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Originally sent Nov. 23

A message I received from 'LHS'........
I don't know how many of you noticed the ad in the paper from U.S. Cellular this weekend but they have launched a contest that they held last year too. The top 10 schools that receive the most votes will receive $100,000! I think if we all find ways to advertise this to our e-mail contacts, Facebook contacts, and alumni we could make this happen!
Here is what you must do to vote for Lawton High School:
You must be 18 to vote. You must personally go into the U.S. Cellular Office [in Lawton - 1203 NW Sheridan] and pick up a voting card. Each card has a different voting code and only one vote per e-mail account. The voting started on November 13 and ends at Midnight on January 15, 2010. Please let all of our students know about this. If they aren't 18 and have an e-mail account, their parents can vote. You can watch the progress of the top 20 schools on the U.S. Cellular Website each day. As of last night, the top school had only 75 votes, so we could get in first place today! You can get a few [cards] each time you visit and hand them to students that can't visit the store.

Note: I was told, LHS plans to use any monies 'won' to replace seats in LHS auditorium.

Sorry to report loss of classmates......
Linda 'Nana' (Porter) Foster, 61, of Lawton. Linda passed November 19. She attended Taft Elementary, Tomlinson Jr High, and LHS. Do not know year she graduated. Linda is survived by husband Dennis; two daughters; two sons; brother Joe.
Services will be 10:30am, Monday November 23, Becker Funeral Home Chapel with burial at the Cache Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book:

Also the passing of Ronald V. Cole, 72, of West Plains, MO. Ron passed on November 13 and a memorial service was held on November 18 in West Plains. Ron grew up in Lawton, was owner of Cole's Magnavox, and served 36 years as sound engineer for the annual Easter Pageant.
He is survived by wife Beverly (Bandy); three children; two step-sons; sister '59 classmate Karelin (Cole) Seitz.
Arrangements were by Robertson-Drago Funeral Home in West Plains.

From the eMail bag:
H-E-L-P! Marcille (Burns) Covey has been meeting with the LHS Historicial Committee and they need help! When did LHS adopt the WOLVERINE as the school mascot? Anyone with info.....greatly appreciate.

Just wanted to let you know my two latest novels are now available. By clicking the link below, you can see excerpts and video previews of all 5 of my books from Vanilla Heart Publishing. I'm also working on another novel, to be released this spring; I believe it's also included in the videos.
Also will be focused on re-writing my two non-fiction books, one about military brats and one about lupus.
But first, I'm taking time out to go to CA for Thanksgiving at Terri and Mike's new house in Los Gatos. Haven't seen them since this time last year.
Best, Marilyn [Morris], class '56
If you have trouble with this link, email Marilyn and request *free download*

...."I moved in my house here in Frisco Lakes, TX, Nov 9. I really like it here. So many people from all over the country have decided to settle here. Sunday there was a block party for the ladies and there were not 2 people from the same state! I am wading thru the boxes in the garage and little by little getting things in their place, either in the house or on the side of the garage for consignment store. I thought I down sized, but not enough. I bought a neat Club Car golf cart (it is between Crimson and Orange in color so I guess I am politically correct) and have been all over the development. It is just beautiful at sunset on the golf course and around the lake."
Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley

Several great emails (remembrances) from Verna Le (Brammer) Zeiders:
How I enjoy the e-mails. I am going to tell my Aunt Billie, class'44 about the April reunion. I've been bringing her and husband, Bob R. Williams (Pee Wee) to Lawton the past 3 yrs on or about Memorial Day to all the cemeteries. She and her sister, Bettie Foster Sanders were cheerleaders for 2 yrs during their high school yrs, in same class due to diphtheria with Billie. How I adored them, they were like older sisters to me as they are only 8 and 9 yrs older.
Bob was a coach for many,many yrs and retired as head of the Coaches Ass. in Ok, and they are now 84 and 85 yrs, still going strong. Aunt Billie works in the yard for hours during the spring and summer. Surely, they will want to come to that reunion. I'd probably spend the night with them and leave from the Shawnee area on the 10th. T.P. Brammer was my Dads' cousin, 2 of many Brammer cousins at the time, they are spread all over now. I'm thinking they were pretty ornery from the stories they told at the family reunions. Thanks for the mails.
Verna Le Zeiders.

The paint job on Whit Oziers house continues to receive comments:

I always thought Whit Ozier's polka dot house was the coolest thing about Lawton. I still tell people about it.
Gale McCray

I can attest to Whit Ozier's polka-dot house - it was grey with chartreuse polka-dots and the polka-dots were various sizes. When we first moved to Lawton in 1950, we lived at 1705 Cherry and Whit and Mary Virginia and their boys lived on the east side of 17th street where it intersects with Cherry street. All the kids in the neighborhood were just dumbfounded (and probably the adults were, too!) when he painted it. Tex and Irene Harris and their boys (Ken Harris is their son - I think he is a judge now) lived at 1702 Cherry and Tex asked Whit why he painted it that way and Whit said , "well, I've just always wondered what it would be like to live in a polka-dot house." We moved out to 2205 Cheyenne in 1952 and I honestly can't remember if the house was still polka-dot when we moved or if he had already "redecorated" by then.
Carlana (Fitch) Murray

Note: Yes, Ken Harris is a Judge now but his early career started as a delivery boy working for my Bill at Earl Drug. Great kid! Well, guess not kid anymore!

"Also, would add for defense of Whit Ozier that he had a serious side, also. When I was in LHS, I baby sit for the Ozier's....really nice family. Also, Whit was our high school Sunday School teacher at Centenary while I was in high school...excellent teacher. Thanks."
Pat (Banks) White, class '52

I baby sat for the boys. Whit's house was gun metal gray with great big chartreuse circles all over it. You can just imagine being there late at night the boys were asleep and a car would pull up in the drive way and turn on their bright lights to see the spots house. Scary.
Carrol (Anderson) McDevitt

I was thinking of Whit Ozier also. He was a great gimmick man and was an active supporter of youth functions. I remember him having his house painted polka-dotted.... I think pink with blue dots but not sure. Must have been in the 1953 - 1955 era since I rode the 16th Street bus home from LJHS and the route took me past his home. Warm days with cool nights and clear blue skies on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!
Joe Scott

'59 classmate Ed Coulson sent me a picture that he found in going through 'old' boxes of treasures his mom had kept. GREAT fun picture of those who would become the class of 1959. Date indicates probably fifth/sixth grade? Sadly, classmates Bobby Snow and Bobby Newman are deceased. Really appreciate Ed for sharing. (see above).

I doubt additional 'news' will go out before, I will take this opportunity to wish each of you a wonderful day of family and love. Georgia

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