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Originally sent September 2

This is lot of comments and sadly losses....

So very sorry to have to report the passing of our '59 classmate David M. Lucas, 69, of Lawton. David passed August 30 in Farminton, NM. David & wife Ginny have gone to CO in the summer for many years. David had a stroke about a week ago in CO & they transported him out to Farmington. He was in rehab and seemingly on the road to recovery when he suffered a major heart attack. David & I and many others go all the way back to first grade at Washington. So very sorry to lose him.
Services will be 2:00pm, Saturday Sept. 4, First Christian church, burial in Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Clarissa Maria (Wilcox) Tarrant, 64, of Lawton. Clarissa passed on August 31. She is a 1964 grad of LHS. Visitation will be Thursday from 3:00pm - 9:00pm at the Lawton Ritter Gray funeral home.
Graveside services will be 9:00am Friday September 4 at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guestbook at:

And, Elizabeth Virginia (Robinson) Willeford, 55. Elizabeth passed on August 29 in Louisiana. She was an LHS grad.
Graveside services will be 2:00pm on Friday, Sept. 4 at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know our thoughts and prayers are with all these who have lost loved ones.

I visited with Dee (Vanderpool) Glass today. Dee is class '52. She is in good spirits and awaiting date for a cancer related surgery. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

A mixed bag from the eMail bag:

"The info in the August 30 News regarding the death of Ralph Wertz peaked my interest when you included the fact that he had been married to Virginia Zorger. Just last week, for some unknown reason, I was reminiscing about the years (mid-late 1940's) that I took dance lessons at the Virginia School of Dance in Lawton. Would that be the same Virginia Zorger? Three of us danced around the area billed as "The Three Tiny Tappers".
Rosalie (Thomsen) Mitton, '56

Charles Darling, '64, out Pasadena, CA way sent me an email telling me that he had seen ad for "Oklahoma-style barbecue served with love at Bonnie's B Smokin BBQ Heaven."
Charles checked it out...."Two sisters and a brother run this thing....which did evolve from their father's original concept for small barbecue locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. After he died the family moved to San Diego, opened for business and eventually wound up in Pasadena...opening just last December. I found the place filled with old fashioned southern hospitality, slowly smoked entrees with nice flavor, not too spicy, tasty side dishes and some killer cake I did not sample...being a model of restraint and all. A new business opening in this economic downturn is a daunting prospect. I wish this determined family the best of luck."
Charles didn't mention the 'served w/love' part!!!!! ahahahaaaaa.....

"Talking about barbecue sauce, does anyone know who may know the recipes for the barbeque sauces used at Clay's BBQ (was located on south second) and Vera's Drive-In (was on west Lee and later moved to south Sheridan Rd. in the old Mug Drive-In bldg.)? Vera's was operated by Hulen and Vera Tice, if I remember correctly."

"In reading your latest LHS messages, a Ron Hall (class of '55) made reference to two Smith sisters who taught school in the Jr. High. I looked in my LHS album and there were two "Smith" sisters --- Miss Bernice Smith who taught English Literature and American Literature. Also, a Miss Elaine Smith who taught English II and Speech I.
I am almost positive that I remember Bernice Smith dressing in pretty SNUG suits. These messages sure are making me remember a lot about my school days. Thank you!"
Jim Johns, '54

"I have enjoyed reading about the movie theaters in Lawton back in the day, and thought I would add my two cents. I once walked downtown one Saturday afternoon with fifty cents in my pocket.
I went to a double feature western at the Ritz. The admission charge was ten cents if you were under 12. After the movie, I stopped at Kresses and bought a comic book for ten cents. I then walked up to the Dairy Queen at 11th and B and got a foot-long hot dog for twenty-five cents and spent my last nickel on a root beer! Those were the good old days.
I remember the Vaska. They had bingo every Friday night after the movie. My granddad, Newt Pettijohn, hit the jackpot one night and won 500 silver dollars! I think the movie theaters in downtown Lawton back then were the Lawton, the Dome, the Palace, the Murray, and the Ritz. The three drive-in movies were the Austin, Mount Scott, and Hankins."
Duane Robison

