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Originally sent June 17

I am so very sorry to pass along that Julia (Fullerton) Bell, 70, passed away today, Tuesday June 17. Julia was LHS class '55. Services will be this Friday, June 20, at First United Methodist church here in Lawton, 10:00am. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery.Julia was such a gracious, dear person, and a friend. She had so many interests and was involved in so many endeavors until illness caused her to have to stop some years ago. She and husband Terry lived on a lovely ranch over by Cache and raised horses. They had great interest in horses and the horse industry in Oklahoma/New Mexico. Julia also wrote poetry and I am happy to have 2 of her booklets she put together over the years. We were in a ladies group years ago called 'Knit-Wits'. The name became misleading as the only thing we did 'knit-together' was our gums as we ate lots of good lunches and treat! Great fun! Her mom was a teacher and many of you will remember Lorena Fullerton.
btw....her Aunt, Gladys Fullerton, was our (some of us) first grade teacher at Washington School. Julia had been suffering with Alzheimers for several years. There is a lovely obit and guest book at: http://www.beckerfuneral.com/sitemaker/sites/becker0/obit.cgi?user=julia-bell

Also passing, Janet Sue (Ryans) Landers, 52, of Lawton. Janet moved to Lawton from Ardmore at a very young age and was LHS class '74. Janet passed on Monday June 16 and services will be this Thursday at Cameron Baptist church in Lawton, 2:00pm. See obit and guestbook at:http://www.beckerfuneral.com/sitemaker/sites/becker0/obit.cgi?user=janet-landers

GUYS - class '56. THIS week-end!!!! Get together June 20 & 21 in Lawton. We will be meeting at the L.O. Ranch building - 4 miles east 1/2 south of Lawton. Due to graduation at Ft. Sill, there are no rooms at Best Western. So, each person is responsible to find their own lodging and food! BYOB! There are 10 RV hook-ups at L.O. Ranch. There will be no planned activities, we just want plenty of time to visit. For additional info and questions call: JOHN TILLMAN OR DOYCE GRAYSON 501-581-5464 817-480-4600 THANKS, JOHN jktillman@yahoo.com

Received this email after talking about Lawton - the way it used to be....
"Wonder where the Orpheum theatre was located? I remember the Murray, Ritz (kinda sleezy), Dome, Palace and the Lawton. The Vaska came later. I also remember the Canton Chinese Restaurant in the Midland Hotel and spent many hours in Ramey's Pool Hall. We used to duck under the table when John Tyree's dad (who had a law office upstairs) used to come in for a Coke break. What a great "Downtown" we had in those days."
Joe Lansden - Class of 56

Received this from '59 classmate Phil Wilder in CO:
"My older son Tim and my grandson Sean Philip were here last week for 5 days. They had a great time hiking, fishing, sightseeing etc. The last time I saw Sean , he was about 5'2, he is now 5'10 and still growing. Tim just passed his 20th year in the Air Force, made Master Sergeant and next week he will be deployed to Iraq for the second time. The first time was in '91 during Desert Storm. He could have gotten out of going this time, but he said this is what he trained for and he felt it was his duty to go before he retires next year. He will be somewhere north of Baghdad training Iraqi medical units in battlefield medical trauma treatments. In his 20 years, he has been stationed in Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Columbia, Bolivia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait - some for as little as 3 months and others for as much as 3 years. His job title is "Remote Base Operator" which is the same as the old M*A*S*H units, and he is the NCO in charge of the unit. As soon as he returns, in 6-9 months, he will retire and finish his college courses in Anthropology and then he will be off to some remote location of his own choosing. He loves to travel. Keep him in your prayers.
Love, Phil & Coralyn

"I really appreciate '59 classmate D.L. Stoddard sending me two pictures from our days at Washington School. D.L & I went all through Washington, Central, and LHS together. Great pictures! One is second grade, other is third grade. Hope I can scan and share...soon. D.L. is living in Glencoe, OK, retired, and says he spends his time playing golf and volunteering. Says he lives on 5 acres and has lots of dogs and cats! My guess is he mows a lot too!

btw....stamped on back of photos - Hankins Studio, phone 2792.

Speaking of Washington School.....another Washington alum and I shared a table at lunch last week. While dining at Burgess Grill, barrister Nick Garrett came in ....at Washington he was called "Nickey". We shared a table and memories of Washington classes and classmates. Most enjoyable. Nicks family moved about 6 - 7th grade and it was after high school and college before he returned to Lawton. But, he would have been our class of '59.

Attention class 1959!!!!! A few of us have had very superficial 'discussion' about our 50th just around the corner. Not sure WHO will be heading up this event BUT.....for now, I will accept 'input'. Need YOUR ideas on... Time of year? Day(s) of week - week-end? Where - Lawton, Medicine Park, Ft. Sill, etc.? Dress - theme of '50's, current, anything? What type activities? Food? Music/DJ? etc, etc.....!!!!! It's YOUR reunion so speak-up and let your ideas/thoughts be known. Just keep in mind, we will need lots of volunteers to head up the various areas! I will save any input I receive and hope someone (?) will call a meeting before long??
note: I hope to attend the class '58 event in August that is going to be [Friday night] at Medicine Park. Will be able to see how that works, etc.

Guys, I still have some great 'news' items to pass along & will get it out very soon!
I hope you will join me in remembering in prayer...... those serving in our military and those who are ill or have lost loved ones. Regards to all........Georgia

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