Wednesday, March 31, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 31

'59 classmate Alice (Aurell) Choice emailed that her knee replace went great and she is continuing PT and re-coop! Always good news....those 'bionic' parts are great!!!! She'll be hiking those Rocky Mtns. soon!

Doris (Forgy) Newsom, '62, says her brother Ronald Forgy, is seriously ill & is in Southwestern Hosp., room 120, bed #2. Ron left school after Junior year but would have been class '59. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from any classmates.

I visited with Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, on Tuesday. Dee has started chemo for ovarian cancer, may have surgery when treatments are concluded. She has been on medication previously for cancer of the bladder. She looked good & was in good spirits and said to let all know that she would appreciate your prayers. Dee is at home and hubby Hugh is currently living at the VA Center here in Lawton.

Jim Corrales emailed to tell me that also runs a 'scam' - if you will - similar to, to get people to sign up for their services. careful out there in Cyber-space!!!

I have posted pictures from last Saturdays All Class reunion on the blog. I appreciate classmate Preston McPhail for sending these. First few are at Mikes Sports Grill at the pre-party on Friday night and then Saturday at Medicine Park. I cannot make notes or comments since pictures did not originate with me, so most have no names. know who you are! haha!
If others have photos they would like to share, send them to me & I will add to these. Thanks! Right hand side..."links to pictures..." right on this page!

This note from Preston....."The first photo's were of the Class of '55. [Mikes Sports Grill]. The oldest class represented was the class of 47. Ted Kessner and I got to spend some time together and did a lot of catching up. His father and my father worked together and we were in Scouts together. We were both students of Dick Neptune the first year he taught at LHS. We were both glad that he was able to stop by Mike's on Friday."

Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, '62, the originator of this annual get together, along with Wynnann (Moore) Wright, were very pleased with the turn-out which was around 200. They are already concerned the Music Hall may be too small at some point if participation continues to grow. They could probably also use some help with this event if it continues to grow. No date for next year but hope to revert to first Saturday after Easter which in 2011 would make it April 30.
Will keep all posted as I hear!

The 'mini-reunion' being put together by the class of 1954 is coming up fast - April 22, 23, 24 in San Antonio, TX. This week-end coincides with the annual 'Fiesta' and the group has a lot of activities planned. Need to get signed up asap if you plan to be there. Classmates from other years also welcome.
For additional info contact:
Barbara (Dallon) Rhea - 210-490-2727; cell 210-414-1717; Gynith (Carter) Grayson - 903-566-0042; Shirley (Carmichael) Scott - 843-705-7418;

btw.....several have sent me pictures of various subjects...hope to post them soon!

I wish I could have been at the all class reunion Saturday but my Bill smokes ribs every year for the county GOP - BBQ! This was the 16th Annual. We fed close to 300 Saturday evening! And I helped! Ribs were fantastic!!!!
So, I was up to my LHS pom/poms in 'stuff to do.' Missed seeing classmates.

Regards to all and Happy Easter....may all your eggs be chocolate! Georgia

Friday, March 26, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 25
I'm sorry to report the passing of Carolyn (Frost) Winburn, 57, of Duncan. Carolyn passed on March 17 after a short illness/cancer. We are assuming Carolyn was an LHS grad, would have been about '69 or '70? She is the sister of Ronnie Frost, '63 and David Frost, '66. She is survived by husband, James Winburn; four children; 11 grandchildren. A memorial service was held March 20 in Duncan.Extended obit and guest book at:

Also, we lost Reta Gay (Warren) Christian, 75, of Lawton. Reta passed on March 22. She was class '52. She is survived by a daughter Ronda; a son Wesley; several grandchildren; a sister Patricia Fields.She was preceded in death by her husband Bill Christian who passed in 1983. He was also class '52.Services were March 24 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

