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Yours truly has been on a few days 'sabbatical' as various 'chores' had piled up and needed closure. Now, getting back to 'news' and other similar type endeavors! Hope to have additional pictures posted on the blog....soon!

I received a call today from Barbara Kirkpatrick, class '53, as she wanted to inform me of the passing of her sister Linda (Kirkpatrick) Patterson. Linda (class 1968) and her husband Charles (Pat), were both killed in a trailer fire in Lawton this past Friday, October 30. I had read of the tragedy in the Lawton paper but did not realize it was a classmate lost in the fire. Pat was not from Lawton. Barbara said at this time no services are planned, she just wanted classmates to know of the loss.
I know our heartfelt sympathies are with Barbara and 4 other siblings and family during this terrible tragedy.

Sorry to report the passing of Mavis (Koontz) Allen, 91, of Lawton. Mrs. Allen passed on October 23. She is mom of '59 classmate Diane (Herder) Lewis Lastinger and also daughter Kay Herder. Services were October 28 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Murdoch Matthew had been trying to find classmate Joan R. (Pace) Hanna. Otis Bowles researched and discovered that Joan had been living in Colorado but sadly, he also discovered she just recently passed on October 8 at the Colorado State Veterans Center. I believe Joan was class '49.
A memorial service to honor and celebrate her life was held Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Emmanuel Chapel in South Fork.
Survivors include by her husband, Robert Hanna of Homelake; sons, Greg (Barbara) Emminizer of Benicia Calif., Guy L. (Heidi) Freeman of Glendale Ariz., Tunis Hanna of Del Norte and Edward O. Hanna of Justin, Texas. Strohmayer's Funeral Home was in charge of services.
Extended obit at:

From the eMail bag:
David Dom asked about a 10 foot sandwich being eaten in Hardy Suggs Music store are some responses to that question:

In response to the question David Dom asked about the guy eating a 10 foot long sandwich in the window of Hardy Suggs music store; I remember that he was a disc jockey for KSWO I'm pretty sure, and it was either a bet or a dare for him to do it. I don't remember his name but I do remember he ate it all ! Hope this helps Davids mystery.
Roy House

The sandwich thing... if memory serves me, was a kswo radio contest of some sort. The loser was a disc jockey who had to eat all of the 10 ft. sandwich.
Steve Parker

I think that the man eating the sandwich was Ron Kirby ( I'm not positive) who was a disc jockey for KSWO radio at that time. However I do remember that about that time there was some kind of promotion or contest on KSWO radio and it culminated with the sandwich eating.
Ron Snyder

I (georgia), called Ron Kirby and asked if he knew anything about the 'sandwich' incident. Ron, a longtime DJ/newsperson for KSWO, said he did not arrive in Lawton until about 1962. And while he had 'heard' of the incident, it was not him eating the sandwich. We talked and wondered if it might have been CJ McDonald? The mystery continues.

Marcille (Burns) Sutherland Covey, class '52, told a great story in remembering TP Brammer...I asked her to write it down so I could share......thank you Marcille:
" My parents, Dorothy & Raymond Burns, and Alma & T.P. Brammer were members of the Builders Sunday School Class at Centenary Methodist. When Buryl & I were to be married in 1953 Mother took me out to Ft. Sill where T.P. had his photography studio to have pictures made of me in my wedding dress which Mother had made. The skirt of the dress was a complete circle which impressed T.P. He told us that he had always wanted to take a picture of someone wearing a circular dress that could be spread out all around them and he asked if I would let him take that picture...which I agreed to pose for. Even though it is black& white that 8x10 picture was "special".
In 1957 T.P. opened his photography and camera shop in Lawton on C a part of his grand opening celebration he sponsored a jingle contest. (I think that the first two lines were provided and the remaining lines were to be provided by the contestants.)
Anyway, I was a very excited person when I received the call that I had won the contest. The prize was a Bell & Howell movie camera and I put it to good use taking movies of my three sons as they were growing up. That old film was converted to VHS tape years later....and now it is time to get it converted to DVD!!!
At T.P.'s funeral this afternoon we were reminded that T.P. & Alma took great pride in their annual Christmas cards that featured pictures of their family. The cards were put in the mail the day after Thanksgiving so that they would be the first Christmas cards their friends received each year!!! I remember that my parents looked forward to those cards...and each year that card would be the first of the season."

Appreciate '59 classmate Ed Adams for sending these pictures (above) from his home area over Poteau way. (Eastern Oklahoma).

It has been a beautiful (colorful) fall. The past few days have been just gorgeous. All Hallows Eve was PERFECT! Hope you got lots of treats!


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