Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Originally sent March 31

'59 classmate Alice (Aurell) Choice emailed that her knee replace went great and she is continuing PT and re-coop! Always good news....those 'bionic' parts are great!!!! She'll be hiking those Rocky Mtns. soon!

Doris (Forgy) Newsom, '62, says her brother Ronald Forgy, is seriously ill & is in Southwestern Hosp., room 120, bed #2. Ron left school after Junior year but would have been class '59. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from any classmates.

I visited with Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, on Tuesday. Dee has started chemo for ovarian cancer, may have surgery when treatments are concluded. She has been on medication previously for cancer of the bladder. She looked good & was in good spirits and said to let all know that she would appreciate your prayers. Dee is at home and hubby Hugh is currently living at the VA Center here in Lawton.

Jim Corrales emailed to tell me that also runs a 'scam' - if you will - similar to, to get people to sign up for their services. careful out there in Cyber-space!!!

I have posted pictures from last Saturdays All Class reunion on the blog. I appreciate classmate Preston McPhail for sending these. First few are at Mikes Sports Grill at the pre-party on Friday night and then Saturday at Medicine Park. I cannot make notes or comments since pictures did not originate with me, so most have no names. know who you are! haha!
If others have photos they would like to share, send them to me & I will add to these. Thanks! Right hand side..."links to pictures..." right on this page!

This note from Preston....."The first photo's were of the Class of '55. [Mikes Sports Grill]. The oldest class represented was the class of 47. Ted Kessner and I got to spend some time together and did a lot of catching up. His father and my father worked together and we were in Scouts together. We were both students of Dick Neptune the first year he taught at LHS. We were both glad that he was able to stop by Mike's on Friday."

Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, '62, the originator of this annual get together, along with Wynnann (Moore) Wright, were very pleased with the turn-out which was around 200. They are already concerned the Music Hall may be too small at some point if participation continues to grow. They could probably also use some help with this event if it continues to grow. No date for next year but hope to revert to first Saturday after Easter which in 2011 would make it April 30.
Will keep all posted as I hear!

The 'mini-reunion' being put together by the class of 1954 is coming up fast - April 22, 23, 24 in San Antonio, TX. This week-end coincides with the annual 'Fiesta' and the group has a lot of activities planned. Need to get signed up asap if you plan to be there. Classmates from other years also welcome.
For additional info contact:
Barbara (Dallon) Rhea - 210-490-2727; cell 210-414-1717; Gynith (Carter) Grayson - 903-566-0042; Shirley (Carmichael) Scott - 843-705-7418;

btw.....several have sent me pictures of various subjects...hope to post them soon!

I wish I could have been at the all class reunion Saturday but my Bill smokes ribs every year for the county GOP - BBQ! This was the 16th Annual. We fed close to 300 Saturday evening! And I helped! Ribs were fantastic!!!!
So, I was up to my LHS pom/poms in 'stuff to do.' Missed seeing classmates.

Regards to all and Happy Easter....may all your eggs be chocolate! Georgia

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