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Originally sent October 2

Last few weeks, have added a dozen+ new names to receive LHS News. Welcome! And fyi....previously sent news, pictures, reunion schedules, other, archived at the WolverNet blog (right here)! Enjoy!

Sorry to report the passing of Tommie J. Gunn, 84, of Lawton. Mr. Gunn passed on Sept. 28 in a mowing accident (mower flipped over on him). He is survived by wife Betty and is the father of Sandra (Gunn) Gall, '64; also, son Tommy Lee Gunn. Services were Friday Oct. 1, burial with full military honors at Ft. Sill National Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I appreciate Sharon (Godfrey) McLawhorn, '64, for calling my attention to this as I do not know the Gunns and did not make connection. Sharon also sent this note:
"I graduated with the LHS Class of '64 and I was fortunate to work with Sandra's mother, Betty Gunn for many years (16) at Fort Sill. I continue to be so saddened by the loss of so many people that we all know or know of their families."

Also passing, Debra Kay (Williams) Griggs, 49, of Lawton. Debra passed on Sept. 26. She was LHS class '79 and niece of our '59 classmate Bryan Nunn. Services were Sept. 30 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.

From the eMail bag:

"My sister, Karen (Kimball) Hutton, '60, and I (Barbara Kimball Grundman, '54) were dining at the Hilton Hotel at Heathrow Airport in London. We were returning to the States the next day after a European cruise. Karen was wearing her red jacket with "OU" on the pocket. This attractive lady came up to our table, said, "Excuse me, but I just have to ask, are you from Oklahoma?" We said we were and she said, "I'm from Lawton." We simultaneously replied, "We grew up in Lawton." She told us her name was Leslie Williams, that she and her husband were going to Barcelona the next day, and we talked about my classmates, Bill and Lugene Williams, and about Earl Drug. What a pleasant encounter in a foreign country. You just never know.
Enjoy your LHS news so much. Keep up the good work. You and Ed Harp keep me up to date on the latest happenings."
Barbara Grundman

NOTE: Leslie is my Bills daughter and Lugene, '54, is Bills sister and Leslies aunt. Leslie had emailed us of the surprise encounter this past Sunday night, Sept. 26, but I wasn't sure who is glad Barbara emailed. Small world department for sure!

Bert Click, '49, is a busy guy. He sent this message...."I'm heading to San Francisco next week to meet with Peggy (Loud) Forster and Rex Woods, all of us from class of '49. Peggy is in assisted living there and doing well. Bert"

And from Ron Sheffield, '58, (he was engineer on the Hubble)...
"This just came in over the weekend. Another reason to go see the movie.
It is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that the Imax film "Hubble 3D" won three awards at this year's Giant Screen Cinema Association (somewhat like Academy awards
for Imax-scale films):
-- Best Picture
-- Best Cinematography
-- Best Life-Long Learning Film
Congratulations go to all who have worked on Hubble over the years. The popularity and success of this film is yet another testament to how much the public embraces the amazing results of the decades of excellent work done
here at STScI, at GSFC, and throughout NASA."

"The LHS Historical Committee are missing several yearbooks that I have listed below. 1906 thru 1911, 1913, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1945, and 1947. I realize these years are really early years, but I wondered if there might be anyone
who has their parent's or older relatives yearbooks. We are wondering if some listed for the "depression years" might not have been published.
If you could please mention this in your wonderful website, it would really be appreciated. Thanks!"
Janet (Burt) Terry '63

Preston Holsinger, '60, emailed to say "thank you" to all who took time to vote for Lawton in the recent Pepsi Challenge. Lawton WON their grant and already at work making improvements to the Miracle Field!

**Sometimes get quite a lot of comments at same time so I file them for 'future news' are some on a variety of subjects we have 'remembered'....**

Ron Hagler, '57, is really good with a camera! The great picture (below) of his much loved dog, Sugar, was in his local Dallas.Ft. Worth area paper first part of September.

"So sorry to hear of the passing of David Lucas. He was a talented and good guy.
My old boss, PC 'Pete' Monroe, owner of Ritter Funeral Home, almost never missed a game of the Lawton Giants, etc. He would sit in the stands and shout "hit 'em where they ain't". Good old memories."
Dan Glascock, '59

I am so sad to hear of David Lucas passing. I well remember David and Frank sitting on their little pillows with their grandparents during church (First Christian) while their parents sang in the choir. My mom (Aunt Grace Monroe) frequently questioned why I couldn't sit still and be quiet like those nice little Lucas boys.
Janet (Tague) Copeland, '53

David, class '59, passed on August 30.

"I remember the 'fish & chips" from Doe Doe Park. They were the greatest and especially so because we did not get them very often. That was when eating out was a treat, not the standard. Haven't been back to Lawton in years. Wonder when the class of '65 will have a reunion??"
Sandy (Childs) Mead

"The discussion about the Vaska Theater brought back a memory for me.(I hope it's a memory and not a dream). As I recall, near where the Vaska was built, perhaps a little south of there was a gentleman who had a corral and horses to ride by the hour. I lived in the 1900 block of Arlington and would ride my bike to his place and rent one with the money I earned mowing lawns. Also, does anyone remember going to a watermelon stand that was just South of the "Flying Horse Filling Station" at 11th. and Cache Road? As I recall, they used a couple of stock tanks filled with ice water to cool the melons and you could buy it by the slice. Then, you could go and sit at one of the tables to eat it. It certainly made for a good family outing."
Bob Wallis, '56

"I was amazed at the response to my ''How about the Vaska?'' after reading comments on the downtown movie theaters a while back. I made that comment because I lived close to the Vaska in the 50's. Now I see Nikki's comment re: Fairmont. My father, LeeRoy Lewis, was the retail sales manager for Fairmont at that time and I remember many early morning deliveries to homes where we actually would put the milk, and other dairy products, into the refrigerators in the customers home or just leave it on the porch. Those were times when you could trust people and not have to lock your house. Times have changed!"
Michael Lewis, '57

"As far as memories of Lawton, does anyone remember La Sill Dairy or Dutcher's Shoe Store? La Sill Dairy had the best ice cream. I worked at Dutcher's Shoe Store for a year. Roma Wyant, Roger Wyant's mother got me the job! Roma was a jewel!"
Ann (Sherratt) Theobald, '59

"How many of you can remember Wayne's first hamburger place on 2nd street just north of Gore and before Lasills. Mom and dad use to take us there. That is the first place I ever had a sissy burger."
Bruce Knowles, class of 62

"I had both Bernice and Elaine Smith as English teachers in high school. They moved to Eisenhower High School when the new school was built. I taught at Eisenhower during the early 70's and had a classroom in- between them. The three of us did hall duty together on the second floor.

They had a great sense of humor and I loved both of them as teachers and as my colleague. Elaine was the smallest of the two and had lighter hair. Bernice was more stout. (not fat.)

They both had lovely clothes and took great pride in their appearance. Their hair was always perfect and their earrings and purses always matched their shoes. They were friends with my Mother-in -law, Norma Baker, that also taught in the English department at LHS. When McArthur High School was built, Norma moved there to be the librarian.
p.s. They were outstanding teachers and well respected by everyone."
Nikki Bentley Baker

LAST REMINDER: IF you have not sent your reservations for class 1955 or class 1960 reunion - two separate events, same week-end - October it NOW! DUE NOW! Details at right.

I think it's just wonderful that so many have such great memories of Lawton and our school years! It's a beautiful autumn day in Lawton, America and getting ready to watch OU tromp Texas, sitting in special reserved seats on the 50 yard line of our couch! Regards to all.....Georgia

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