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......LHS News......
Originally sent October 20

The Monday morning paper reports the passing of Grace JoAnn (Ford) Reynolds, 71, of Frederick. Grace passed on October 17 at her home in Frederick. She is the wife of '53 classmate Jim Reynolds. Grace was a graduate of Altus High School, class 1956. Grace is survived by husband Jim; three sons; two daughters.
The family will receive friends 5:00pm - 7:00pm, Tuesday October 20, at the Jackson Funeral Home Chapel in Frederick.
Services will at 3:00pm, Wednesday October 21, New Life Christian Fellowship in Gotebo, OK. Burial will be in the Gotebo Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>
So very sorry to hear of this loss.

From the eMail bag:
I've been e-mailing with Ruth "Molly" Nichols, class of 1949, and she's been wanting to contact her old friend Joan Pace. I see Joan's picture in the 1948 Wolverine Lore as a Junior, but if she's in the 49 yearbook, I've missed her. Joan was a Ft. Sill kid, like Molly. Wonder if anyone on the Wolvernet has news of her.
Murdoch Matthew

Georgia, your Bill is not the only one disappointed. Even though I live over a thousand miles from Norman, I have faithfully followed the Sooners for over 50 years. When the game's not on TV here, I can now follow it on line. I also follow Oklahoma State. My dad used to take me to Lewis Field for the home games back in the early 50's when we lived there. That and Hank Iba coached OSU (Oklahoma A&M) Basketball.I have a question that maybe some one in your reading area may know the answer to.
Back in 1959, Larry Lindgren and I were carpooling to work and there was a man sitting in the window of Hardy Suggs Music store eating a 10 foot long sandwich. Why? We stopped and looked but that early in the morning the store was closed, so I never found out why. Which brings up another question. Does any one know what happened to Larry Lindgren, class of '58?
David Dom

'News' has been steady lately...but this is all for now......Regards......Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 19

I am sorry to report the passing of yet another of our oldest LHS grads. T.P. Brammer, 95, of Lawton passed on October 15. Last week we lost Jo G. Andrews. Andrews graduated in 1932 while Brammer and Byron Aycock graduated in 1933. (according to Constitution). Aycock is also deceased. Great story on the three and another '33 classmate Harold Short in the Lawton Constitution on May 25, 2008.
T.P is survived by sons Jerry and Stephen; daughter Mary Jane Hamburger (Kenneth). Jerry Brammer is class '56 and I know some of these others are also but do not know year.
Services will be 2:00pm Wednesday October 21 at Centenary United Methodist church in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Also passing, Connie Lee Kemp, 69, of Lawton. Connie passed on October 16 after a lengthy illness. She is survived by her mother Jewel Elva (Floyd) Kemp Porter; 2 sons; 2 brothers; a sister - Sherry (Kemp) Bly (Dennis).
The family will receive friends Monday evening, October 19, at Becker Funeral Home, 6:00pm - 8:00pm.
Grave side services will be at 2:00pm, Tuesday October 20, Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Another great article by Charles Ellenbrook in Saturday (Oct. 17) Lawton Constitution. Charles writes a monthly article - Wichita Mountains Field Notes. This article (full page - page 1 section B) is about Medicine Park and the surrounding area and the beauty and color(s) of the autumn/fall. Several beautiful pictures. For those who just attended the class '59 reunion (Sat night at Medicine Park), you got a preview of Bath Lake, the Falls, and the walkway. It's a wonderful time of the year, makes you want to be outside. The areas around Medicine Creek are wonderful to sit out/picnic and enjoy natures show.

I have written a couple of re-caps of the recent 1959 - 50th reunion. I did not send them out in LHS news as somewhat lengthy and I thought some might not be interested? But....I did decide to post them on the blog. So, if any would like to read comments and other notes about the reunion, you may do so. Two separate posts!

I hope those (class '54, et al) who just got together in Sedona, AZ will show (pictures) and tell (who was there and what they did)!

Hope you will take a minute to visit link below. UTube video tribute to the Murrah Bldg. Bombing Memorial in OKC. Poignant photographs of an American tragedy. The girl singing is my niece Tara Gill, daughter of brother Tim & wife Terri. Do not know person who put this together and Tara did not know they were using her tape until someone told her about the post on UTube. She has been studying music - for several years now - and she is a Junior at...where else....LHS!

Sharing picture (above) that '59 classmate Richard 'Dick' Densley sent of himself and his new squeeze, Sammy!