This note from Reta's classmate Marcille (Burns) Covey...."Reta Gay and I had been in Ruth Dana Williams' Blue Birds and then in Camp Fire....she lived three doors east of me when we were in LHS."
List of recipients for LHS News continues to grow. I have not counted lately but several hundred grads from wide range of years receive the news - in US, Europe, and Mexico! I am happy that so many enjoy. If you need to reach me, easiest way is my email - I get comments from time to time on the blog but sometimes it's a week or 2-3 before I catch them. If you do post comments on blog & want a response, please leave your email address. I keep everything under nicknames/list and don't always know who I am talking with.......btw... I am getting about a dozen 'returns' each time I send the news. If your email address changes and you want to continue to get the news, be sure you send me the changes. Thanks.
Thought this tid-bit would be of interest.....appreciate Murdoch Matthew for sending it my way... has settled a class action lawsuit for $9.5M for tricking people into signing up for memberships by falsely telling them that old schoolmates were trying to contact them. The problems for began back in late 2007, when San Diego resident Anthony Michaels received an email from the social networking company informing him that his old classmates were trying to contact him. In order to see who and why, Michaels had to upgrade to a Gold Membership. However, upon forking out to do so, he discovered that nobody was trying to get in touch; it was just a dubious marketing ploy from

Hummmmmm....yours truly had noticed that classmates was telling me that some I knew were deceased, were trying to reach me! If they can do that....I'll join!
If you are a member of might want to check-out this 'alert'. I looked at it and seems it is a legitimate warning about hackers/spamers using Facebook accounts to spread a virus.
Appreciate '59 classmate Pat (Sheppard) Holcomb for the heads-up.
Last reminder.....
Class 1955 - Friday 25th, pre-reunion get together, 6:00pm, Mikes Sports Grill.
Class 1963 - Friday 26th, pre-reunion get together, 6:30pm, Fisherman's Cove (upstairs). On hiway 49 to Medicine Park. Other years also welcome at both these events.
All Class Reunion, Saturday 27th, noon - 6:00pm. Music Hall (old skating rink) at Medicine Park. Buffet style meal served around 1-2:00pm.More details on blog:

If you take pictures at any of these events, I hope you will share with me and I will post on the WolverNet JPEG format or a link to your pictures. Thanks!
I am a subscriber to the Oklahoman (formerly The Daily Oklahoman) newspaper. Imagine my surprise while reading this past Sunday paper to see a picture of '59 classmate Kay (Pavillard) Otis. Kay was at a luncheon of over 200 women from 20 chapters of PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) at the Quail Creek Golf and CC in OKC. Kay presented the program which was a characterization of PEO founder Franc Roads Elliot. I just had a nice email from Kay & Jerry and she didn't mention it!!! Glad I saw it. (pix above, Kay is in the LHS red jacket).
Weather looks to be very spring-like and pleasant this week-end. Enjoy! Georgia

Saturday, March 20, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 19

From the eMail bag:
Just received word that the class of 1963 is also having a pre-party on Friday night (26th). Meet at Fisherman's Cove (upstairs room) at 6:30pm. Turn off I-44 at Medicine Park exit, go west (highway 49), Fisherman's Cove is about a mile/mile and half on north side of highway. For info contact Janet (Burt) Terry -

'59 classmate Jovita (Reinwand) Weeks emailed that she is recovering nicely from a knee replacement surgery. Jovita currently lives in Casa Grande, AZ and works in nearby Tempe. She is hoping to retire in next 2-3 years & move back to northern CA where her kids and grandkids live.

Note on the passing of Richard Ebisch........ "Richard Ebisch was president of the senior class in 1949. He was vice-president of the junior class in 1948."
Murdoch Matthew

"Many thanks for all the good stuff about LHS and its "Old Grads". Brings back a lot of memories, especially for those of us who live so far away. I live in Newport News, VA, which is in the Virginia Tidewater area along with Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, etc. I retired from civil service and army here."
James Byrn, class '53

NOTE: Jim went on to write several emails back & forth with my Bill who remembers Jim's good pitching arm...hope they won't mind me sharing......
Bill: "Jim: Can you still throw a WILD fast ball? It kept the batters scared to get next to the plate."
Jim: "It is still WILD but it certainly would not scare anyone now! The dirty little secret was that I didn't have any better idea where it was going than they did."
Bill: "If the truth be known, the movie Bull Durum probably should have given credit to you for the idea behind their movie. That young pitcher reminded me of you. Lots of laughs."
Jim: "Unfortunately you are so right."

