Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Originally sent May 9

Hate to report we have lost another of our older LHS grads.....Luther Harrison Marlow, 80, of Edmond. Mr. Marlow passed April 29 & services were held in Edmond. Mr. Marlow was born in Lawton, graduated LHS in 1948 & attended Cameron. He worked for Katy K Meat Packers as book keeper many years.
He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

'58 classmate Ron Sheffield will be on the launch pad May 11 when space shuttle Atlantis streaks upward. Received this exciting email and pictures from Ron. Pixs in post below - love one where he's 'lighting the fuse!'
"Georgia, Just a quick note to tell you that we are getting ready to launch the space shuttle, Atlantis, to go service the Hubble Space Telescope on 11 May. I will be at the launch and then travel to Mission Control in Houston after the launch for the duration of the servicing mission. When I talked to you at the 58 Reunion, I told you I would do this. I have enclosed pictures of me as we finished doing our walk-down inspection on Thursday. The pictures show various parts of the External Tank (orange in color) and the two solid rocket boosters (white). You will also see parts of the shuttle but the work platform covers up most of the shuttle from these angles. My job was to do the walk-down of our hardware inside the shuttle bay. Ron"

Ron was an engineer during the build of the Hubble. Read more about Ron's exciting job in the Wolvernet blog archives. Story posted to (this) blog on August 29, 2008. There is also a picture of Ron with his wife, mother-in-law and Astronaut John Grunsfeld.

I have been told that class of '64 will be having a reunion in July. I have no details as yet.

Speaking of '64......had opportunity a few days ago to dine at Bianco's with '64 grad, Susan (Blubaugh) Graves, visiting here from Texas. Susan was doing great & it was good to see her. Long time friend.

Meanwhile mark these dates:

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

LHS classes '49-'50-'51-'52. Saturday September 26, 2009. More later!

LHS class 1959 - 50th reunion - October 2-3. Initial mailing is out. IF you wish info and did NOT receive it, let me know...along with your address. Any from other classes most welcome to join 'us'.
Doyce has already said he "will be here".

I will be sending list of those NOT found & list of ones that have been returned in next 2-3 days! Maybe some of YOU know whereabouts of a '59 grad??

We've had some much needed rain and everything looking green! My banana tress are OUT - true sign spring/summer is here! haha!

Wishing all you Moms a very Happy Day!........ Georgia

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