Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Originally sent June 24

I truly hate to be the bearer of so much bad news, but, seems we are at 'that time' in our life!

I am so sorry that we have lost another '59 classmate.
Received email this afternoon from '59 classmate Kay (Pavillard) Otis:
Georgia, we don't know if you have gotten the word or not about Charles Narmore. His wife, Karen, called us this morning and said that Charles passed away yesterday. [Mon]. Evidently he had a heart attack - it was all very sudden. If you don't already know, Karen has had her cancer come back and is undergoing treatment for that. Jerry and I were heartsick to hear the news. The funeral will be Thursday at 10:00am at Donnelly's Funeral Home in Irving, TX. She asked Jerry if he would speak at the funeral so we will be going to it. Kay and Jerry

btw......I found this link to what I assume is correct funeral home, but did not see obit listed for Charles.<>

Have just learned that Frank Hankins - class '57 - is convalescing and recuperating from a quadruple by-pass on June 13. According to his cousin Susan (Hankins) Ellington, he's at home, doing better, and says he can just about hold a "normal" conversation.
Just had an email response from Frank and he said some are hoping he DOESN'T get back to his old self!!!!! hahaha!

Also according to Susan, her sister - and Franks other cousin - Duffy Gilbert, is again taking chemo and after some bumpy spots in the road, is doing much better. Very happy for this good news.

Sharing emails:
"Just a note about Mr Swaby while reading his obit, a fond memory came to mind. The family lived a door down from us on Birch, we (kids) would play together, however, they had a large boxer dog, which kept me from playing in their yard too often. Mr Swaby offered every kid on the block a ride in his plane, as it turned out only four of us took him up on his offer. I was about 8yrs old and enjoyed the flight (my first) after he quit the 45 degree angle turns. He was so nice to all us kids." Mary Lee (House) Coleman - class '59

"Cameron University has put out a new book, Cameron University Alumni: Today - 2008, that lists all the graduates and years plus small amount of info - including e-mail, spouse name and children. I find it very interesting.
"Janie (Howard) Brock - class '60

I do have some great 'other news' that I am putting together and will be sending soon.....all GOOD news!

Regards to all.....Georgia

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