Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Originally sent Nov. 5

Very sorry to report the passing of Joe Loyd Prestage, 61, of Lawton. Joe passed on November 3. Joe battled cancer off and on for many, many years. He was an LHS grad but not sure of year. He is survived by sister Carole (Prestage) Burke; he was nephew of '56 grad Vida Jo (Cable), deceased; and cousin of '59 grad Pat (Dunn) Doughty.
Services will be Friday November 6 at the University church of Christ, 2:00pm. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

From the eMail bag:
'59 classmate Ann (Sherratt) Theobald & hubby are off on a tour of the Panama Canal and area.

Dick Neptune sent me a great message on getting OLD. Not sure why he sent it to moi....well, he was gonna send but he couldn't remember what it was...ahhahahhahahahha...that's the joke! I'm worried!

"My husband and I just returned from a trip to Tennessee to see the fall foliage.To our surprise as we were driving from Missouri into Northeastern Oklahoma we saw some of the most beautiful colors, prettier than Tennessee. Next year we will just travel to our home state."
Kay (Bennett) Ray, Class of 62.

Also emails from Mike Wyant; Frankie Kinderman; Kay & Jerry Otis - Kay has been fighting some kind of 'flu'; Jerry (Sasser) Childs is currently visiting in the states but she is also fighting some cold/flu symptoms. Hope all well soon!

btw....Mike Wyant and Otis Bowles thought the DJ in Hardy Suggs window might have been Whit Ozier????

'55 classmate, Dr. Sam Hamra, well known plastic surgeon (Dallas), has just published a new book - 'The Facelift Letdown: When Results Don't Meet Expectations.' Great 'review' and wonderful picture of Sam at: <>
The New York Times also picked up on the book:<> I plan to read it! Never know when might need something propped up, lifted up, most anytime! And Sam's an expert!

btw....just reminiscing...we grew up together in the old neighborhood....Sam and his sister 'Sissie' lived directly across the alley from me....on Arlington, Nancy Joyner lived next door to Sam on the east & Babs Yarmuk and Marilyn Lewis lived directly across the street (north). That's when Sam, by his own account, "took aim" and shot Marilyn in the b**t with his BB gun! Who knew that one day he would be able to 'fix that divit'. Come a long way since those great days!

The LHS Class of 1960 will hold their 50th reunion next October 8 and 9, 2010. They are trying to locate as many classmates as possible to be able to keep them updated as plans are finalized. Jim Whisnand has graciously volunteered to keep a master list of contact information for the Class of '60. Classmates who have not been receiving emails from Jim should contact him at and give him your e-mail address, postal address and phone number.

And, don't forget the ALL class LHS reunion already set for Saturday April 10, 2010, (first Saturday after Easter), same location (Old Plantation) at Medicine Park. It was a great success and FUN this past April.
Will keep all posted on these and other events!

Still beautiful weather and fall colors continue! ....... Georgia

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