Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Originally sent Sept. 5
Class '59 update at bottom

From Tommy Hobbs:
LHS Classes of '49, '50, '51, '52, Saturday, September 13 at The Event, 1001 SW A in Lawton. Social hour 6:00pm.
Cost: $20.00 per person Deadline for reservations is Saturday, September 6, the date we must give the caterers the final count.
We will definitely not bar walk-ins from the reunion; however, walk-ins do create a problem......not enough chairs, not enough food, etc. Please cooperate by sending your reservation to Jo Riley, 224 NW Northwood, Lawton, OK 73505 if you plan to attend.

Several events are planned for Friday night, September 12.
A LHS/McArthur pre-game Tailgate Party for all ?49-?52 classes is scheduled for 6:00pm at the west side of Cameron Stadium. Attendees need to bring their own food and drinks. Classes will be recognized during the game.

A Class of 1949 Party will be held at 7:00 PM at Sarah and Kenneth Bridges? home (3304 Baltimore, Lawton). RSVP to Sarah Bridges by September 6.

The Class of 1952 will have a no-host dinner/class meeting at 6:00 PM at Geralds' Early Bird Cafe, 406 Lee.NOTE: this is a change of location. Was set for Ramada, but that restaurant is CLOSED.

btw...hate to report that Fred Leippe, class '52, had a serious fall at his home. Had gotten off the tail gate of a pick-up and when he stood up, he passed out. Unfortunately he broke his leg in two places, a bone just above his ankle and one just behind his calf. He is in a cast and wheel chair. So, remember Fred as he re-coops!

LHS class '73 is having a reunion on Sept. 13. I really have no details, would suggest you call Gay Gordon (married name) at (580) 248-6701.

CLASS 1959!!!! Ten (10) class of '59 grads met last Tuesday eve....8 gals and 2 guys! Appreciate those who were able to be there. Make a NOTE....next meeting will be Monday Sept. 15, 7:00pm, Milo Gordon Honda (same as last week). ALL invited, if couldn't make last time, come on this time! I know there are those who live away that would like to help. Perhaps some of you can help with jobs that will require computer skills, when time comes.

We discussed all kinds of things...dates, events, conflicts (little hard to do a year out), debated holidays for reunions as opposed to holidays for reunions! Some feel holidays good time, others feel bad! Ball games (schedules not available now), graduations, grand-kids, vacations, travel, etc. Decided no way we get organized by this next spring.
There will be no way to please all...but to almost a person who was at the meeting, to those who responded on-line, general consensus was to NOT hold reunion in Oklahoma hot weather. With all that in mind, the group picked September 25-26, 2009 or October 2-3, 2009 to hold our 50th class reunion.Want your input '59ers.
Those who attend will make decision on date at meeting on 15th and then go ahead with activities. Let 'us' know your thoughts on those dates and type activities.

Will possibly hold the Friday night event at Medicine Park, Saturday night event in Lawton. Possibly a Saturday morn breakfast. Group or individual trips? To tour Wichita Mtns, the new Wildlife Center, Meers, etc. Possibly the Old Central/LHS building will be finished and open, maybe a tour? Realize some individuals may hold events for classmates from their particular grade school. Always fun!

Now, keep in mind, Lawton is NOT replete with facilities for these type functions. People who attended last Tuesday are checking some of these things out & will report back on 15th. Some mentioned a golf tournament. IF, some of the guys and gals who play golf want to play, then we ask that some of them form a committee to put the tournament together. On that Saturday?

We are looking at publishing a 50th Memorial yearbook. We will need someone to take that project. Complile responses and be responsible for getting it printed. Have expertise from previous classes on this. Every classmate who wishes can send a page, two max with picture(s), telling what you have been doing since 1959! Well....maybe not everything!!! Looking at this 'project'Considering having a DVD made of the reunion? Also, making a DVD prior to reunion showcasing old pictures from classmates, grade schools, brownies, boy scouts, bluebirds, ball games, etc...to show during reunion. We will need people with computer ability to make it happen.
Also need someone who will take the sad task of putting together list of deceased and making display.And from all of you, we need help in locating missing classmates. I know Jerry Morgan will supply us with info of those 'found' and just exactly who we need to look for!!So....this is starting point.

You can thank Marilyn Smith, Susie Hyden Wilson, Carlana Fitch Murray, Barbara Walson Moeller, Sally Beth Wiseman, Johnna, Gwen Wood Phelps, moi, LaMartha Cook, and Larry Thompson!Input? Send it asap! And, you classes who have already celebrated your 50th....if you have any helpful hints, we would appreciate it! Send 'm on!


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My name is Bobbie McMichael and I grew up in Chillicothe, Tx just across the river from Altus, OK. I remember as a kid going to Craterville Park many times. I understand that there is a book entitled "Come have fun with Frank Rush at Craterville park and Sandy Lake Park". I would like to know if copies of the book is still available and where I might obtain an copy. Thanks for any information you might give me.

Bobbie McMichael
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Email: bobmac@swbell.net