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Originally sent August 26

Our 50th is just around the corner. With that in mind....'we' need to have a meeting. ANY and ALL '59 grads - gals and guys - are asked to meet next Tuesday evening, Sept. 2, 7:00pm, board room of Milo Gordon Honda, 5010 NW Cache Road in Lawton. (Appreciate Johnna furnishing the use of this great facility).
Please make plans to be there, we will plan as much for the reunion as we have people to implement it! Spread word with other '59 grads - not all have computers - give 'em a call, bring any info you may have about grads, yearbooks, stuff from last reunion, etc. Be thinking of time, place, activities, etc. Lets get it rolling...... C U Tuesday!

OK.....I am getting lots of interesting news with pictures!!!!! I am going to create a couple of new photo albums that will link from the WolverNet blog. One will be miscellaneous pictures of LHS grads (after being sent in LHS News) and one entitled Elvis, Elvis with classmates. In progress - Coming soon to the WolverNet blog.

Johnna (Adams) Hopper on behalf of the LHS graduating class of 1954 - Al Terrills class - the '54 class will be making a donation - from the class as a whole - to the Al Terrill Charitable Trust.

I had opportunity to meet and visit with '58'er Ron Sheffield at the recent reunion. He 'job' is so interesting and exciting, I asked him to send me a thumbnail. I appreciate Ron doing so and I want to share:......"a little about what I have done over the last 23+ years. I was an engineer during the build of the Hubble Space Telescope. My job was to modify the HST components (electronic boxes, mechanisms, scientific instruments, and appendages) so that they could be changed-out on-orbit. As a result of that task, I have trained all the Hubble astronauts to change-out the components for the HST Deployment Mission and 5 Servicing Missions. I trained them in the Neutral Buoyancy facilities at Marshall Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center.By neutralizing the astronauts in their space suites in the facilities, we are able to get simulate as close as possible zero gravity. It has been a rewarding career. The astronauts have flown medallions and jewelry for me and my wife during the Hubble missions. Our next launch, most likely the last Hubble servicing mission, is presently scheduled to launch on 8 October 2008. Hopefully, this mission will enable the Hubble to be fully operational for at least 10 more years. Nova is doing a special on the Hubble after the mission and I have been interviewed twice so maybe you will see me in November when they air the special. After the mission, I will retire to our home on the Monterey, California Peninsula. Ron"

(see picture - at top - that was taken at Johnson Space Center in Houston Aug. 20, right after Ron was in Lawton).Ron with Astronaut John Grunsfeld, Rons' wife Linda and mother-in-law Berneice....Ron wrote...
" This is right before John goes into the water at Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston to train for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission EVA day 5."

I also had a nice visit with '58'er Lyntha (Nicklas) Wesner. She and husband Charles are very involved in a project to save rail transit in Oklahoma and the area. (they live in Norman). She asked if I would share that info and as I know several of you are really into trains (right, Ed?)....feel this will especially be of interest to many of you.
Check it out at: <>

Had a nice email from Donna (Bridges) Waller.....not sure year Donna graduated (she is younger), but she is married to our '59 classmate Larry Waller. They have a 'summer' place in CO and she says they are thinking of 'retiring' but meanwhile, Larry is working on addition to the summer home. (see pic soon)

Work continues on the old Lawton High building. Photo (see pix soon) of removal of the chandelier from the auditorium.Artists with the Lawton - Ft. Sill Art Guild will work and oversee restoration of the fixture which will be placed back in auditorium. It took four men to handle the 5' diameter fixture which is mostly a heavy plaster material. Common material back in the day. If there are volunteers that would like to help with this project you can call Andy Owens at (580) 704-3437.
btw...yours truly was a founding member of the Lawton - Ft. Sill Art Guild...way back in 70's. Guess I should go help?

Look forward to seeing '59 classmates next Tuesday - IMPORTANT initial meeting!

Regards, Georgia

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