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Originally sent June 26

Wanted to send this while it is still on line.....Obit and guest book for Charles Narmore at:<>

Remembering a good friend from Phil Wilder:
Charles Narmore was one my best friends through Jr. & Sr High School - we were in band together and had many of our classes together. He seemed very quiet and reserved but he had a killer sense of humor. We were lucky to get together, along with Jerry & Kay Otis, Randy and Gloria Parker, Sally Beth Wiseman and of course Coralyn & me, for a 4 day mini-reunion in Red River, NM 2 years ago with Charles and Karen. We had a great time and I wish we could have reunited again before his passing. I spoke with him on the phone about 3 weeks ago and we had a long 45 min. talk about old times and new.

We had shop class together in Jr. Hi and the lunch break was in the middle of shop. Each day we would walk to Rusty's and have the same thing - Footlong chili dogs, basket of fries a large cokes - every day!!! Then after school I would walk downtown with him to Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor, where his mother worked and she would make us a Bar-b-que sandwich. Then I would walk home and Charles would do his homework and then ride home with his mom.Funny the things that stick in your memories - Our last time together in Red River was the first time I had seen Charles and Karen since we were first married and both living in Oklahoma City, but it was like we hadn't been separated all those years. You were right in one of your recent messages when you said we are in the time of our lives when we start losing the ones we care about.
I will miss him very much. Phil

This from Doyce on the past week-end class '56 get together:
" I thought I would tell you that the "GOOD OL' BOY'S OF 56" had a heck of a time at our weekend retreat at the L.O. Ranch. We had a good turn out and discussed every thing and everybody. You would be surprised all the things we did growing up. Some of these stories, I think were confessions!! I have a sign I hang up in my Hospitality Tent at the Rodeo, that reads "OKLAHOMA STORIES TOLD HERE--SOME TRUE". I think that phrase pertained to this reunion. Thanks, Doyce Grayson"

Doyce.....are there any pictures?

Ralph Purvis - class '52 - and wife Jackie, just welcomed their first great-grandson, born on Saturday in Tulsa - Hunter Michael Purvis. Weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz and 20" long with red hair. What great news!

btw...Ralph continues with chemo and while there are side-effects, Ralph has a wonderful, positive attitude.I know we all hope the best for Ralph and other classmates undergoing treatments.

Had a great email this morn from '59 classmate Norma (Abbott) Ray. We are hoping to get a chance to visit in person before too long. Norma still lives up Broken Arrow way and sister Judy (Abbott) Burns - class '62 - is in Nevada.

Also great to get an email from '59-er, Jerry Morgan. Jerry said he had been out mowing, so its wonderful to hear that his health is again allowing him to do things he wants to do!

Regards ........Georgia

Thursday, June 26, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent June 24

I truly hate to be the bearer of so much bad news, but, seems we are at 'that time' in our life!

I am so sorry that we have lost another '59 classmate.
Received email this afternoon from '59 classmate Kay (Pavillard) Otis:
Georgia, we don't know if you have gotten the word or not about Charles Narmore. His wife, Karen, called us this morning and said that Charles passed away yesterday. [Mon]. Evidently he had a heart attack - it was all very sudden. If you don't already know, Karen has had her cancer come back and is undergoing treatment for that. Jerry and I were heartsick to hear the news. The funeral will be Thursday at 10:00am at Donnelly's Funeral Home in Irving, TX. She asked Jerry if he would speak at the funeral so we will be going to it. Kay and Jerry

btw......I found this link to what I assume is correct funeral home, but did not see obit listed for Charles.<>

Have just learned that Frank Hankins - class '57 - is convalescing and recuperating from a quadruple by-pass on June 13. According to his cousin Susan (Hankins) Ellington, he's at home, doing better, and says he can just about hold a "normal" conversation.
Just had an email response from Frank and he said some are hoping he DOESN'T get back to his old self!!!!! hahaha!

Also according to Susan, her sister - and Franks other cousin - Duffy Gilbert, is again taking chemo and after some bumpy spots in the road, is doing much better. Very happy for this good news.

Sharing emails:
"Just a note about Mr Swaby while reading his obit, a fond memory came to mind. The family lived a door down from us on Birch, we (kids) would play together, however, they had a large boxer dog, which kept me from playing in their yard too often. Mr Swaby offered every kid on the block a ride in his plane, as it turned out only four of us took him up on his offer. I was about 8yrs old and enjoyed the flight (my first) after he quit the 45 degree angle turns. He was so nice to all us kids." Mary Lee (House) Coleman - class '59

"Cameron University has put out a new book, Cameron University Alumni: Today - 2008, that lists all the graduates and years plus small amount of info - including e-mail, spouse name and children. I find it very interesting.
"Janie (Howard) Brock - class '60

I do have some great 'other news' that I am putting together and will be sending soon.....all GOOD news!