Well, my Bill is most disappointed.....he had hoped the Sooners would kick some major Longhorn rump roast...but alas....not to be! Very sorry QB Sam Bradford was injured again. Bummer Sooner!

The rain finally quit a few days ago in the 'home town' so we are drying out and enjoying the sunny fall days while putting out jack-o-lanterns, ghouls and goblins, getting ready for the little intruders on October 31!

Regards to all.........Georgia

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More '59 - 50th Reunion Re-cap......
Originally sent October 18

I have received reunion photos from Preston McPhail, Dan McBee, and Patty Parker. I appreciate their sharing and will be getting some of those posted to the website soon. Have already posted those from Joel Boyd.

Correction: I wrote that Tink (Belland) Glenn lives in MO! MY bad. She lives in Kansas...!

Received this note from Ed Harp, class of 1954:
I just realized you achieved Golden Wolverine status this year and I apologize for not thinking of it sooner. In my defense, I’m very old. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of Golden Wolverines, marking fifty years since you and your classmates graduated from Lawton High!
Best regards, Ed

btw...Ed's not that old! He coined the phrase 'Golden Wolverine' and 'we' graciously accept the honor! THANKS Ed. Ed also does a great monthly newsletter for class of 1954 which also includes other classmate news. If you would like to receive Eds news, email him at

Reminds me of..."All that glitters is not gold, often you have heard that told......." ONLY Shakespeare I remember from Mrs. Johnstons freshman English class!
OK,OK......back to re-cap!

Memory Books are on the way. If you ordered/paid for a Memory Book and couldn't attend reunion..... watch your mail box. They went out on Saturday - media mail!
More comments:

Karen and I had a super time and enjoyed catching up with everyone. Lawton has changed and yet something are the same. I had to introduce my wife to Johnson's Bakery and Wayne's Drive In.
Preston McPhail

Thanks for the wonderful job you and the committee did on the reunion. I know I enjoyed every minute. I was unable to attend the other items on the menu Saturday morning. As I had to rest for the evening program. It was wonderful all the courtesies that were extended to me.
Jerry Morgan

So sorry that we could not make it to the reunion. I heard that it was great fun!Stephannie (Lester) Beatty

Theoretically this e-mail is going to Georgia Gill Williams and it's intent is to express my appreciation to you/her and all the others who contributed to making our 50th LHS Class reunion such a great success. I'm sure it was a lot of work and did a masterful job.
Ron Snyder

So far, Saturday night is the highlight of my year.
Beverly (Spradlin) Raley

Georgia, I want to thank the committee for all the hard work they did in making our 50th reunion such a success and a fun time. I saw so many of my neighborhood friends and classmates that I had not seen since we graduated and had wondered at times where they where. I was so good to see everyone. I wouldn't have missed the "Class of 1959" 50th Reunion for anything. It was not mentioned, but there was a large group of classmates that toured Lawton High School on Friday morning and got to see alot of improvements that have been made. Brought back a lot of memories and those halls look so much smaller than when we were in school there. Thanks again.
Judy (House) Hargrove

....I hope all these comments reinforce how grateful the class is for all your work. Even though I could not be there, I appreciate all you did to keep us involved. Not only did I hear from classmates what a good time they had, but I also heard from several parents of 59 who told me how much their out-of-town children had enjoyed the two days. Linda (Hawkins) MoonJerry and I had a fabulous time - it was so wonderful seeing everyone. Our only complaint was that there was not enough time to visit long enough with everyone. We enjoyed every moment. Thanks to all of you who made this reunion possible. It is evident how much work went into the reunion and WE APPRECIATE IT!!!! More than words can say. We came home with some wonderful old memories and created some new ones. Again, thank you all so much. Love,
Kay (Pavillard) & Jerry Otis

Words cannot express my delight in seeing all the reunion photo's. So many familiar faces and faces I had to rely on the captions to recognize. Everyone looked so happy which showed how much fun they were having. For sure I'hope there will be another Reunion. I regret so much missing all the fun and having to re-introduce myself to everyone. Thank you Georgia, for what you do to help us keep us close tabs of home, you have no idea what it means to us.
Karen (Choney) Culloty

I sent the re-cap - first one and this one - to just class 1959 but did decide to post on blog. So...if you want to re-read, will be there!

