Thursday, December 11, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 27

Really don't like to hear that my good friend Doyce Grayson - class '56 - had a severe heart attack a few days ago. Good news is, with meds and those pesky 'life-style changes', hes gonna re-coop. Drove himself to hospital, some stints. Left hospital for home on Tuesday. Guess now he will just be making reunions '4 years, either way' instead of his customary five! Huh, Doyce! Hope so!!!!
Always enjoy seeing and visiting with Doyce!
Numerous from here and all over are keeping his phone line hot!
Doyce, wishing you all the best and a good recovery!

I know '59 classmate Wade Harrison had knee surgery recently also. Think he is doing well.

I tell you....all us with 'new' parts!!!! 'Parts is parts'!!!

Also, George York - class '51 - is a resident of the VA Center here in Lawton but has been in Memorial Hospital for several months now. I know he would appreciate hearing from friends and classmates. His brother is our classmate Ralph York.

Its about noon here in the home town and its a gorgeous Thanksgiving day. Bill is getting ready to grill 10 racks of lamb that have been marinading a couple of days in olive oil, lemon juice, fresh Rosemary. Then over the mountains and through the woods to brother George's house where there will also be turkey and 'roast beast'!
Actually, he lives in Sneed Acres but the other sounds so much more Thanks-give-iney!
The Good Lord has been most generous to us and I wish the same and more to each of you!
Happy Thanksgiving........Georgia

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