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Originally sent June 26

Wanted to send this while it is still on line.....Obit and guest book for Charles Narmore at:<>

Remembering a good friend from Phil Wilder:
Charles Narmore was one my best friends through Jr. & Sr High School - we were in band together and had many of our classes together. He seemed very quiet and reserved but he had a killer sense of humor. We were lucky to get together, along with Jerry & Kay Otis, Randy and Gloria Parker, Sally Beth Wiseman and of course Coralyn & me, for a 4 day mini-reunion in Red River, NM 2 years ago with Charles and Karen. We had a great time and I wish we could have reunited again before his passing. I spoke with him on the phone about 3 weeks ago and we had a long 45 min. talk about old times and new.

We had shop class together in Jr. Hi and the lunch break was in the middle of shop. Each day we would walk to Rusty's and have the same thing - Footlong chili dogs, basket of fries a large cokes - every day!!! Then after school I would walk downtown with him to Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor, where his mother worked and she would make us a Bar-b-que sandwich. Then I would walk home and Charles would do his homework and then ride home with his mom.Funny the things that stick in your memories - Our last time together in Red River was the first time I had seen Charles and Karen since we were first married and both living in Oklahoma City, but it was like we hadn't been separated all those years. You were right in one of your recent messages when you said we are in the time of our lives when we start losing the ones we care about.
I will miss him very much. Phil

This from Doyce on the past week-end class '56 get together:
" I thought I would tell you that the "GOOD OL' BOY'S OF 56" had a heck of a time at our weekend retreat at the L.O. Ranch. We had a good turn out and discussed every thing and everybody. You would be surprised all the things we did growing up. Some of these stories, I think were confessions!! I have a sign I hang up in my Hospitality Tent at the Rodeo, that reads "OKLAHOMA STORIES TOLD HERE--SOME TRUE". I think that phrase pertained to this reunion. Thanks, Doyce Grayson"

Doyce.....are there any pictures?

Ralph Purvis - class '52 - and wife Jackie, just welcomed their first great-grandson, born on Saturday in Tulsa - Hunter Michael Purvis. Weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz and 20" long with red hair. What great news!

btw...Ralph continues with chemo and while there are side-effects, Ralph has a wonderful, positive attitude.I know we all hope the best for Ralph and other classmates undergoing treatments.

Had a great email this morn from '59 classmate Norma (Abbott) Ray. We are hoping to get a chance to visit in person before too long. Norma still lives up Broken Arrow way and sister Judy (Abbott) Burns - class '62 - is in Nevada.

Also great to get an email from '59-er, Jerry Morgan. Jerry said he had been out mowing, so its wonderful to hear that his health is again allowing him to do things he wants to do!

Regards ........Georgia

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