For the committee....gjw

Class '59....So fine!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To: '59 Classmates ~ Re-Cap of the 1959 - 50th Reunion.
Originally sent October 11

As was stated in LHS News......A great turn-out of over 200 (both nights) produced a lot of reminiscing with old friends/classmates; visiting and picture taking! Wolverines from 19 states - PLUS Oklahoma - and one classmate from Germany (Charles Brooks) came home to join the party! 29 grads from Texas, 38 from Oklahoma (not Lawton) and 35 from Lawton! If YOU weren't there .....kick yourself! REAL hard!

Currently working on pictures for a slide show on the WolverNet blog - Coming soon! (done).
The lighting at both events was not very good (as far as taking pixs) but think still managed to get some good ones. The independent contractor who was there on Saturday night video-ing and talking w/classmates....will be in touch with you to see if you want to purchase a video? You are under NO obligation to do so. I was hoping they would send one we could watch to see how it is...?

Those who could not attend but did order a Memory Book, including those who had ordered one and at last minute couldn't make it.....Memory Books will go in mail, hopefully this week. Will let people know when they go out!
Beverly (Spradlin) did a super job on the books! About 50-60 went on the tour of the old High School/Central on Friday! Minette Page was very happy to have so many interested. And, about 50+ toured the 50's car museum on Saturday morning and Billy Beville enjoyed talking about his super vintage cars. Great turnout for both events and we appreciate Minette and Billy for their time and gracious 'tours'.

Don't have numbers but I know several attended the Pep Rally and assembly and the game Friday night.The Museum facility on Friday night was lovely! Weather perfect, made it most enjoyable to be outside on the patio area as well as inside. We appreciate classmate Rex Givens help with the Museum. Music Hall at Medicine Park proved equally great place for the Saturday night event! 'We' feel, couldn't have gone any better! Special thanks to classmate John Hammond for the great picture name tags! Also, very special thanks to another Wolverine (class '83), Chris Rabon, for his help - technical, musical, and otherwise - in producing the DVD! The DVD played through the evening at Medicine Park.

Door prize for coming the longest distance went to Charles Brooks. Door prizes also won by Maurice LaFonte; Tink (Belland);

Prizes? - We had books about 'Craterville Park'; '1959:Year Everything Changed'; and Waynes T-Shirts!

Comments from some who attended the reunion......

Just got home from having more fun that I can remember in a long, long time! It was such a great weekend and I still can't get over what a wonderful turnout we had from '59!
Carlana (Fitch) Murray

I can't thank you enough for making our reunion such a success. It was such a joy to reconnect with my past and find my roots again.... And then, to make it possible to stay connected through all the contact information.Let's keep the ball rolling for as long as we can.
David Eugene 'Gene' Morris

note: It was great of Gene to organize those who wanted to attend the Pep assembly and Pep Rally + homecoming game. I know that it was mentioned on the radio broadcast of the Friday night game...that members of the 1959 class were here for reunion and in attendance at the game.

I really enjoyed meeting a lot of people on Friday night, and thanks to all who put in so many hours of hard work!
Wiley Leonard
btw.....Wiley asked if anyone had any information/specifics on what happened to classmate Jimmy Best? All we know is that Jimmy passed in March of 2002.

Thanks for all the work you guys did on throwing a super reunion. We really enjoyed the car museum and I made good use of the gift shop at the Museum of the Great Plains. It's always fun to get back to Lawton and Charles is always happy to see his old friends and classmates (I didn't mean "old" "old"....)
Beverly (Askegreen) Jennings

..... many thanks for all the work you and your team did to make the 50th truly a golden experience! It was great fun to see folks I rarely get to see and those I hadn't seen since graduation that I had a chance to re-meet. Please extend my thanks to all of your team members. Had a good trip home - uneventful (thank you very much), a little rain until I got close to Kansas and then just cloudy. It has begun raining here (followed me I think) and is very cold already.Many thanks again.
Tink (Belland) Glenn (Tink lives in KS)

I have heard nothing but raves about the reunion since I got back. I know I missed something really special. You and your committee did a super job!
Linda (Hawkins) Moon

Georgia, Thanks for all the work you and the rest of the committee did for our 50th reunion. It was all wonderful, the place you chose to have it, the decorations and that great meal. I know it was a lot of work but it was greatly appreciated. Geraldine (Greenlee) Bay

The reunion was great. Good to see everyone and yuck it up about the "good ole days", though I guess that's all relative. At any rate I've attached a few pics from the dinner/dance I thought you might consider including in the follow up.
Joel Boyd
note: Joel sent 5 really good pixs...will be posting along with others on the blog. And, if anyone else has pics...send them to me, will post.

