Saturday, May 23, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 19

Received email from '59 classmate Richard Densley that his companion of 34 years passed May 14 after a lengthy illness. Donna Ann (Muckelroy) Geisller, 62, was originally from Laredo, TX, attended college in Houston, and enjoyed a career for many years in journalism, radio, and TV. There were no services per Donnas request. Richard is living in Washington state.
I know our sympathies are with Richard & the family.

Our classmates are in the news.....Great stories in Sunday Lawton Constitution (May 17), about '55 classmate Dee Givens & his exemplary career as a track star - back in the day - and what he is doing now. Including great commentary on our '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens, his wife, and her winning career in tennis and golf. Dee won many races and honors over his career as did Babs. I knew Babs better as we were friends before first grade. I still remember her - in grade school - hitting tennis balls against the garage door there on Arlington. Paid off - State Champ! Sports section page 10-C.

Same paper, another good story on '58 Ron Sheffield and his involvement over 20 years with the Hubble mission. His story is page 3-A.
btw....have some really great photos of the shuttle launch courtesy of Ron. Hope to have those linked to the Wolvernet blog....soon!

Janey Scott & I had a lovely lunch & visit with Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert on Monday. Duffy was doing well and we enjoyed some time out in the beautiful Oklahoma sunshine. It was such a joy to be with her. Duffy has had numerous ups and downs battling cancer for several years now. Yet, she is so sweet, so positive, & just a wonderful person to be around. Because of her problems she has just moved to an assisted living facility here in Lawton. Duffy said she would love to hear from you if you would like to visit, via phone, note, or out to lunch! She does not have her computer hooked up yet.She is c/o Brookridge Retirement Center, 7802 NW Quannah Parker, Lawton, OK 73505.

Oklahoma news items I thought would be of interest:

DeWayne Beggs: The former Cleveland County (Norman) Sheriff died this (past) week at age 65. Beggs began his law enforcement career after leading "DeWayne And The Beldettas", a rhythm and blues band that hit the Top 10 in the 1960's with its recording of 'Tennessee Stud.'

Loss of basketball great Wayman Tisdale, 44, (cancer) comments: Expect an uplifting, inspirational movie about his life. Loved his basketball skills, admired his tenacity, enjoyed his music, and today, mourn his passing.

And.......Former Carolina Panthers star safety Mike Minter is considering running for Congress against Rep. Larry Kissell (D-N.C.), according to a Republican operative. Minter was in Washington earlier this week and spoke with the National Republican Congressional Committee to discuss a possible GOP campaign. He still is a long way off from making a decision, but has begun to consider a career in politics. Minter played for the Panthers from 1997-2006, and was one of the top defensive players in the league. Since his playing days, he has been active in the Charlotte-area evangelical community, and has been in touch with former GOP Rep. Robin Hayes.
The reason for this item......I was told Minter grew up in Lawton & attended LHS! Does anyone know if true and year? Just curious!

Class 1959: hope you are working to help locate 'lost' classmates and also getting your bio info/pictures out to Beverly (Spradlin) and other pictures to moi.....asap!
Please note deadline for both these endeavors and the sooner the easier for 'us'. Thanks.

Extending Congratulations to the LHS Class of 2009! Seems like only yesterday it was....1959! Time does indeed fly!

Gorgeous weather right now...hope all is sunny where you are! Regards.....Georgia

Saturday, May 16, 2009

......LHS News......

Originally sent May 14

I just received news that Thomas L. Perry, of Corsicana, TX passed on May 3 & funeral was held there. Thomas was '60 LHS grad. He is survived by wife Katha and his sister Jan - who I believe is class '64?

And, Wilma June Rigsby, 92, of Garland, TX. Mrs Rigsby passed on May 10 and graveside services were held in Garland. She is mom to '57 classmate Orvis L. Rigsby; also Gary Bill Rigsby.

We have also lost others of our older grads.....Cecil Ray Lee, 78, of Lawton passed on May 11. Cecil is a '48 grad of LHS. He is survived by wife, three sons and a daughter.