Regards to all.....Georgia

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent June 19

Hate it, but there will be numerous losses in this news. Sharing emails farther down......

So sorry to report passing of Alpha L. Guest, 88, of Lawton. Mrs. Guest passed away June 15. Mrs. Guest is mother of '59 classmate Rev. Willie Guest. Mrs. Guest was born in Arkansas, grew-up in Gay,OK & moved to Lawton in about 1940-41. She was very active in her church, teaching Sunday school. She also served on the Lawton Housing Board and was President of City-wide Ushers for many years. In addition to son Willie and wife Velma, she is survived by sons Leo, Ronnie, and Roy L.; daughter Yvonne Floyd; 26 grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren.Funeral services will be this Saturday June 21, 11:00am at the Greater Galilee Baptist church in Lawton, with Willie officiating.
There will be a wake service will be from 6:00 - 8:00pm Friday evening at the Jefferson Funeral Home Chapel, 101 W. Gore.

Barbara (McIntosh) Duncan, 82, passed away on June 13. She was a 1942 grad of LHS. She and husband L.W. Duncan ran the Duncan Printing Company here in Lawton. Their son's Mike and Blake (deceased) and daughter Ann were all graduates of LHS. Funeral service was June 17.
btw....Mike still runs the print shop and I had occasion to visit with him & his mom over the years. Very nice people.Obit and guest book at: <>

Also from Wayne Parks....he received a call from Jerry Prior telling him that Freddie Mehew passed away some weeks ago in the Dallas area. All three are class '60. There were no details as to cause of death or where services were held. Freddies folks had Mehew Hardware, SE corner of 3rd & D.

Also passing on May 12 (delayed obit in paper), Ralph Swaby, 100, formerly of Lawton but living in Yukon. Ralph was father of Richard "Dick" Swaby of Houston (believe Dick class '57) and Cliff Swaby of Flagstaff, AZ. Ralph had a very colorful life but was best known for his flying. He got his pilots license in 1926 and did everything. Barnstorming, formed Ralph Swaby Flying Co,; flight instructor during WW11, flying B-17's and B-29's; moved to Lawton in 1946 and formed a flying company, gave instructions; he was pilot for Dolph Montgomery at City National Bank for many years. He moved to Yukon in 1998, celebrated his 100 birthday in September of 2007. No service was held.
Again, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.

Sharing emails:
I am saddened to hear about the passing of Julia Fullerton. She and I were co-editors of the Cameron Collegian newspaper in 1956-57. She was a wonderful person. Mike Keeran, Class of 1956.

Hated to see Julia's obit in today's paper. Bless her heart, so brilliant and vivacious. She will remain in our hearts forever. btw, as of 1937 there was no Orpheum theatre in Lawton. That is the year we moved here and don't remember one after that either. Maybe before that? Tommye Lynn (Powers) Johnson (think TL is class '51?)
btw...hate to say 'good-bye' to Tommy Lynn and hubby Bill. They are in process of moving to Austin area in Texas.

Frankie Kinderman thought the Orpheum might be same as Palace Theater?

MIKE JOHNSON - class '66.

Guys, lately, getting quite a few emails returned for various reasons! I know some eventually go through (because I get feed-back) but if you change email address and want to continue to receive LHS have to let me know! And, be sure to sign your name anytime you send me changes or comments! I have a lot of email addresses and I keep them under 'nickname list' so sometimes I do not know for sure who YOU are!!!!! Thanks!

Small storm in night, light rain, and a nice overcast 'cooler' day today.
Regards to all........Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent June 17

I am so very sorry to pass along that Julia (Fullerton) Bell, 70, passed away today, Tuesday June 17. Julia was LHS class '55. Services will be this Friday, June 20, at First United Methodist church here in Lawton, 10:00am. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery.Julia was such a gracious, dear person, and a friend. She had so many interests and was involved in so many endeavors until illness caused her to have to stop some years ago. She and husband Terry lived on a lovely ranch over by Cache and raised horses. They had great interest in horses and the horse industry in Oklahoma/New Mexico. Julia also wrote poetry and I am happy to have 2 of her booklets she put together over the years. We were in a ladies group years ago called 'Knit-Wits'. The name became misleading as the only thing we did 'knit-together' was our gums as we ate lots of good lunches and treat! Great fun! Her mom was a teacher and many of you will remember Lorena Fullerton.
btw....her Aunt, Gladys Fullerton, was our (some of us) first grade teacher at Washington School. Julia had been suffering with Alzheimers for several years. There is a lovely obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Janet Sue (Ryans) Landers, 52, of Lawton. Janet moved to Lawton from Ardmore at a very young age and was LHS class '74. Janet passed on Monday June 16 and services will be this Thursday at Cameron Baptist church in Lawton, 2:00pm. See obit and guestbook at:

