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More '59 - 50th Reunion Re-cap......
Originally sent October 18

I have received reunion photos from Preston McPhail, Dan McBee, and Patty Parker. I appreciate their sharing and will be getting some of those posted to the website soon. Have already posted those from Joel Boyd.

Correction: I wrote that Tink (Belland) Glenn lives in MO! MY bad. She lives in Kansas...!

Received this note from Ed Harp, class of 1954:
I just realized you achieved Golden Wolverine status this year and I apologize for not thinking of it sooner. In my defense, I’m very old. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of Golden Wolverines, marking fifty years since you and your classmates graduated from Lawton High!
Best regards, Ed

btw...Ed's not that old! He coined the phrase 'Golden Wolverine' and 'we' graciously accept the honor! THANKS Ed. Ed also does a great monthly newsletter for class of 1954 which also includes other classmate news. If you would like to receive Eds news, email him at

Reminds me of..."All that glitters is not gold, often you have heard that told......." ONLY Shakespeare I remember from Mrs. Johnstons freshman English class!
OK,OK......back to re-cap!

Memory Books are on the way. If you ordered/paid for a Memory Book and couldn't attend reunion..... watch your mail box. They went out on Saturday - media mail!
More comments:

Karen and I had a super time and enjoyed catching up with everyone. Lawton has changed and yet something are the same. I had to introduce my wife to Johnson's Bakery and Wayne's Drive In.
Preston McPhail

Thanks for the wonderful job you and the committee did on the reunion. I know I enjoyed every minute. I was unable to attend the other items on the menu Saturday morning. As I had to rest for the evening program. It was wonderful all the courtesies that were extended to me.
Jerry Morgan

So sorry that we could not make it to the reunion. I heard that it was great fun!Stephannie (Lester) Beatty

Theoretically this e-mail is going to Georgia Gill Williams and it's intent is to express my appreciation to you/her and all the others who contributed to making our 50th LHS Class reunion such a great success. I'm sure it was a lot of work and did a masterful job.
Ron Snyder

So far, Saturday night is the highlight of my year.
Beverly (Spradlin) Raley

Georgia, I want to thank the committee for all the hard work they did in making our 50th reunion such a success and a fun time. I saw so many of my neighborhood friends and classmates that I had not seen since we graduated and had wondered at times where they where. I was so good to see everyone. I wouldn't have missed the "Class of 1959" 50th Reunion for anything. It was not mentioned, but there was a large group of classmates that toured Lawton High School on Friday morning and got to see alot of improvements that have been made. Brought back a lot of memories and those halls look so much smaller than when we were in school there. Thanks again.
Judy (House) Hargrove

....I hope all these comments reinforce how grateful the class is for all your work. Even though I could not be there, I appreciate all you did to keep us involved. Not only did I hear from classmates what a good time they had, but I also heard from several parents of 59 who told me how much their out-of-town children had enjoyed the two days. Linda (Hawkins) MoonJerry and I had a fabulous time - it was so wonderful seeing everyone. Our only complaint was that there was not enough time to visit long enough with everyone. We enjoyed every moment. Thanks to all of you who made this reunion possible. It is evident how much work went into the reunion and WE APPRECIATE IT!!!! More than words can say. We came home with some wonderful old memories and created some new ones. Again, thank you all so much. Love,
Kay (Pavillard) & Jerry Otis

Words cannot express my delight in seeing all the reunion photo's. So many familiar faces and faces I had to rely on the captions to recognize. Everyone looked so happy which showed how much fun they were having. For sure I'hope there will be another Reunion. I regret so much missing all the fun and having to re-introduce myself to everyone. Thank you Georgia, for what you do to help us keep us close tabs of home, you have no idea what it means to us.
Karen (Choney) Culloty

I sent the re-cap - first one and this one - to just class 1959 but did decide to post on blog. So...if you want to re-read, will be there!

For the committee....gjw

Class '59....So fine!

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