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Originally sent September 14

Guys, my computer has been on the fritz so finally back up with everything (I think) working again! Will be getting lot of comments and news out....

Very sorry to report the passing of Sharon B. (Countryman) Foster, 67, of Lawton. Sharon passed on Sept. 5. Sharon attended Whittier grade school and graduated LHS in 1961 (I think). She is survived by husband Ernest; several children and numerous siblings.
Services were Friday Sept. 9 with burial following at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, James Wilson Pair, 68, of Lawton. James passed on Sept. 6 and services were in Lawton on Sept. 10. He was LHS 1960 - or would have? May have dropped out as he married and joined the Navy. I know he was friends with some of class '59.
Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Faye Carnahan, 89, of Lawton. Faye passed on Sept. 10 and services were Sept. 13. She is mom of LHS classmates, Wayne and Lou. She worked for LPS at Eisenhower Jr. High.
Extended obit an guest book at:

From the eMail bag:

Just received word that Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52, had quadruple heart bypass on August 26. She is at home and recuperating well. If you would like to send a card: 11700 N. Bryant, OKC 73131.

Also, Sara (Merritt) Coughlin, '50, was diagnosed with lung cancer last April. She has undergone treatment & will be having scans to determine her 'status' in October. She also wrote to praise the newest Proton Beam Radiation System that was used with her in Florida. She pointed out how wonderful it was and how fortunate we are to have one here in Oklahoma. Only 7 across the Nation. So happy to hear it is working well for Sara and we hope for her continued improvement.

Sue (Chalk) Briggs, '64, will begin chemo treatment this week as a prelude to a probable surgery in 3-4 months. She asked all to keep her in their prayers and I know others who are fighting illness would also appreciate it.

The class of 1960 has made a change in their contact, if you need info please contact Preston Holsinger at: (580) 483-5297;
Their 50 Year Reunion is set for
October 8-9.

"I've really enjoyed the stories about Lawton's professional baseball team. A very good book by Peter Pierce came out last year, "Baseball in the Cross Plains: The Story of the Sooner State League." They were the Lawton Giants from 47-51, Reds 1952-53, and Braves 54-57. Lawton was the only city to have the same franchise for all eleven seasons. Here's a photo of the 55 team that was given to me by Lucille Bohl. As most of you know, she and her husband Mundy were big baseball fans and the parents of Jim and Mickey. I'll send you another photo of the team when they were the Giants. The book is first class and cost $37.83, it's coffee table size, and can be purchased at:
Gayle McCray

Names are on back of photos but no order and can't tell who is who as I don't know them. Interesting, one photo taken by Hankins Studio and one by Brammers.

"I used to go to quite a few of the Lawton Giant baseball games too. I also remember being there one night when Mickey Mantle was there. Hard to believe he came to Lawton but it was one of their farm teams."
Virginia (Johnson) Shaw, ' 54

" -- I am so grateful to whoever submitted the photo of the Whittier Cardinals of 1948. A copy of it now hangs on my den wall. That's me on the top row, with the big ears, between Curtis Redecker and Bill Stratton. We were the City Champions in 1948, with the playoffs held at Mattie Beall Stadium (a regulation softball field with outfield fences).
I will never forget hitting a home run over the fence in the playoffs - the thrill of a lifetime which every youngster should experience. I did not play Junior High or High School baseball, as did several other of my Whittier teammates, because I took up tennis, as many will remember. I won the Boomer Conference Singles Championship in 1953, and won the doubles with Ron Ramming, Class of '54. I went on to play college tennis at West Point, and Ron went to Oklahoma A & M. We were reunited at the tri-class reunion two years ago, and had a nice long talk about the Boys'
Tennis Team getting to travel with the Girls' Tennis Team (a privilege which other boys' teams didn't enjoy).

-- Now a trivia memory about the Lawton Giants. There were two great young players on that team - Marvin Blaylock, 1st Baseman, a terrific batter who went, I believe, as high as AA in the pros, and Tom Stapleton, a utility player with blinding speed as a base runner. Tom worked at a men's clothing store (don't remember which one) and married a LHS grad (don't remember her name or which class). Maybe someone else remembers."
Donald R. Williams, Class of '53

Note: don't know where Stapleton worked but he married Beverly (Saffa) who's family owned Lucille's ladies store.

"Happy birthday to all of the grads of '64. This is the year we all get the same birthday present........a Medicare Card!"
Paul Porter, Atascadero, CA
btw...Paul is brother of Deanna (Porter) Redman, '56, who sadly is deceased.

And a Happy Birthday to Gordon Griswold, '58, who had this to say in email to a friend...."Happy birthday to me! I made 70 today. Can't believe it!"
I think on 9/11/10. Gordon lives in Delta, CO. Must be that pure mountain air!!

Luther Green and wife Barbara are rightfully most proud as their grand-son Dan has just received his Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Dan has been out about a year now and back in Texas!

I had a most fun and enjoyable 'reunion' couple weeks ago......I journeyed to Wichita Falls to visit with Ellen (Ewing) Jahnke, '58, whom I had not seen in many, many, many years! Ellen & I go way back to Opal Ford's speech class and the noon announcements we used to broadcast along with Dan Glascock and others! It was a fun time then and more fun now as we reminisced and shared memories. Ellen was doing great and still has her wonderful sense of humor. Time did fly! We plan to do it again soon and expand the party! btw...Ellen is sister to classmates Linda, '62, and Leigh, '56.

Sunday Constitution, Sept. 12 pg. 3-C, Herb Jacobs column is a good read about Benny Wiggins. He attended Swinney grade school and is LHS class 1965. He was in Lawton last week-end for a reunion. Benny is semi-retired and with wife Susan, living in San Diego.

Ron Sheffield, '58, (who engineered the Hubble Telescope at NASA) sent links to some beautiful posters that are tributes to the shuttles. Take a look:

Regards to all..........Georgia

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