JACK [Atkins]

I enjoyed the reunion although I didn't remember names from the past. I only attended Lawton High two years and left for Germany in February 1960 and didn't return until 1966. I guess I really lost touch with anyone I knew in high school. However, everyone was so friendly that I just enjoyed the two-day reunion! You and the committee did a great job with the planning and execution of the reunion. Hats off to all of you!
Ellouise (Haulcy) Love

Kay (Thomas) Tillman and hubby John were already in Lawton for the reunion and a close friend of Johns passed in Arkansas. They had to leave on Friday morning to go home. Kay emailed how sorry she was to miss the reunion but asked that any who would want to 'visit'...please email her at:

You do such a wonderful job of getting all the news out to those everywhere, I so love to receive you messages. I was unable to make the reunion even after having plans made to come, so enjoy hearing all the details. Thank you so much for doing all you do for us away from Lawton. I would really have liked to see and visit all our classmates thought of you all both nights..
God Bless, Ann (Knowles) Saunders

OK....bad news/good news dept.......we searched for classmates as diligently as possible.....but, 'we' most emphatically apologize to classmate James York who we had on the deceased list! Have NO idea where these rumors get started or why 'we' thought him deceased...but the GOOD news is...James is ALIVE and well and please remove his name from any list of deceased you may have. So very sorry for this goof-up! I hope 'we' have not inadvertently 'killed-off' anyone else!

The committee appreciates all those who could be here and made the effort to do so. It was great to see so many classmates and friends and so wonderful that all had a good time.

Joe Osborne, class '60, reminded me of this and it's SO true.....

'We're magnificent, we're divine, we're the class of '59!'

For the committee.......gjw

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 13

Once again, we have lost classmates and older grads.....

So very sorry to report the passing of Jo G. Andrews, 94, of Lawton. He passed on October 10. Jo was long time businessman here in Lawton. He attended Washington Grade School and graduated LHS in 1933. Jo is survived by son Charles Andrews (class '59) and daughter-in-law Colleen; five grandchildren. Jo was preceded in death by wife Florence and son Ross Andrews. I have known Jo since grade school as Charles & I both attended Washington and my dad had business with Jo over the years. He was a very nice person.
A Memorial service will be held at 10:30am, Friday October 16 at First Baptist Memorial Chapel. Interment with US Navy honors will follow at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Also lost '59 classmate Gloria Ann (Rhoades) Phillips, 68, of Lawton, who passed on October 6. Gloria is survived by a daughter; two sons; 18 grandchildren; a sister and two brothers.
Services were held on October 10 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Also passing, Floyd Don Elrod Jr., 64, of Lawton. Don passed on October 9. Don was LHS class '63, a retired policeman, and numerous of us knew Don from his work about town. He had been recently diagnosed with cancer. So sorry for his passing. Always enjoyed visiting with him. Don is survived by six siblings. A Memorial service will be held at 2:00pm on Tuesday October 20, Whinery Huddleston Chapel with burial to follow at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

I know our sympathies are with the families of these who have lost loved ones.

From the eMail bag: I want to correct a miss-spelling of Brucilla (correct) Montagues' name in last news. Sorry for the typos. Tommy Lynn (Powers) Johnson was kind to point it out and also provide some wonderful recollections of the Montague family.....
"They were really a very dedicated and loyal family. Since we lived two blocks South of them on 14th street, the girls often sat with my brothers, Jimmy and Bobby Powers. I am so sorry to her of her passing. I last saw Brucilla in Chesley's office approximately 3 years before he retired and she was still the same funny and happy Brucilla that I had always known. Everyone who knew her will remember her wonderful laugh." TL
note: Chesley & Brucilla had another sister, Mayme, who is also deceased.

A PS from Bert Click in regard to those who joined the Air Force when he did, (last news)...
"Georgia, I got out my class graduation list ['49] and determined that the third man joining Gene Yates and Dan Inglis in the Air Force was Ronnie Price."

And, I've just heard that Richard Lassetter is continuing to do well, has been moved to room 2102 at Norman Regional Hosp, and will be going home Wednesday after triple by-pass surgery last week.