Very lengthy obit and guest book at: <>

Also, Arvie H. Kirkpatrick, 91, of Lawton. Mr. Kirkpatrick is a LHS grad but do not have year.He passed May 11 and service will be this Friday May 15, at Calvary Baptist church, 10:00am. Many will remember him from the pet store he operated for many years. He is survived by his wife and a daughter.

Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Folks, I need to make a correction. I thought is was our '59 classmate Sharon Andersen involved with COPD group but she is in fact NOT the one. Different Sharon Anderson but it is our Sharron Bolt. Sorry bout that!

However, our '59 Sharon Andersen did go to the 6th annual Crawds 'n Rods - crawfish boil and car show - last Saturday at Elgin and writes..

"I got first place in the Classic Mustang (pre 1980) category with my 1966 Mustang. Tell Johnna (Gordon) thanks for the really nice was sponsored by Milo Gordon!" (pix above).

Just received more great pictures of the space shuttle Atlantis launch from Ron Sheffield. I will be posting them on the blog - left-hand side - in next day or two. Really have enjoyed Ron keeping 'us' in the loop!

Terrible storm through the 'home town' last night about 12:30am and they weren't kidding. Hail was size of golf ball which is in middle of the picture below. I had to wait a few minutes before I ran out to grab these & they had melted slightly from the rain. But, I got one-upped today, more west side of town, pictures of hail size of baseballs! Lot of damage in area, know some who had house windows broken out, tons of automobile damage. Storms still in forecast!

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 11

Just watched space shuttle Atlantis zoom skyward. Beautiful! I watched for Ron in some of the crowd shots. Now mind you, I know zip about any of this, but I believe about 7 miles up, the shuttle did a 'roll' of sorts to get 'nose-up' (so the TV caption said) and the arc of the earth was very visible. Spectacular shots from a camera on the shuttle. So amazing to see our world as God see its every second!

btw...have posted photos Ron sent of the shuttle right here on the WolverNet blog.

Appreciate Jim Pahdoco for this info on the class 1964 reunion:
Friday and Saturday, July 17-18. Friday is a Roll-Out-the-Carpet-Social at the VFW Post 5263, 8:00pm to 12.
Saturday is an Alumni Mixer at Mike's Sports Grill, 517 E. Gore, 7:00pm to 12. Dress is very casual all weekendCost is $35 per person sent to Shirley (Stanley) Hedrick, 243 Fox Fire Road, Lawton, Ok 73507;
Jim asks you to help spread the word!

'64-er, Fran (Jacks) Wehner also sent me this info.
btw...Fran was set up at the Annual Arts for All this past week-end with some lovely photography of her own and several other artists!
I enjoyed visiting with her (she's also a neighbor) and I had my annual Navajo Taco! Yummy!

Two of our '59 classmates - Sharon (Cummins) Anderson and Sharron (Cummings) Bolt (and hubby Joe) - have gotten together to form a support group for people with COPD - Cronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Both ladies have COPD and Joe has breathing difficulty because of heart problems. This support group began some months ago on line but will have a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 12) evening at Angels Care Home Health. Should you need information, call Sharron Bolt at (580) 248-4458.
Story in Monday Lawton Constitution.

I received this nice email from Jeane (Stockton) O'Brien, class '61, with some info on her family:
"We are very excited to read the updates and especially excited about Ron Sheffield. We?ll pass this on to other LHS grads. One of our sons, Jason O?Brien, always wanted to be an astronaut. He did not make that but is a Major in the Air Force as an instructor pilot for the F15 Strike Eagle in North Carolina and has done numerous tours in the sand and in Iraq etc. Our other son, Michael, works off shore flying a ROV (remote camera) and was on the TV show Monster Quest ?Search for the Lockness Monster. We are very proud of both of them. My husband, Jim, is retired and bowls a great deal carrying a 200+ average. I am still working at USAA in San Antonio TX and plan to return later this year."

'59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs & hubby Ron are finally back home in Niger. Their daughter-in-law - Danette - is doing a nice blog on the missionary work in their area & has an interesting item on Jerry & Rons return. If you would care to check it out:

I have attached the list of those '59 grads we have been 'unable to find'. [could not attach list here] Quite a few! I hope you can 'open' it as have changed format several times! And, 'we' apologize if any name on here in error. There has been about 12 people working on as many lists and trying to co-ordinate, bound to be a few mistakes. BUT....hope YOU can help locate some of our 'lost' classmates. Thanks.