Good to hear from class '53 Clif Ditmore and wife Charlotte [Mills, '54]. They live in the Scottsdale area. Clif keeps up with several other fellow grads, Glenn Webb, '53, for one and George Kouri, '54. Aren't computers - and Facebook - great!

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy your LHS messages. It is great to keep up with old friends and members of the different classes. I spent 4 years in Lawton before my family moved away at the end of my junior year in1957. Unfortunately my senior year was spent at two different high schools in two different cities. This is why I consider the LHS class of 1958 my class. I went back to the 50th class reunion in 2008 and had a wonderful time. I saw friends I hadn't seen in over 51 years, it was a "ball" and I highly recommend going to a class reunion to everybody.

I reconnected with two old friends who I "ran" with in high school, Duane (Robby) Robison and Tommy Warner. We vowed to meet again within a year. The picture shows me, Robby and Tommy at Tommy's house in Pawley's Island, South Carolina in September 2009. The second picture shows Robby and me with Charlie Jennings (LHS 57), my neighbor, in September 1956 before going to a football game in Ardmore. Robby and I don't look too much different in 53 years. (yea right!!). We are planning a trip to England/ Scotland next year with Dr Mike Keeran (LHS 56). Wolverines in Scotland, it should be fun.
Wish I could be there for the all class LHS reunion as I would really like to see the guys from 56,57,58 and 59 classes who I played baseball and basketball with during my Lawton days. Tell everyone hello for me and if any of them get to the Washington D.C. area please give me a call. I live in Great Falls, VA. "
Jimmy Fox (honorary member class '58).
(picture above is w/Charlie Jennings)

People are excited! A lot of people coming from out of town and out of state for the 2nd annual all class reunion next week-end. Geneva (Harris) McIntosh and Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62, have done a great job in getting this organized and hopefully continuing as an annual event.

After several days of almost 'summer' weather and trees budding, snow is forecast for Oklahoma tonight and Saturday! sigh! Gotta move farther south!

Next week-end however will be a HOT time in the old home town....welcome home grads! Georgia

Friday, March 19, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 17

An update from Geneva says almost 200 signed up and paid to attend the All Classes Reunion on March 27. IF you want to go, get hold of Geneva asap. Deadline is passed. or Wynnann
12:00 noon ~ 6:00pm. $20. per person, buffet style meal. Meal served about 1:00 or maybe 2:00? Other details right here on the blog - on the right.

btw....there is currently a lot of road repair around Cache Rd and 2nd street where they merge with 44. Think access to 44 is closed at both those points. Probably best to go north on Ft. Sill blvd or Sheridan Rd. to get on Rogers Lane then east to I-44 & north to Medicine Park turn-off.
Also.....regrettably, I have major conflict and doubtful I will even get to run by....hope those who take pictures will share with me!

NOTE: the class of 1955 is planning a pre-reunion get together on Friday Night (26th) at Mike's Sports Grill here in Lawton at 6:00pm. Others also invited. IF you want to go, you need to contact Glenda, asap! Mike's has limited space that evening and they need head count plus what you will want to eat! Glenda has the choices and all the details! You can call her at (580) 695-0558; or email: She needs to hear from you by March 18.

So very sorry to report the passing of Cynthia Madera (Wildman) Eastman Wilson, 79, of Lawton. Cynthia did not grow up here but moved here later and I know many of you will remember her. She taught dance at Story & Barton many years; she was involved with Junior Service League, Lawton Community Theater, Philharmonic Orchestra, Officer's Wives Club; numerous other community groups as well as volunteer work. Cynthia was a sweet gal. She is survived by 5 children.
Services will be 10:30am, Saturday March 20, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel; burial at Highland Cemetery. Extended obit and guest book at:

I was told that Bill Thomas, '62, is having very serious health problems. I have no details nor contact. All I know is that Bill lives in AZ.