GUYS - class '56. THIS week-end!!!! Get together June 20 & 21 in Lawton. We will be meeting at the L.O. Ranch building - 4 miles east 1/2 south of Lawton. Due to graduation at Ft. Sill, there are no rooms at Best Western. So, each person is responsible to find their own lodging and food! BYOB! There are 10 RV hook-ups at L.O. Ranch. There will be no planned activities, we just want plenty of time to visit. For additional info and questions call: JOHN TILLMAN OR DOYCE GRAYSON 501-581-5464 817-480-4600 THANKS, JOHN

Received this email after talking about Lawton - the way it used to be....
"Wonder where the Orpheum theatre was located? I remember the Murray, Ritz (kinda sleezy), Dome, Palace and the Lawton. The Vaska came later. I also remember the Canton Chinese Restaurant in the Midland Hotel and spent many hours in Ramey's Pool Hall. We used to duck under the table when John Tyree's dad (who had a law office upstairs) used to come in for a Coke break. What a great "Downtown" we had in those days."
Joe Lansden - Class of 56

Received this from '59 classmate Phil Wilder in CO:
"My older son Tim and my grandson Sean Philip were here last week for 5 days. They had a great time hiking, fishing, sightseeing etc. The last time I saw Sean , he was about 5'2, he is now 5'10 and still growing. Tim just passed his 20th year in the Air Force, made Master Sergeant and next week he will be deployed to Iraq for the second time. The first time was in '91 during Desert Storm. He could have gotten out of going this time, but he said this is what he trained for and he felt it was his duty to go before he retires next year. He will be somewhere north of Baghdad training Iraqi medical units in battlefield medical trauma treatments. In his 20 years, he has been stationed in Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Columbia, Bolivia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait - some for as little as 3 months and others for as much as 3 years. His job title is "Remote Base Operator" which is the same as the old M*A*S*H units, and he is the NCO in charge of the unit. As soon as he returns, in 6-9 months, he will retire and finish his college courses in Anthropology and then he will be off to some remote location of his own choosing. He loves to travel. Keep him in your prayers.
Love, Phil & Coralyn

"I really appreciate '59 classmate D.L. Stoddard sending me two pictures from our days at Washington School. D.L & I went all through Washington, Central, and LHS together. Great pictures! One is second grade, other is third grade. Hope I can scan and share...soon. D.L. is living in Glencoe, OK, retired, and says he spends his time playing golf and volunteering. Says he lives on 5 acres and has lots of dogs and cats! My guess is he mows a lot too!

btw....stamped on back of photos - Hankins Studio, phone 2792.

Speaking of Washington School.....another Washington alum and I shared a table at lunch last week. While dining at Burgess Grill, barrister Nick Garrett came in Washington he was called "Nickey". We shared a table and memories of Washington classes and classmates. Most enjoyable. Nicks family moved about 6 - 7th grade and it was after high school and college before he returned to Lawton. But, he would have been our class of '59.

Attention class 1959!!!!! A few of us have had very superficial 'discussion' about our 50th just around the corner. Not sure WHO will be heading up this event BUT.....for now, I will accept 'input'. Need YOUR ideas on... Time of year? Day(s) of week - week-end? Where - Lawton, Medicine Park, Ft. Sill, etc.? Dress - theme of '50's, current, anything? What type activities? Food? Music/DJ? etc, etc.....!!!!! It's YOUR reunion so speak-up and let your ideas/thoughts be known. Just keep in mind, we will need lots of volunteers to head up the various areas! I will save any input I receive and hope someone (?) will call a meeting before long??
note: I hope to attend the class '58 event in August that is going to be [Friday night] at Medicine Park. Will be able to see how that works, etc.

Guys, I still have some great 'news' items to pass along & will get it out very soon!
I hope you will join me in remembering in prayer...... those serving in our military and those who are ill or have lost loved ones. Regards to all........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 9

Reunion info (several) on down.....

