dick is sooooooooo right! Thank you Richard!

Absolutely gorgeous here today! Bill and I have been enjoying the 'joys' of home ownership with chores inside and out! I'm on break right now and taking opportunity to get the 'news' out into cyber space! Regards........ Georgia

Monday, November 12, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 10

I am sorry to report the passing of LHS grads and classmates and sorry I didn't get this out before the funeral:

James Q. 'Jimmy' Wilkinson, Jr, 77, of Lawton, passed away on Nov. 7. Services were today (Sat. Nov. 10). Jimmy graduated LHS, it does not give the year but from his age would have to be about '54? He is survived by a brother Jon; also a sister, Monna Rhea Fullerton.

Also passing, Bobby D. Kelly, 59, of Lawton. She passed away Nov. 8 and services are tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 11, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel at 2:00pm. Bobby graduated LHS class '66 and is survived by husband 'Joe' Kelly, a son Cary Allen and a daughter Shannon Nelson. So sorry to hear of both these losses.

This is a note from Joe Scott. It was sent on to me......think Joe would be class '58 but he left early and completed his education in the US Navy. Was told Joe is living in "Mississippi, near the coast".

Hi all! Just a note to let you know I will be leaving for Villa Hermosa, State of Tabasco, Mexico with Jerry Miner, Vice President of Disaster Response, Water Missions International Thursday morning. The State of Tabasco has been flooded in the aftermath of a recent hurricane and the population is in dire need of safe drinking water. WMI (Jerry, who has never installed a system, & I with local volunteers) will place 5 or 6 Living Water Treatment Systems for emergency use. My affiliation with WMI began soon after Katrina came ashore in Mississippi and Louisiana and they asked me to head up the 18 units scattered around in the two states. Later on they asked if I would consider being an International Field Technician on a volunteer basis - long story.... sure, send me. Some of you may know/remember that I traveled to Peru last December to help install several LWTS near the headwaters of the Amazon River. This trip will be much the same except that this trip is an emergency time mode. Keep us in your thoughts. Be well....Joe

I had opportunity to visit with Tom Bullock - class '50 - last week and he told me the 'homecoming queen' in picture last LHS News, Pat Witzell, was in his class of '50. He didn't know about George Miller? Pat is sister to (older Marlene) then, Dody - class ? and Catherine - class '58. All daughters of Jake Witzel (Ford dealer).

Marcille (Covey) Southerland - class '52 - also sent same info on Pat.
I appreciate the help!

Also visited with Jimmy Stanton - class '56. Jimmy collects 'old books' and we talked about the 1912 Lore I acquired recently.
In fact, finally running a picture of the 1912 Lore Editorial Staff (not available here).
btw...can see the unfortunate water damage to book, but overall its not too bad. Don't forget....if you have old yearbooks - LHS or Cameron - please don't toss. Lot of people interested in saving them!

Someone has inquired about '59 classmate Bobby Huddleston. Does anyone know where Bobby is...? What he is doing? If so, please share and I will pass along.

The 'girls of '59' are getting together this next Tuesday, the 13th, for a lunch. If any of you would like to join...you are most welcome! Gerald's Early Bird, 12:00 noon, 405 SW Lee (directly across south from old SWestern Hospital).You don't have to, but might let me know you are coming as I am going to reserve a table. But, if it's last minute....come on! Can always pull up a chair and add water to the soup!!!!!