In his weekly Sunday column 'Where Are They Now?', Herb Jacobs is continuing with information from the Dr. O.L. Parsons book, 'All Staunch and True: the story of Lawton Football 1902 - 1950.'
This weeks column covers the 1921 - 1935 seasons. One comment states...."The 1923 season marked the arrival of Weldon 'Spot' Gentry, whom Parsons called 'the most talked-about Lawton athlete of all time.' "
The 1933 squad included Gene Hancock, a first year player.
Another great reminiscence from Herb - page 5-C, Sunday Constitution, March 14, 2010.

Emails from Bruce West, '59; James Byrn, '53; Mike Lehew; Luella Kranz, '54; Susan (Hankins) Ellington, '57;Mike Wyant, 57 - few weeks ago; Melvin Sexton, '59 - great pictures from the USAF Museum; Ben Ansley, '59; Jerry (Sasser) Childs, '59, still in Niger; Phil Carson - good info on Oklahoma Museums. Appreciate them.

Regards to all.......Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent March 14

I've had several emails lately with all good, uplifting, 'news' for a change! I hope those who sent them won't mind my sharing.....

From the eMail bag.....what have our grads been doing......

Mike Gill, '71, is just back from a gathering of fellow pyros. Mike attended the 21st Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City, Az. The annual blast is under the oversight of the Western Pyrotechnic Assoc (firework makers).
The 4 day event was attended by enthusiasts, hobbyists, experts, and company reps from the US and foreign countries.Seminars, training, and demos were held daily, in addition to the Trade Show.
There are always large fireworks displays each night with a special public display on Saturday night. Mike has been making fireworks since Junior High and has attended 17 of 21 of these annual winter the summer get-togethers!
btw...Mike made some of the fireworks that were shot at the 1976 Bi-Centennial Celebration at the Statue of Liberty in NYC. He also did the pyro show for Donny & Marie Osmond show in Norman some years back. Yes, he is the youngest of my brothers.

More from Alice Maksim....Now that my parents are deceased along with siblings, I come there for special times with my Lawton daughter, Sara Mazzo (and two grandsons, Evan and Ryan), who you may know along with her husband, Mike, are professional photographers.
In October, I flew to OKC where my childhood friend, Verna Le (Brammer) Ziders picked me up. The occasion was Miss America's 2007 wedding. Beautiful and lovely homegrown, Lauren Nelson. Sara created and designed her wedding cake which was her grandee finale. This was a masterpiece and required 3 men and 2 vans to transport it to the newly renovated Skirvin Hotel. (What mother would not want to be present and deliver her own accolades?) Once the 6 layered cake, covered with 86 pounds of paste icing, was set up Sara donned her photographers hat.
My first glimpse of Sara, in her beautiful black glitzy attire behind a camera, was a beautiful sight. There was no trace of the stress and the midnight hours which such a feat would demand. Although it would take days going into a few weeks for both she and Mike to recover and to realize it was really over and had been successful.
I imagine most of Lawton know of this happening and heard about it plus the absolutely beautiful and breathtaking floral arrangements Ramon [John, '53] designed for Lauren.
Alice (Dezelle) Maksim, '53

Great email from Charles Darling......My Grandson Ian (7-years old) recently saw the movie "Memphis Belle." The film, if you have not seen it, is based on the true story of a B-17 bomber crew assigned to an 8th air force unit stationed in England. The "Flying Fortress" crews had been taking an awful pounding over Germany and not one had completed the requisite number of missions to qualify for rotation back home. Most were shot down, wounded, killed or captured before they could be relieved of bombing duties. (As I recall, it was 25-missions to go home.) Morale was low and replacement crews faced a grim future. The "Belle" crew made it and went home after some harrowing experiences in the skies over Europe....becoming national heros.

