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Originally sent October 7

Welcome Home! LHS grads coming to Lawton this week-end for reunions, this may be of interest.... it's week-end for the annual flute playing and show casing of local artists work at Medicine Park. If you have not been to Medicine Park in years, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the changes. If you have opportunity, make a visit out that way. Festival 5:00-10:00pm on Friday; 11:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday; and part of Sunday. And, weather beautiful! Low to mid-80's.

Sorry to report the loss of Renee (Lobodinski) Specht, of Edmond. Renee passed on October 1 after 5 year bout with ovarian cancer. Renee is 1975 grad of LHS. A memorial service will be held 10:30am, Saturday October 9, New Covenant United Methodist church in Edmond.
Extended obit and information at:

Also passing, Rosemary Parmenter, 93, of Lawton. Rosemary passed September 29. She is mother of LHS classmates Brent Parmenter, '57 and Lynne Parmenter, '60.
Services are pending with Becker Funeral Home.

From the eMail bag:

Charles are you? Someone asked!

"I remember Dutcher's Shoe Store very well. I have a difficult foot to fit and it was the only place I could buy shoes unless my Mom ordered them from Browns in OKC. Still have the same foot and same problem!!"
Barbara Odom Smith '56

I glad Barbara has SAME foot(s)...!!! I remember shopping at Browns in OKC...great Anna Maude cafeteria in basement! Also shopped Kerrs....down the street from Browns. Rothchilds, Streets. In Lawton, Scotts, Parisian, Dixie, Vogue. Good 'ol days when had to have even small sizes 'taken up'.....NOT 'let-out! hahahhaha!
Dutchers was great shoe store! Where my mom bought those hideous (had to wear) saddle-oxfords. Was so glad when I got to Jr. High & got rid of those things...replaced with 'flats', penny loafers, and Capezio's with as much shoe *bling* as we could get in those days! gjw

"I remember Dutcher's Shoe Store very well. They had the very best in shoes and I felt very fortunate if I was ever able to afford to get shoes there. I liked going in and trying on shoes, it somehow made me feel special, being able to get shoes from "Dutchers" If my memory serves me correct, that is where you could purchase "White Bucks", very popular at the time.
Also about LaSills ice cream; since we didn't have a car, my aunt and uncle the Amburgeys would take us there for ice cream. That was a BIG DEAL! They had so-----o many flavors to choose from. I had one of the Smith sisters for English at Central Jr. High in the 8th grade."
Sharon (Weaver) Burgamy, '59

btw....Sharon celebrated a bday on 6th!

"Well Boys and Girls it has finally come. I turned the big 70 today. Where did all those years go. Every time I get a wonderful letter from Georgia I am drawn back to what seems like only yesterday. Here is to all of us turned 70 and those who soon will be."
Carrol (Anderson) McDevitt, Class of 59

Put me in the 'never gonna be THAT old' catagory! ahhahahaaaa

"I have wondered about Janet Tague as I used to live across the street from the Monroe's on "C" in the forties. Janet had a great personality and hope she remembers me. I lived directly across from the Eastons. Also, I seem to remember going to LaSills for a grape sherbet ice cream cone."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman

[LaSills]....."I loved their strawberry, lime sherbet, etc., because they tasted like frozen soda pop.
I was always in school and church with Joe Blake Dutcher, class '50. Bought all my shoes at Dutcher's Shoe Store. They had a fluorescent machine in which you could see the bones in your toes. (Not a good idea, as we later learned.)
I mentioned in an earlier message that I worked for about a week at Doe Doe Park's food stand, making fish fingers -- cutting fillets into bar shapes and putting them out to be fried. I wasn't very good at it -- couldn't shape the fish properly. I wonder if those were what Sandy (Childs) Mead remembers.
New York City has had three days of rain, some of it heavy (naturally, we headed out for a meeting in a downpour). Temps down to 59 last night. We may have an autumn yet. Glad Lawton weather is good at the moment."
Cheers, Murdoch Matthew, '49

"I remember LaSill's Dairy and Dutcher Shoe Store well. On Sunday evenings after church, my dad and mom (Harvey - graduate of LHS in the 30's and Edna House) would take us to LaSill's for ice cream and they would buy 12 quarts of milk and get a 13th one free. That was one of our treats for the week. Mother always took us to Dutcher's Shoe Store to buy our shoes for the start of school. I remember Mr Mackey waiting on us a lot. Thanks for the memories."
Judy (House) Hargrove '59

"Yes, I agree La Sill Dairy had the best Ice Cream."
Larry Muncy, '62

Allen 'Coon-dog' Dayton, who was back in BIG-L for the '49-'52 reunion on Sept. 25, sent some pictures after he returned home. Will be showcasing them all but below is great picture of a party (note Halloween decor) taken at Robert Forbess' house. Don't know year. Think I got names correct....from l-r: Bob Hendrick; Bob Drewry; Wayne Kniffin (can't see who is behind Wayne); Don Sherry; Sam Hamra (to the back); Bill Stratton; Sidney Milum. What a group!
Dayton, Drewry, Kniffin, Sherry, Hendrick, Milum, all '52 grads; Hamra, '55; think Bill Stratton may be '53?

FYI: I bought my Bill a copy of the 'Baseball in the Cross Timbers: The Story of the Sooner State League'. Bills' dad is mentioned (owner) along with Ted Warkentin and others of Lawton. I'm not much on baseball but book is well done, great photos, some familiar names. One mentioned that I did come to know personally, Paul Dean, Jr. Paul was son of 'Daffy' Paul Dean and nephew of 'Diz'. According to the book, Paul left SMU to pursue baseball career.
He came to Lawton in '56, maybe '57, and married our classmate Pat Burris, '56. They had not been married long & rented an apartment from my dad. We became good friends and still stay in touch! Paul played for the Lawton Braves in '57.
In emails with the author, Peter G. Pierce, I learned he will be doing another book which will feature more on Lawton, Duncan, and Chickasha. If you have interest, check it out at:

Regards to all.........Georgia

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