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Originally sent May 11

Just watched space shuttle Atlantis zoom skyward. Beautiful! I watched for Ron in some of the crowd shots. Now mind you, I know zip about any of this, but I believe about 7 miles up, the shuttle did a 'roll' of sorts to get 'nose-up' (so the TV caption said) and the arc of the earth was very visible. Spectacular shots from a camera on the shuttle. So amazing to see our world as God see its every second!

btw...have posted photos Ron sent of the shuttle right here on the WolverNet blog.

Appreciate Jim Pahdoco for this info on the class 1964 reunion:
Friday and Saturday, July 17-18. Friday is a Roll-Out-the-Carpet-Social at the VFW Post 5263, 8:00pm to 12.
Saturday is an Alumni Mixer at Mike's Sports Grill, 517 E. Gore, 7:00pm to 12. Dress is very casual all weekendCost is $35 per person sent to Shirley (Stanley) Hedrick, 243 Fox Fire Road, Lawton, Ok 73507;
Jim asks you to help spread the word!

'64-er, Fran (Jacks) Wehner also sent me this info.
btw...Fran was set up at the Annual Arts for All this past week-end with some lovely photography of her own and several other artists!
I enjoyed visiting with her (she's also a neighbor) and I had my annual Navajo Taco! Yummy!

Two of our '59 classmates - Sharon (Cummins) Anderson and Sharron (Cummings) Bolt (and hubby Joe) - have gotten together to form a support group for people with COPD - Cronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Both ladies have COPD and Joe has breathing difficulty because of heart problems. This support group began some months ago on line but will have a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 12) evening at Angels Care Home Health. Should you need information, call Sharron Bolt at (580) 248-4458.
Story in Monday Lawton Constitution.

I received this nice email from Jeane (Stockton) O'Brien, class '61, with some info on her family:
"We are very excited to read the updates and especially excited about Ron Sheffield. We?ll pass this on to other LHS grads. One of our sons, Jason O?Brien, always wanted to be an astronaut. He did not make that but is a Major in the Air Force as an instructor pilot for the F15 Strike Eagle in North Carolina and has done numerous tours in the sand and in Iraq etc. Our other son, Michael, works off shore flying a ROV (remote camera) and was on the TV show Monster Quest ?Search for the Lockness Monster. We are very proud of both of them. My husband, Jim, is retired and bowls a great deal carrying a 200+ average. I am still working at USAA in San Antonio TX and plan to return later this year."

'59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs & hubby Ron are finally back home in Niger. Their daughter-in-law - Danette - is doing a nice blog on the missionary work in their area & has an interesting item on Jerry & Rons return. If you would care to check it out:

I have attached the list of those '59 grads we have been 'unable to find'. [could not attach list here] Quite a few! I hope you can 'open' it as have changed format several times! And, 'we' apologize if any name on here in error. There has been about 12 people working on as many lists and trying to co-ordinate, bound to be a few mistakes. BUT....hope YOU can help locate some of our 'lost' classmates. Thanks.

Have to mention, if you have interest in things spiritual, great new blog at:

A lot of work goes into planning reunions - hope you will make plans to attend 'YOURS'. Regards......Georgia

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