My Bill visited with Charles Jennings for a while at the recent reunion. Charles is class '57 and married to our '59 classmate Beverly (Askegreen). They live in CA and Charles has been involved in architecture and construction management all his career. In recent years Charles has been building kayaks (Charley J's hand crafted kayaks) and he was kind enough to send some pictures to Bill. I am attaching couple pictures (above) as they are just beautiful! He has a fleet of 6 so far, they are each 17 foot long and seem to be sea worthy. He may have plans to market them? The picture of the two.....Charles says.... "The deck on the boat to the left consists of Western red cedar and popular. The other boats deck is redwood with a herringbone of popular down the center."
What wonderful craftsmanship and obviously a labor of love. I would be very proud and I think it would be difficult to part with them.

SHOW TIME! I have just posted pictures that I took at the class 1959 - 50th reunion. The last 5 (except pix of committee) are courtesy of Joel Boyd. Have other classmates sending pictures and will add them as I get them. Some were Friday night at Museum, others Saturday night at Medicine Park. I know I missed some but tried to get as many as possible. I hope I have not gotten anyones name wrong, misspelled, etc. If so, not intentional...please let me know & I will make changes!
Meanwhile.....enjoy! <> Right hand side of blog - caption reads..."Link to LHS Pictures, reunions....."

Regards to all from soggy 'home town'...rain continues.........Georgia

Saturday, October 10, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 8

The LHS class 1959 - 50 year reunion was one for the Memory Books! A great turn-out of over 200 (both nights) produced a lot of reminiscing with old friends/classmates and picture taking! Wolverines from 19 states - PLUS Oklahoma - and one classmate from Germany (Charles Brooks) came 'home' to join the party! 29 grads from Texas, 38 from Oklahoma (not Lawton) and 35 from Lawton! If YOU weren't there.....kick yourself! REAL hard! More later + pictures!

Sorry this 'news' contains a lot of losses. Some are older but just now known. But, some good news on down....

I noted the passing of one of my Washington Grade School teachers, Justine Swinford, 92, of Duncan. She passed on October 4. Miss Swinford was my sixth grade teacher. She began her teaching career in a one room school in Stephens County. She moved to Lawton in 1952 and taught at Washington and Woodrow Wilson schools. She retired in 1979.Graveside services were held in Walters on October 7.
An extended obit and guest book at: <>

So sorry to report the passing of John 'Johnny' Colson Austin, 73, of Edmond. John passed on September 29. He was a '53 grad of LHS, graduated from OSU with degree in animal husbandry and nutritional science. He raised polled Herefords, farmed wheat and alfalfa. He is survived by wife Vickie; 4 daughters; one son; sister - Billie Carol.Services were in Lawton on October 2.

Need to do a little catch-up and sorry it's more sad news. Several losses of classmates that apparently were not in local papers and were not known at the time and I was asked to pass this information along for those who would want to know as well as those who keep class records. I have no details on any of these.
Perry McWhorter, class '52, passed sometime in 2008. His wife, Shirley (Wood) McWhorter, class '54, just recently passed in OKC.

Orba 'Junior or Stan' Standridge, class '51, also passed sometime in 2008.

Brucilla (Montague), class '50, passed last June (2009). Brucilla was living in Texas and is sister of Dr. Chesley Montague, class '52. Grave side services for her were held last week at Highland Cemetery here in Lawton.

From the eMail bag:......
"Like Murdock [Matthew], I am a 1949 graduate, but left Lawton to join the Air Force within three weeks of graduation. Right after I joined, Dan Inglis, Gene Yates, and one other whose name I cannot recall, joined also. I never returned to Lawton other than an occasional visit. If you post any comments, please leave my email address and I'd love to hear from other LHS graduates.
Best regards, Bert Click

I received word today that triple bypass (heart) surgery for Richard Lassetter, class '54, on Wednesday was successful & he is currently in CCU at Norman Regional Hospital. He will be home soon and if you would like to send a note of condolence or just say 'hi' to Richard, you can email him or wife Karen at:

The only get together/reunion I am currently aware of is (any of) class of '54 who are meeting in Sedona, AZ on October 13-14-15. All welcome! For information call or email: Janice (Hanes) Brummett:
Janiceposton1623@aol.comHome: (623)566-9094 or Cell: (623)326-9184 or Carroll (Hankins) Pokorny: Home: (703)491-7213 or Cell: (703)216-8813.

