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Originally sent March 19

From the eMail bag:
Just received word that the class of 1963 is also having a pre-party on Friday night (26th). Meet at Fisherman's Cove (upstairs room) at 6:30pm. Turn off I-44 at Medicine Park exit, go west (highway 49), Fisherman's Cove is about a mile/mile and half on north side of highway. For info contact Janet (Burt) Terry -

'59 classmate Jovita (Reinwand) Weeks emailed that she is recovering nicely from a knee replacement surgery. Jovita currently lives in Casa Grande, AZ and works in nearby Tempe. She is hoping to retire in next 2-3 years & move back to northern CA where her kids and grandkids live.

Note on the passing of Richard Ebisch........ "Richard Ebisch was president of the senior class in 1949. He was vice-president of the junior class in 1948."
Murdoch Matthew

"Many thanks for all the good stuff about LHS and its "Old Grads". Brings back a lot of memories, especially for those of us who live so far away. I live in Newport News, VA, which is in the Virginia Tidewater area along with Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, etc. I retired from civil service and army here."
James Byrn, class '53

NOTE: Jim went on to write several emails back & forth with my Bill who remembers Jim's good pitching arm...hope they won't mind me sharing......
Bill: "Jim: Can you still throw a WILD fast ball? It kept the batters scared to get next to the plate."
Jim: "It is still WILD but it certainly would not scare anyone now! The dirty little secret was that I didn't have any better idea where it was going than they did."
Bill: "If the truth be known, the movie Bull Durum probably should have given credit to you for the idea behind their movie. That young pitcher reminded me of you. Lots of laughs."
Jim: "Unfortunately you are so right."

Good to hear from class '53 Clif Ditmore and wife Charlotte [Mills, '54]. They live in the Scottsdale area. Clif keeps up with several other fellow grads, Glenn Webb, '53, for one and George Kouri, '54. Aren't computers - and Facebook - great!

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy your LHS messages. It is great to keep up with old friends and members of the different classes. I spent 4 years in Lawton before my family moved away at the end of my junior year in1957. Unfortunately my senior year was spent at two different high schools in two different cities. This is why I consider the LHS class of 1958 my class. I went back to the 50th class reunion in 2008 and had a wonderful time. I saw friends I hadn't seen in over 51 years, it was a "ball" and I highly recommend going to a class reunion to everybody.

I reconnected with two old friends who I "ran" with in high school, Duane (Robby) Robison and Tommy Warner. We vowed to meet again within a year. The picture shows me, Robby and Tommy at Tommy's house in Pawley's Island, South Carolina in September 2009. The second picture shows Robby and me with Charlie Jennings (LHS 57), my neighbor, in September 1956 before going to a football game in Ardmore. Robby and I don't look too much different in 53 years. (yea right!!). We are planning a trip to England/ Scotland next year with Dr Mike Keeran (LHS 56). Wolverines in Scotland, it should be fun.
Wish I could be there for the all class LHS reunion as I would really like to see the guys from 56,57,58 and 59 classes who I played baseball and basketball with during my Lawton days. Tell everyone hello for me and if any of them get to the Washington D.C. area please give me a call. I live in Great Falls, VA. "
Jimmy Fox (honorary member class '58).
(picture above is w/Charlie Jennings)

People are excited! A lot of people coming from out of town and out of state for the 2nd annual all class reunion next week-end. Geneva (Harris) McIntosh and Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62, have done a great job in getting this organized and hopefully continuing as an annual event.

After several days of almost 'summer' weather and trees budding, snow is forecast for Oklahoma tonight and Saturday! sigh! Gotta move farther south!

Next week-end however will be a HOT time in the old home town....welcome home grads! Georgia

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