Have to mention, if you have interest in things spiritual, great new blog at:

A lot of work goes into planning reunions - hope you will make plans to attend 'YOURS'. Regards......Georgia

Sunday, May 10, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 9

Hate to report we have lost another of our older LHS grads.....Luther Harrison Marlow, 80, of Edmond. Mr. Marlow passed April 29 & services were held in Edmond. Mr. Marlow was born in Lawton, graduated LHS in 1948 & attended Cameron. He worked for Katy K Meat Packers as book keeper many years.
He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

'58 classmate Ron Sheffield will be on the launch pad May 11 when space shuttle Atlantis streaks upward. Received this exciting email and pictures from Ron. Pixs in post below - love one where he's 'lighting the fuse!'
"Georgia, Just a quick note to tell you that we are getting ready to launch the space shuttle, Atlantis, to go service the Hubble Space Telescope on 11 May. I will be at the launch and then travel to Mission Control in Houston after the launch for the duration of the servicing mission. When I talked to you at the 58 Reunion, I told you I would do this. I have enclosed pictures of me as we finished doing our walk-down inspection on Thursday. The pictures show various parts of the External Tank (orange in color) and the two solid rocket boosters (white). You will also see parts of the shuttle but the work platform covers up most of the shuttle from these angles. My job was to do the walk-down of our hardware inside the shuttle bay. Ron"

Ron was an engineer during the build of the Hubble. Read more about Ron's exciting job in the Wolvernet blog archives. Story posted to (this) blog on August 29, 2008. There is also a picture of Ron with his wife, mother-in-law and Astronaut John Grunsfeld.

I have been told that class of '64 will be having a reunion in July. I have no details as yet.

Speaking of '64......had opportunity a few days ago to dine at Bianco's with '64 grad, Susan (Blubaugh) Graves, visiting here from Texas. Susan was doing great & it was good to see her. Long time friend.

Meanwhile mark these dates:

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

LHS classes '49-'50-'51-'52. Saturday September 26, 2009. More later!

LHS class 1959 - 50th reunion - October 2-3. Initial mailing is out. IF you wish info and did NOT receive it, let me know...along with your address. Any from other classes most welcome to join 'us'.
Doyce has already said he "will be here".

I will be sending list of those NOT found & list of ones that have been returned in next 2-3 days! Maybe some of YOU know whereabouts of a '59 grad??

We've had some much needed rain and everything looking green! My banana tress are OUT - true sign spring/summer is here! haha!

Wishing all you Moms a very Happy Day!........ Georgia

LHS News - photos from '58'er Ron Sheffield

Pictures of space shuttle Atlantis just couple days before May 11, 2009 launch to make repairs to the Hubble telescope. '58 classmate Ron Sheffield in pictures...Ron was engineer on building of the Hubble.

Monday, May 4, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 30

I am so very sorry to report the passing of Blane Dwight Alldredge, 48, of Lawton. Blane passed April 29 after a lengthy illness. Blane is the son of LHS classmate Darrell Alldredge, '56, & Sue (Martin) Alldredge - sadly Sue passed some years ago. Blaine is nephew of other LHS grads.
There will be visitation on Friday May 1 from 6:00 - 8:00pm Friday at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral home. Services will be 2:00pm Saturday, May 2, Centenary Methodist church. Interment at Highland Cemetery.
There is extended obit and guest book at: <>

I had a very sweet note from Glenda who just lost her sister Virginia (Doan) Neumann. Glenda asked me to share with you:
"To all the '52 classmates & friends who wrote to my sister Virginia, I want to thank you for taking time to share a memory or a picture. She'd ask...'has the mail come yet?'. You helped brighten her days when she was feeing so bad. God bless all of you, Glenda (Doan) Stanton, class of '55."

Class your snail mail (USPS) box! First reunion 'packet' for our 50th this October 2-3 went out Tuesday night! If you are receiving this 'news' and do not get the snail mail info by first of next week.....let me know where you are!!!???? Will be a second mailing about end of July.

I will be away from my computer for couple of days, so try to not do anything 'news' worthy! Georgia