I received an email recently from Bobby Newton. He sent a great picture taken at Whittier School of those who would eventually be the LHS class of 1960. (see above).Note: Bobbys mom (Wynona Newton) was my fourth grade teacher at Washington. She was one of my favs. I learned multiplication tables in her class & Babs & I used to go to her house after school and bake cookies. Bill & I enjoyed having her for a Holiday dinner at our house back in early 90's.

btw.....class of '60 will celebrate their golden 50th next year! I understand 'discussions' are already under way!

Several people took pictures at the '59 reunion & we are in the process of getting them ready for a slide show on the WolverNet blog.

Regards to all........Georgia

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent September 28

Several new names have been added to receive the 'news'. Welcome and hope you enjoy! Remember, previously sent news, pictures, links, reunion news, archived at:

Sometimes there are just a lot of losses to report and I am saddened that this newsletter is one of those times.

I am so sorry to report that '59 classmate Keith LaWayne "Buck" Garrison passed on Sunday, September 27. He had been fighting cancer for some time. His wife, Loreta June (Sweany), died in 1992. Keith is survived by three daughters, Alisa, Lynetta, and Teresa and their spouses; seven grandchildren; two sisters.
There will be grave side service only, at 2:30pm this Friday, October 2 at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Helen (Brewer) Overall, 83, of Lawton. Helen passed September 25. Helen is a LHS grad but I am not sure of the year? She is survived by husband Coy; daughters Pam and Debbie; son Coy Neal Overall.
Services will be at 11:30am, Tuesday Sept. 29, at Whinery-Huddleston Chapel. Interment will be at the Fort Sill National Cemetery.
An extended obit and guest book are available at:

Also passing, Joyce Y. (Hamm) Riggs, 67, of Puyallup, WA. Joyce passed on September 23. Joyce attended Lincoln Elementary, Central, and LHS, although not sure when she graduated? She is survived by a daughter Christina and a son Tommy; a brother Wesley. Her husband, Jim Riggs, preceded her in passing.
Services will be at 10:00am, Wednesday Sept. 30, Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I received word over the week-end of the passing of Ivan 'Herky' Price, 73, of Frederick, OK. Ivan passed Sept. 12 at his home following a sudden illness (apparently a massive heart attack).He was a '53 grad of LHS, received a degree in Education from Midwestern in Wichita Falls. He taught and coached football and golf in Wichita Falls, Vernon, and Lawton. Ivan was a two year starting guard for LHS football, playing his senior year beside Junior guard Doyle Jennings and teammates Bill Stratton, Chad Bledsoe, Woody Wolverton, Joe James, Don Wheatly, and Jim Reynolds. He is survived by wife Jo Ann (Hunt).
Per family wishes, Ivan was cremated and there will be a private family burial at a later date.
There was no obit in the Lawton paper and I appreciate Jimmy Reynolds and Ed Harp for passing this info to me.

I had opportunity last week to visit with Carolyn Swinney, class '58. She was in Lawton from her home in Nashville for the dedication of a new marquee at BC Swinney Grade School. Some funding for the marquee was provided by Carolyn nad the Swinney family in memory of Carolyn's sister - La Velle (Swinney) Boyd. La Velle was LHS class '49 and passed in November of 2008.
Carolyn and La Velles mom taught at LHS and their dad - BC Swinney - was Superintendent of LPS from 1928 - 1946. (pix above w/Carolyn)

Bill and I attended his class reunion this past Saturday night for classes '49 ~ '52. There were grads from 1946 - 1959 (me). Good crowd, lot from out of town. These classes get together every September to visit and share stories. It was a little humorous and so true, when the person giving the blessing stated that he was thankful to 'wake up in the morning with nothing new hurting.'
There were some good looking cowboy/cowgirl outfits in the crowd and a lot of 'catchin-up visitin'!
It was nice to see Mrs. Silk in attendance and other than loss of eye sight, she was doing great! She has a lot of friends who make sure she gets wherever she wants to go. Will have some pictures posted soon.

Someone has asked about classmates - Lynn Studebaker and Marion Watson. Think maybe class '49? If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.

Class of 1959.....this is IT! Counting down to the 50th Reunion beginning with a reception/get re-acquainted mixer this Friday night. Looking forward to seeing a lot of our classmates!Some coming in early plan to attend the homecoming assembly on Friday morn; the pep rally at 1:30pm; then after the reception, catch the homecoming game: Wolverines vs Mustang! Going to be a busy and FUN week-end!


Welcoming our '59 grads back to the 'home town'....see you Friday! Georgia