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Thought I was in CA.....Yours truly was up early Wednesday but flopped down on the bed again (watching them rescue the miners) just in time to feel some 'slight shaking'.....I knew - or was suspicious - as had happened before! Earthquake! centered 6-8 miles east of Norman - 4.5 - 5.1...? We don't get a lot of excitement (haha), so quite the news story around here and made FOX news. Happening more frequently in Oklahoma or maybe better reporting! Hope we don't 'shake' off into to the Red River!!

So very sorry to pass along information that Sara Elizabeth (Merritt) Coughlin, 78, Charlotte, NC passed on October 10 in S. Carolina. Sara had been battling lung cancer for some time. She was LHS class 1950.
She is survived by husband of 58 years, Paul; three children, nine grandchildren; cousin, Dr. Jim Hill, '52.
A memorial service will be held 2:00pm, Saturday October 16, Harry and Bryant Chapel in Charlotte.

And we have lost two more of our 'Golden Wolverines'.....Rosemary (Rayl) Parmenter, 93, of Lawton who passed September 29. Graveside service was held on October 12 at Highland Cemetery. Rosemary was LHS class 1934 and was the first Miss Lawton that same year. She is survived by son Brent, '57; daughter Lynne Vernon, '60, both LHS classmates. She was preceded in death by husband Arch Parmenter in 1975 and a brother Jack Rayl.
I knew Rosemary over the years, she was a lot of fun and a colorful character!
Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Donnie R. Russell, 78, of Lawton. Donnie passed October 7 and services were October 9. He attended Emerson School and graduated LHS in 1951. He married and is survived by Reta Rose (Smith); 3 sons; a daughter; numerous grandchildren.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Always sorrowful to lose our friends and classmates. Our sympathies are with their families.

From the eMail bag:

"I remember the night of the "premiere" downtown, at the Dome or maybe the Lawton theater. There were giant spot lights to the skies that we had only seen in the "20th Century Fox" intros to movies. I was there with my parents, and it was our Lawton Hollywood night. I think Millard Coody was working at the Security bank, or maybe the City National bank. I was there also at the Easter pageant the night some of it was filmed. Only problem was finding our car since parking was hardly organized. Everyone tied a handkerchief to the radio antennae to find their car. Everyone took blankets and food to sit on the side of the mountain. Staying up so late then was an unusual experience. We did it yearly. Great memories."
Sam Hamra, '55

"Another story to add: Bruce West and his sisters, Dee and Connie were in the pageant also when we were in grade school. One night the wind was so strong that as the angels ascended the stairs we each had to hold the wings of the person in front of us so we would not blow off. I remember my mother telling Bruce "don't you let your sister blow off those steps". He was 'not an angel' so not much he could do but watch from the bottom in case he could catch me if need be. Sure was cold in those tents behind the scenes and like others, staying up all night was awesome part of it. Lots of hot chocolate. Thanks for sharing and reviving old special memories."
Connie (West) Biles

Bruce was in my class , '59, and I can tell you too....NO angel. hahahahhahah. Love ya Bruce!

"Reading all the memories of the Easter Pageant brought to mind the summer program The Easter Pageant. I was in it one summer and it wasn't cold like the Easter was. It was the story of Easter. Does anyone remember this one? We didn't have near as many people attend. But it was fun to do."
Carrol (Anderson) McDivett, '59

"Can't let this go....Sweet Mr. Bish and Mr. Hancock gave all of us a pass if we were going to the Easter Pageant to be in the film, "Prince of Peace." Chesley Montague and I went once..having told Mr. Hancock we were to be in the film that day. WRONG! My dad, Louis Vanderpool, was the guard...big chested with all the armor (of his own making) and he gave me a good talking to. Daddy said if Chesley and I wanted to go anytime again HE would call Mr. Hancock. BOO! If I can find it....I have a picture of Chesley sitting on a rock and me still up on a building being an the daytime yet. Was he taking a smoke? Of course, for most of us LHSer's (there were people from as far away as Ok City for the picture "Prince of Peace") loved to go to the hill and freeze...ending up on the top of audience hill where there were eats and drinks.
Personally, the Wichita Mountains hold many, many Bill Williams going down Mount Scott with NO brakes. I still thank the Lord for our safe was night time in those days, with the " powers that be" locking the gate at the bottom at sundown in later.years. Does anyone remember the days when several carloads of us would go up on top of Mount Scott and turn our radios on the same station and the volume on high and Do we have memories or WHAT!!!"

"I have been blessed again with another 'adventure' with some of my 1956 LHS classmates. This time, we spent days in Washington, D.C. seeing all the new - and some of the old - Memorials and Museums. #1Picture: Kay (Kimball) Scott, Connie (Lasseter) Johnson, Myrna Kay (Langley) Daley and Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs. We were hosted, feted and guided by former (and soon to be returning) Lawtonians, Bill and Cleta (Booker) Malone. Our trip coincided with the celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Beverly (Kimball) Hunsaker, 1953, and her husband, Bob, picture #2, at their home in Northern Virginia. Lots of good friends and family. A joyful time was had by all.........."
Kay (Kimball) Scott
Pix above

Had opportunity for short visit with '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens. She came up with hubby Dee for his '55 reunion. She was doing great, headed to Myrtle Beach with about 10 lady friends from her Holly Lake, TX community to relax and play some golf!!!!

Belated birthday wishes to dear friends and '59 classmates.......Marilyn (Lewis) Smith and Suzanne (Jones) Crawford. Bdays last week! Many happy returns girls!

A lot of classmates returned to Lawton over the past few week-ends for various reunions. I will have some 'news' from my vantage point soon. If any have pictures they would like to share, please send in JPEG format & I will post to the blog.

Regards to all........Georgia

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bjandrlw said...

Georgia. I cannot believe I found this website. I was in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades with you and the others in the class of 1959. I moved away in 1955. I loved seeing the pictures of ones I remembered. I have remained close to my high school friends from Pecos, Texas, but have felt sorry many times that I have not kept in touch with any of you in Lawton. In 6th grade I lived next door to Nancy Joyner. Babs & Marilyn across the street, you across the alley. I don't know if you will get this comment. It is the only way I could find out to maybe contact you. Belva Hollingshead Williams