Received an email from '59 classmate Stella (Price) Naifeh....she said she was so sorry to not be able to join us on Tuesday but she is still in Philippines with the Peace Corps. She did say she will be returning to the States on Dec. 17 and hopes to join us next time. Sure hope so, Stella & hubby have been gone almost a year.

btw....the 'news' continues to grow! Have added several more to 'list' just this past week. If any would like to be added..... let me know. Remember, recent past LHS News archived at:< http://www.thewolvernet.blogspot.com/>. And visit the official LHS web site at: <www.lhswolverines.org>.And the recently formed LHS Alumni Assoc at: <www.lawtonhighalumni.org>

Still enjoying the beautiful fall weather and taking advantage to get ready for St. Nick...yes, early. Takes me longer these days! Warm regards from the 'home town'......Georgia

Thursday, November 8, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 7

I am so sorry to report that Arthur Farrington lll passed away on Oct. 31. His sister - Linda, class '66 - had just written me about 3 weeks ago to let me know that Arthur had just been diagnosed with cancer. Arthur graduated LHS in 1960, served in the US Navy on the Kitty Hawk, returned to Lawton and worked at Johnsons Milk Company 20 years then for JC Penny until his retirement in 2007.There will be a memorial service this next Friday, Nov. 9 at the Fort Sill National Cemetery at Elgin, 2:00pm. Arthur also has a sister Alice class '61. So very sorry for this families loss. An on-line guest book and sympathy cards are at < www.grayfuneral.com>

It was good to hear from '59 classmate Dan Glascock that he was not in the CA fire area this time. Dan told me he lost a home in the CA fires about 4 years ago & rather than re-build in San Diego county, he moved. Looks like a good move as some of the fires were back in that same area.

Seems Charles Brooks made a major sibling blunder in last LHS News where I quoted him, he has sent this correction:"Made a mistake about my sister's class. She was class of '60 not '58. Sure hope she's not too upset with those two years I added to her age. I know I'll hear from her but she is a very forgiving sister so I'm safe. Really am enjoying all of the news as I'm sure she is now too." Charles sister is Judy (Brooks) Clark. Gotta keep those years straight! Hope this will smooth things over Charles!! haha!!!!

I was out eating (yes, again). Ran into Jack Leach - class '54 and also Jimmy Ryans, class '58. Had a great visit. Both doing well.

In todays (Wed) Lawton Constitution...the caption under picture reads: "Central Oklahoma alumni who received this card didn't recognize the couple doing the queen crowning in 1952. The football captain is George Miller and the queen is Patricia 'Pat' Witzell. Even though they were both graduates of Lawton High School, the couple never dated until after this moment, and they've now been married for more than 50 years."
WoW! Must have been some kiss!! Do not know what year either graduated? Anyone?

Some have asked & I do know that class of 1958 is starting to get organized toward their 50th reunion next year! Will pass along info as it becomes available to me.

We traveled to Weatherford, OK this past Saturday. Bill is a '57 grad of the SOWSU Pharmacy school. His class was honored on the occasion of their 50th reunion! Bill was one of a few who received a certificate for having a continuous license in OK for past 50 years. It was a fun time and Bill saw many he had not seen in a long time. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive.

Several fields of 'King Cotton' waiting for the pickers...I guess machines these days. Looked like blankets of snow. And, I had not seen the 'Oklahoma windmills'.....many located north of Lake Lawtonka, spreading along a ridge cap, and then another large grouping just as you come into Weatherford. Interesting looking things...kinda like a creation out of Star Wars. Going round and round, counter-clock-wise, collecting the 'wind' to make electricity! I found them most interesting. Guess Ben Franklin would be astonished!

Weather changing in the home town...windy, much cooler...chili weather on the way! Some of you are receiving the 'news' for the first time so let me say 'welcome' and remind all, recent past 'issues' of the news are archived at:
< http://www.thewolvernet.blogspot.com/> Regards to all.... Georgia

If you do not and would like to receive LHS News.....email me at:

Friday, November 2, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Oct. 29

I am so sorry to report the passing of Etta Sue (Wilder) Sprague Monsey, 77, of OKC. I have known Sue many, many years, she was such a dear, sweet person. She had been battling Alzheimers for about 7 years. Sue is sister to our '59 classmate Phil Wilder. Her dad Bill Wilder was the head baker and wonderful cake decorator for Johnson's Bakery. He made our wedding cake when Bill & I married in 1965. Sue grew up here & graduated LHS in about 1948. She married Paul Sprague soon after graduation and they have a son Tim and daughter Melissa. Many years later they divorced. Sue later married Bert Monsey, who preceded her in passing.Phil Wilder lives in Colorado with wife Coralyn. Service are this Monday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2:00pm at Matthews Funeral Home Chapel in Edmond.