Received this great email from Bob Wallis and he asked me to pass it along:
Dear classmates of '56 and '58,
This past week, Rubena (Hennessee) Wallis and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Who'd a thunk it !!!!! We have 3 sons and four wonderful grandchildren with another "on the way". As an update, I graduated from OU in '62 with a BS in pharmacy and have spent my career as a pharmacist and as the president of a 9 store drug chain in the OKC area. Currently, Bena and I live in Edmond, OK. She is looking forward to the new baby's arrival and another opportunity to "spoil the daylights" out of him. Right now, I'm working for a national cooperative as a regional marketing consultant and expect to retire soon. God bless you all and Bena and I are looking forward to seeing you '58 folks at the reunion in August.

You '58-ers, don't forget to get your reservations in for your 50th on August 15-16.

Also a good news email from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs saying that all the family illnesses - after surgery, hospital stays - have resolved and everyone on the mend. She and Ron and family appreciate all the prayers and concern on behalf of their family members (grandchildren).

Received email from Jean (Prescott) Keith, class '57. Jean married Jack Keith in '57. They moved to Texas where Jean still lives. Sadly, Jack passed away in 1992. Jean is currently in Lawton taking care of her mom who is terminally ill.
While I hate to hear sad news, always enjoy hearing from classmates.

LHS class of 1948 is planning a 60th reunion this fall. Friday and Saturday, October 3-4 with activities both nights at the Centenary Methodist church downtown Lawton - 702 D Avenue. The cost is $35.00 each for attendees and guests. Please send money/reservations to Tom Strickland, 1624 NW 36th, Lawton, OK 73505.
For additional info you can email Rita (Cockerill) Hill at:
Hope spelled Ritas' miaden name correctly?

Folks there are three (3) classes getting together here and some have separate events. Read carefully: LHS classes '52 - '53 - '54 have their reunion info out in the mail. Set for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 25-27, deadline for reservations is July 5. $50.00 per person, after deadline - $65.00 per person.

Friday evening July 25, class '53 will be a catered BBQ at home of Ramon John. Soft drinks supplied by Allen Johnson - class '54 and a 'keg' being supplied by Richard Hopper and Don Ray Merrick - class '53.Registration begins at 5:30pm. Ramon lives east of Lawton so get in touch with class contact for directions or additional info - (below).

Saturday morn July 26, class '54, breakfast at 9:00am, Gerald's Early Bird, 4th & Lee. Cost for breakfast to be paid at breakfast. Not included in registration package.

Saturday morn July 26, class '52 luncheon, 12:00 noon at the Ramada Inn, 2nd and Ferris. Cost will be paid at time of is not included in other reunion registration.

Saturday morn July 26, class '53 luncheon, 12:00 noon at Gerald's Early Bird, 4th & Lee. Lunch cost also in addition and paid at lunch.

Saturday evening July 26, all three (3) classes, a dinner at the Best Western beginning with social hour 6:30pm (cash bar) followed by dinner at 6:30pm. Sunday July 27. Charles Gilbert, class '54, Prof Emeritus at OU, has offered to coordinate a field trip to the Wichitas for those interested. There is a block of rooms at the Best Western - 1-800-359-0020. Deadline for events is July 5.

For any information please contact: Class '52 - Marcille (Burns) Covey,709 NW 36th St.Lawton, OK 73505
Class '53 - Charles Horton, 3518 NW ArlingtonLawton, OK 73505.
Class '54 - Johnna (Adams) Hopper, 23336 State Hwy. #58, Lawton, OK 73507.

Received this email from John Tillman:
The men of the class of '56 are having a get together June 20 & 21 in Lawton. We will be meeting at the L.O. Ranch building - 4 miles east 1/2 south of Lawton. Due to graduation at Ft. Sill, there are no rooms at Best Western. So, each person is responsible to find their own lodging and food! BYOB! There are 10 RV hook-ups at L.O. Ranch. There will be no planned activities, we just want plenty of time to visit. For additional info and questions call:

Told John & Doyce, I can't imagine this being any fun without GIRLS, but whatever! hahhahahhahaha......

There is SO much going on...have other great emails that I want to share, another great newspaper article...etc....coming soon!

And remember, previously sent LHS New, photos, and links are are

Have had about a dozen new classmates asked to be added to the 'news' in last month. I appreciate it and will continue to try and keep all informed.....regards from the 'home town' where it's cooled down some and a nice rain has been falling since early morning. Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent June 6

There have been several great stories about LHS/grads in the Lawton paper recently.
One was in paper of May 25 and featured the LHS Class of 1933. In particular this article focused on three grads who have remained friends all these many years and still meet regularly at their Kiwanis meeting. Dr. Byron Aycock, T.P. Brammer, and Harold Short.