"I remember the first 3D movie I saw in Lawton was at the Vaska, must have been around 54-55. I think it was an alien movie. Also, I worked at Austin Drive inn, selling tickets. I worked with Ronnie Poole. . I saw the note from Pee-wee Williams. Was that the basketball coach? Speaking of Drive Inn’s, Charlotte MaGill ( my steady in my Junior/Senior year) and I used to sneak in the Mt. Scott Drive Inn by backing in the exit !! We never got caught. Charlotte and I used to take our school lunch break and drive down on 2nd street to some hamburger place and we both had hamburgers, fries and a coke for a $1 total."
Reese Russell, '56 me some peanuts and crack-jacks....

...."thanks again for the many editions of LHS News. I remember very well the Lawton Giants baseball team. My grandfather, Earle Thompson, and I attended many of the games. One in particular stands out........the Giants ran out of pitchers.....a most unusual situation..... and the third baseman, hard throwing, Teddy Dracos (Drakos) was called upon to finish the game. I believe we lost in spite of Teddys effort."
Ed Hessler

"About the old professional baseball team in Lawton: They were later called the "Lawton Indians" and finally the "Lawton Braves". I think they lasted until about 1955. I also worked there selling soft drinks, hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, and of course cracker-jacks. Grover White and Jim Adams operated the concessions and I worked inside for them. I also chased foul balls that were hit outside the park. A policeman would give you a dime for each ball returned to him. That became very dangerous after a while. The bigger guys would chase you down and take the ball if you couldn't out run them back to the policeman."
Jerry Boucher, '59

"One of my earliest memories in Lawton was going to see the Lawton Giants play. My uncle, "Gus" Allen owned the Home Lumber Company south of downtown. He was part owner in the Giants and had
box seats at the ballpark. This was a real treat to a grade schooler! Of course I had no real concept of what it all meant".
Wanda Sunderland Smith, '55

"The Class D Lawton baseball team, the Giants, later became the Lawton Braves followed by the Lawton Reds. I believe that was the order. They played at Memorial Park. That is where LHS also played their home games until the new ball field was built on the grounds of the new high school sometime after I graduated in 1956. My buddies and I hung out at the ball park almost every night the team was in town eating snow cones and drinking pop. Some nights we went to Mattie-Beal (? sp) softball park on Ft. Sill Blvd instead. There was a Putt-Putt across the street.
Mike Keeran, '56

..."trying to remember who ran the scoreboard at the baseball park. my three favorite players were; gary anderson, third base, taught at central junior hugh; dan stanyck, center field; and lee freeman, catcher. tommy bennett, stu tonemah, larry thompson, james kerr and me along with several others used to shag foul balls for dime. I seem to remember the lawton reds and braves as well as the giants. Still remember the Mantle twins playing there with a visiting team."
Ed Adams, '59

"My dad took me to a minor league baseball game in Lawton -- very nice outing. I went to a few minor league games in Wichita, Kansas, too -- seats on the first base line. Nothing like major league -- when we went to a Cincinnati Reds game, we sat high in the stadium, far from the action. Different experience altogether.
I lasted about a week in Doe Doe Park's kitchen, making fish fingers. Went to a drier job at a Ft. Sill PX, working a cash register and building displays. I can still count change.
I remember the first McDonald hamburgers at 11th and Lee being 14 cents."
Murdoch Matthew

And, on the subject of America's favorite sport, above is picture of LHS grad Larry Massad, suited up for Cameron in 1964 after the baseball program was started up again.

"I used to live in downtown Lawton, in a apartment over Jabour’s, between Ben Stein’s and Hamra’s on D Ave. My senior year we moved on Ferris, out the South door on LHS. The city hall now was my old grade school, [Emerson] so many memories….My son works as a reporter for the Lawton Constitution, so proud." Sandy (Elliott) Rains, '63

Just Bill and fishing buddy, Kenneth Gunkel, have caught over 100 catfish this past month/5 weeks. Already fried a bunch of them. Yummy! Mitch Braley is hoping to come up and go with Bill....soon!

Great memories. I will be laboring this week-end.....regards to all...Georgia

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