Ian was quite impressed with the movie and the young men who risked everything to save the world from Nazi oppression (remember he's not yet eight.) He had a lot of questions about the war and what caused it and he asked me if the Memphis Belle still exists. I told him it did and was on display in its namesake city. He wanted to go see it. Grandad vetoed that, but offered instead to drive him to Palm Springs, where the Air Museum has a flying B-17 bomber on static display....and you can go through it.
Then when the lad learned my dad, for a brief time during the war, was a radioman aboard a Flying Fortress, that cemented the deal and we had to go immediately.

With grandad in tow, Ian crawled through the forward hatch and inspected every inch of the four-engined behemoth (actually, very tight quarters inside). He hesitated when he peered into the bombay compartment, with its doors open to the hanger floor, but was coaxed into crossing the very narrow catwalk through space where bombs once hung. He arrived in the radio operator's compartment and inspected every inch while sitting on the operator's tiny stool. He then pointed out to me and a museum docent exactly where, in the movie, enemy shrapnel had ripped through the compartment, narrowly missing the radioman. Took a minute, but I got it. He was concerned about my dad's safety. It was touching.

While Ian roamed among the beautifully restored WWII aircraft, period cars, motorcycles, munitions, uniforms and other memorabilia, had a chance to speak with another docent about kids and this museum. He told me the museum was hellbent on educating children. When the local school system's strained budget would no longer allow bus trips to the air museum, the foundation stepped in and bought gasoline for sixty such trips. Apparently, kids love the place. More importantly, they learn what happened in the war and are exposed to the artifacts and recorded human histories of the time.
I fear they are not getting much of this information in California's public schools. Even if a few lessons touch on the subject, it is a dry recitation of dates and names. In these museums, history comes alive and suddenly has a face, name and physical echo of our past where some of this country's finest, and most desperate, moments can be recalled.

It struck me that our generation should be taking youngsters to these museums, if for no other reason than to pay tribute to our fathers, uncles, grandparents.....and hope that by exposing them to history at an early age, we might accomplish an important final mission of our own. Remembering that Fort Sill has a very good museum, Lawton has the Great Plains Museum and many communities have quality exhibits that kids might find fascinating, my hope is that adults will take the time to hold the hands of curious young folk and let them see, with their own eyes, the country, the events and the people that are their heritage.

Besides, it will frustrate the hell out of revisionists who like to tamper with American history instead of holding it in high regard.

btw...Charles is class '64 and semi-retired in California after a lifetime with ABC.

I appreciate these 'storys' so very much and hope all of you enjoy them as much as I have. Georgia

Sunday, March 14, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 12

After I posted on the blog Feb. 20, someone left a comment. I am not sure who left the comment and I have no email address. Please email me at the above email so I can answer your question. Thanks.

In mentioning the passing of Lawrence Ray Williams, I made a typo. Lawrence was LHS class '96, not '66.

Again, we have lost several classmates.
Karl Hanza, 82, of Hobart, passed on March 5. Karl was an LHS grad but I do not know the year. Services were held on March 8. Survivors include 3 daughters; numerous grand and great-grand children and a brother Rudy Hanza of Lawton.

Also, Elaine Minnie (Reynolds) Smith, 68, of Lawton/Altus. Elaine passed on March 8. She is class '59. She is survived by 3 daughters; 2 sons; 2 sisters. A memorial service was held March 9.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Raymond Richard Ebisch, 79, of Lawton. Raymond passed March 5. He was a graduate of LHS but I do not know the year. He is survived by 3 daughters; 5 sisters; 1 brother. A private family service is scheduled for a later date.
Extended obit and guest book at:

From the eMail bag:
An email from Alice (Dezelle) Maksim, '53, asking about classmates:....
" a couple of names of Army brats I have searched for. Perhaps your readers will have info on Judy Granrud and Lucille Cowles. Also Jane Herskowitz (father owned Parisian when it was on Gore Blvd in the 50's)."
Alice sent some other interesting 'news' that I will share soon.