Harold Short said he lived on 'E' where the post office is now located. Short was elected class President and ran track and played left halfback on the football team. When he wasn't in school he worked, mainly construction. "Just like the rest of the kids, anything to make a buck. I was a water-boy for Wilson-Whitener Construction Co.
"One of the projects he helped with was construction of the Ritter Funeral Home. Short said he didn't have a car so he hitchhiked a lot which was common at the time. He said he used to go out to Fort Sill for dances and said they had dances at the Midland Hotel. [4th & C].
Short says his best memory of Lawton High is the first time he walked across the stage to get a letter sweater for their all-state football team. They also got a little gold football with a raised 'L' on it. The sweater is currently at LHS.
Short said his next best experience was when he stood on stage in front of his classmates as class President!
Short served in the US Navy and eventually became the Director of Maintenance for LPS.

Byron Aycock was active in band, orchestra, and vocal music all his high school years. He also obtained rank of Eagle Scout and was well known for his grades. When Aycock wasn't in school he did hard manual labor for an uncle who had a rural electric co-op. Among his duties...putting up power lines.
Brammer says he & Aycock often sat next to each other because of alphabetical seating. He says he remembers most about Aycock that he was "trustworthy."
Aycock also did a stint in the Navy and returned to set up a medical practice, specializing in EarNoseThroat. Many years later was my doctor! Very good doctor, very nice person.

T.P. Brammer's high school experience was somewhat more difficult. Brammer was partially responsible for supporting his family which kept him too busy for sports or other extracurricular activities. His Senior year was especially hard. He was raised on a farm and set to graduate in May when his father passed away in February. His mom was in her 60's so he had to get up and milk cows before school each morning. However, Brammer did have a Model T Ford that he used to make extra money. He would pick up four other farm kids and charge them .50 cents a week to haul them to school.Brammer said when he did have time and money, friends would get together and go to the movies...the Dome Theater, the Orpheum, the Lawton, the Palace. All now gone. Brammer is the only one of the three that still has his high school class ring. He said it cost $5.50 and he paid it off at .50 cents a week.
Brammer ended up with a chain of photography shops and for many years was the man with the camera on school picture taking day.

Almost three-quarters of a century after graduating, all three men recall their high school days with pride and chant...."Once you're a Wolverine, you're always a Wolverine."

Another great story in same paper, about a 1932 LHS grad, Jo Andrews, Jr. Andrews 94, is one of the oldest surviving grads of LHS. (Jo is father to our Washington School classmate Charles Andrews and his brother Ross Andrews - deceased). I think they moved away for a short time and Charles missed graduating with us - class '59.
Jo said 1932 was tough, nobody had any money. He said Lawton had been booming in 1928 but the crash came & by the time he graduated in '32 the economy had crashed hard. Jo's dad had a plumbing business and had done great through the late 20's, but by the time Andrews walked across the stage at LHS, "Dad had to scrounge enough money to get me a suit to graduate in." In spite of a money crunch, Andrews said he & his friends had great times. They would pile in someone's car and take dates to Medicine Park, Fort Sill, and the Midland Hotel [home of Canton Cafe]. Andrews remembers 'hanging out' in the balcony of the Lawton Theater, shooting pool at Rameys, and a place in the 200 block of D called Chili Billy's. A bowl of 3-way chili - had chili and beans and all the crackers you wanted for .15 cents!
Andrews and his buddy Homer Speck went to the Chicago's World Fair in 1932, after they graduated, as guests of Speck's mom. Jo married his high-school sweetheart Florence Crandall in 1936. They were married 57 years before Flo passed.
note: While I knew Charles from school and a bunch of us played together all the time, I also remember Mr. Andrews very well. The house where I lived (11th & Gore) originally had steam heat (radiators) and we used them for many years before dad removed them & installed central heat/air in '60's.Jo became a plumber like his dad & he delivered kerosene every fall that fired the boiler in the basement of our house that heated the water to produce steam for radiators! Pumped it in through a pipe from the outside. Big production...or at least seemed so at the time. Jo also worked on the boiler/system occasionally when there were problems.

Kept bad news till last this time.....Sorry to report the passing of Linda (Cooper), 59, of Marlow. Linda passed on June 1. She is a '67 grad of LHS. She is survived by two brothers: James and Lonnie; two sisters: Joyce and Mary.Services were June 5 at Callaway-Smith-Cobb Chapel in Marlow.On line sympathies cards at: <>

Hope all enjoy this history of our school and graduates.
Regards from the 'home town' ........ Georgia