Although some decades after 'us'....I also noted the passing of Patricia Kathleen (Huntley) Rube, 48, of Lawton. Patricia was born in Germany but was a 1977 grad of LHS. A memorial services will be at 1:00pm this Wednesday, Oct. 31, at the ballpark at Robinson's Boat Landing (north end of Lake Lawtonka).

I was finally able to visit via phone with Charles and Jackie Darling out in Pasadena. They are both such a delight!!! Charles was so nice and had tried to contact Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman who was in the 'heart' of the CA fires.

Meanwhile Susan (Hankins) Ellington sent this note:MMorris got hold of Sue Grimes who had Frankie's cell and now we know Frankie and daughter and families are AOK.Thought you'd like to know. Susan

And on the CA fire, received this email today from Mitch Braley:
I talked to some length with high school buddy Charley Jennings of my 1957 LHS class this past weekend. He and Beverly live in Poway, California, East of San Diego, and had a close call with the fires around there about 4 years ago. They are OK this time simply because the last fires just about burned everything around them already. They have had a lot of smoke around their area in the past week or so, and were evacuated last Wednesday. However they are back in their home now are doing OK. While I was talking with him I could hear emergency vehiclesin the background, traveling through the valley below their house.
Joe (LHS class of 56) and Vonda (LHS class of 57) Lansden live in Simi Valley, CA and am concerned also about them. I talked to Marilyn Ann (Gordon) Smith and she was going to call and check on them. I have not heard anything about them as yet. If Marilyn has not talked to them when I call her tonight, I will call and check on the Lansdens and let you know. Mitch

I know there are several classmates in the fire area....so hope all are safe!

This email from Jim Andrews, class '58:
Hi Georgia, just wanted to thank you for all of the updates on Lawton High grads. In one email about the ladies visiting Paul White in NM, just wondered if anyone has Paul's email address. Paul, my brother Hershel, Paul's brother, Kenneth,, and I all played little league baseball for the Roosevelt Dodgers. I lost touch with Paul after he left Lawton for college and have not heard from him since. If anyone has his email address, I would love to have it.
If anyone can help Jim out, send it to me & I forward on.....Jim is living in Salt Lake City.

Received this from Loretta Hartline and no, I didn't know till she filled me in....Hi Georgia, Don't know if you have heard that I am now Managing "The Tea Room". I know everyone thinks 'what is She Doing Now', well it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy seeing everyone. It is a great place to meet our mature friends and classmates. Hope to make it the meeting place for all classes. Want to have a 50's, 60's, 70's, etc day or week or whatever. Anyway wanted to pass it along that I will take good care of all of you who are looking for a place to meet up. Thanks again Georgia for all the news both good and bad we like to know how all our old friends are doing. LorettaThe Tea Room is located at 213 SW 'C' in downtown Lawton. The food is good!

Received a great photo from '59 classmate Robert 'Bob' Meek. (not posted here). From left to right: Barbara Webb, Judy Baker, Deanna Paramore, Eugenia Matthews. ( these girls all LHS class '57) Caption says girls at the train station, Barbara and Deanna were on their way to school in Missouri. Bob says that Judy Baker - married name Tanner - lives and works at same company in Bakersfield as Bob. Hes right...small world! Really appreciate Bob sharing the picture!

We have had several days of just absolutely gorgeous days and nights!!!! Think may change later this week? My Bill is on way home this morn from S. Dakota with truck full of winter provisions - pheasants! Gotta find some glass to put them under! Hope all of you are doing well....Regards from the 'home town' ..... Georgia