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Originally sent September 14

Last week my computer was on the fritz, now seems my brain was on the fritz!
It is Luther & Barbara Greens grand-son who received the Marine Medal & Commendation.
Also, I apologize for spelling Ellen Ewings last name wrong...it's Jahnke in case any try to find her.
And, Ron Sheffield is class '58, not '57!
I am a baaaad girl! Will try to do better!!!

This next week-end....is classes '49- '52 Annual Reunion Get Together. Deadline has passed so if you have not responded, do it NOW. Jo at jolinriley.lovemuch@yahoo.com, (580)574-8150 or Tommye at tomehobs@gmail.com, (559)718-6735.

NOTICE: Just received: Nino Martinez has offered to make prints of any photos of classmates that will NOT be able to attend the class 1955 reunion coming up Oct. 8-9. These photos would be on display at the reunion. Deadline is September 25 for those wishing to participate, send photos to Nino at: Hope I read Glenda's writing correctly!!
Also, for those who are attending, need to forward your check NOW! $25 for Saturday lunch at Medicine Park or $30 for dinner Saturday evening at The Fairfield Inn. Or can do both for $55. Call Barbara Richards at 972-294-2352 for or email:
Other information about the reunion is posted on the WolverNet blog:

Class 1970 held a joint 40 year reunion with EHS last week-end. My brother Tim Gill - LHS of course - attended and said it was a really good turn-out and fun event. That's all I got from him!!!!

At the Ike-MacArthur football game this past week-end, both sides of the stadium were filled with pink for cancer awareness and donations were being collected to give for cancer research.
Also, during the half-time show, the MacArthur band, under the direction of Larry Hatch, played the Eisenhower fight song to honor the memory of our '59 classmate David Lucas who passed August 30. David directed the EHS for many years. What a great tribute!

From the eMail bag:

"The last weekend of July [2010], there was a reunion of a group of girls (class '57), that ran around together in '56 and '57. A couple of them hadn't seen the other girls in 53 years. Attending were Deanna (Paramore) Manning, California; Ann (Preisch) Fatum, Lawton; Sherry (Harper) Taylor, Norman; Linda (Cooter) Allred, Irving TX; Carolyn (King) Jacobsen, Plano TX; and Eu(genia) (Matthews) McClellan, Plano TX.
Glennelle (Stinson) Dixon, Arlington, TX was ill and couldn't attend as well as Paula (West) Brenneman, Maryland, whose husband was ill.
We met at the Hawthorne Extended Stay Suites in Dallas on Friday afternoon and departed on Sunday before noon. We had a great time, played cards, looked at old pictures, talked about old times and boys, ate, had an old jewelry swap (each brought old jewelry, laid it out on a table and everyone just took what they wanted.) Linda took all the jewelry left over and gave it to her neighbor who goes to Africa once a year on missionary work. The African women love to get jewelry. On Saturday, we went shopping at Sam Moon's and then to a fine Mexican restaurant in Irving for supper.
It was so great to get together that Sherry has volunteered her home for us to get together again next summer."
Genia McClellan, '57
Photo above - l-r: Linda, Deanna, Genia, Carolyn, Ann, Sherry.

I (heart) the idea about the jewelry swap. Gotta try that girls!

"Well, here we are in Kiev. Flew here from Minsk in an old Soviet Tupalov wide-body (4 seats on one side, 3 on the other). The only saving grace, the Minsk soccer team sat in front of me! Will take city tour in private car tomorrow and a river cruise Friday. Kiev is a bustling city of 3m. Traffic is awful! When I got over the civil idiots and the visa fee (420.00) I really enjoyed the city. Saw no graffiti. Gorgeous mink hats and cheaper than Minsk." Dan [Glascock, '59]

Marilyn (Lewis) Smith has just returned from NYC where she attended - and spoke - at a Memorial Service for our '59 classmate Stephanie (Lester) Beatty who passed last May 30. Marilyn said it was a lovely service and good to see Stephanies husband Ed and Stephanies children and grandchildren.

"I almost chimed in with everyone who wrote about memories of bingo at the Vaska, Ginger Prince and the "Lawton Story", Sally Rand, and 4th of July fireworks at the Drive Ins. For many years my dad set off fireworks on the 4th for his friend Mr. Hankins who owned Hankins Drive In on the south side of Lawton. All this nostalgia has set off lots of reminiscing. Thanks for sharing. "
Claudia [Looney, '59] Davis

"Tommy Stapleton along with Dick VonderHar coached out 1955 American Legion baseball team, The Lawton Colonels. In the picture of the Lawton Braves, I think Dick is the one on the left of the top row. I don't recognize Tommy in either picture.
Marvin Blaylock, who played first base for one of the Lawton teams, I think the Giants, was the organist at the ballpark in Little Rock where the Arkansas Travelers played. The Travs were the Class AA farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals back then (1970). He did that for years but I believe he died sometime in the 90s. His cousin worked for us in our office."
Mike Keeran '56

Don't think Peggy (Elledge) Long will mind if I share her memories.....
..."my heart fluttered when I saw the pic of the Lawton Class AA team...my friend Kay King and I went to those games for several summers with her folks who even took us to out of town games. We had such fun..not sure which years they were...but the catcher, Bob Dudley, and I had many dates..and he came to my folks' home for dinner when he was available. He is the handsome dark haired young man on the right in the first row of the first pix. His dad was a Film Editor with big-time credits in Hollywood. Think he went to Hollywood High or Beverly Hills High and was still in college (?) when he played here. We corresponded a lot after he left...then as things go, lost touch. Never could resist those baseball players, you know!!! Baseball is still one of the great loves in my life."

btw....Peggy is still very busy recording 'oral historys' of LHS past grads for the archives at the Memory Room/Museum in restored Central/LHS building. Will be a great part of LHS history for generations to come.

Our LHS remains 'Home of CHAMPIONS' as the Wolverines are City Champs (football). Means they beat Eisenhower and MacArthur. Think the Wolverines are unbeaten but it's early in the season, now they hit the road. One chorus of "we're loyal to you Lawton High"......please!

And how 'bout them SOONERS! BOO----MER!

Regards to all.....Georgia

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