Jimmy Reynolds, '53, has had some health issues lately and has moved back to Lawton from Frederick. If you would like to say 'hi' or send a card/note, Jimmy is now at 3610 SE Huntington - #209, Lawton, OK 73501.

"Just found you on the internet. This is Sarah Olsen Vaughn, class of 56. I wouldn't be able to attend the all class reunion this time, hopefully next time. Will watch for news of a 1956 reunion. My sister, Benna Olsen Morford, Class of 53, lives in Lawton. I know she is in touch with several ofher classmates. I don't know what to think of the old school building. I am really glad they are not tearing it down.Started 9th grade there and moved to the new school on Ft. Sill blvd my jr. year. The new one was OK, but really loved the old one. I am in touch with Susan Hankins Ellington and Barbara Odom Smith both1956 grads. Would love to hear from any of my classmates who care to write. I live in Del City, a suburb of Okla. City."

TODAY - March 12 - is the deadline for reservation for the 2nd Annual ALL class reunion. ALL LHS grads invited, regardless of year! Please make reservations asap and send your money!!! Details and who to contact right here on the blog - see right hand side.

Emails recently from John Waller; Barbara (Smith) Richards.

If you would like to vote for Medicine Park as 'America's coolest small town', go to: You will see a star on the map of Oklahoma where Medicine Park on the star and it will add Medicine Park to the ballot. Then vote!

Regards to all.........Georgia

Sunday, March 7, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 5

Sorry to report that we have lost another of our truly Golden Wolverines...
Blanche G. (Parrish) Luke, 93, of Lawton passed on Feb. 28. Blanche attended Lincoln School and then graduated from the old LHS building, do not know year. She is survived by a son and two daughters.Grave side services were on March 4, at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Roger Melfred Tosee, 71, of Lawton. Roger passed on Feb. 25 and services were March 1 in Lawton. Roger is LHS class of '58. He is survived by his wife Roberta.
Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Lawrence Ray Williams, 33, of Lawton. Lawrence passed on March 2. Lawrence is LHS class '96. He is survived by his wife Eshell and numerous family.Services will be at 12:00 noon Monday March 8, at the Harvest Plenty House of Prayer in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:
Always regret the loss of classmates. Our sympathies are with their families.

From the eMailbag:
"Thanks for the information on Charley Haselwander. I remember him from Wayne's. He always gave me a wave when I was there. I use to see his car parked on 10th and B. I believe it was an aqua marine blue Chevrolet Chevelle, about 1965. Your right about being stuck in the fifties. He never change his clothing style. I never knew his name, but I immediately knew who you were talking about. Bob Looney

An email from Ron Sheffield says the weather is great out Monterey, CA way. Ron is back home but still keeping an eye on his 'baby'......the Hubble Telescope!!!!

For some unknown reason, plans for a reception to celebrate the 100th birthday of Washington School, did not materialize. Some Washington grads have expressed interest in taking it upon themselves to organize some kind of event or recognition. Washington and LHS grad Mike Johnson (Dallas), is wanting to get something going. IF you would like to help - and Mike will need feet on the ground here in Lawton - you can let Mike know at: or call (469) 360-5247.

Thought this interesting and exciting:
Medicine Park - Oklahoma's historic first resort, has been selected by Budget Travel Magazine as one of 21 finalist in the nationwide contest seeking "America's Coolest Small Town." On Thursday, January 28, 2010, it was announced that of 147 towns across America that were nominated, the magazine selected 21 towns that stood out from the crowd. Medicine Park made that final cut and is now a contender for the title. You can see for yourself IF you attend the All class reunion on March 27. (info below).

Deadline for the 2nd Annual ALL classess LHS reunion is fast approaching - March 12. If you plan to attend, you need to let Geneva or Wynnann know AND get your money in asap! This is for ANY and ALL LHS grads regardless of year!
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010 Time: 12:00 noon to 6:00pm Place: Music Hall (Old Skate Rink) in Medicine Park. Meal: Buffet Style - $20.00 per person. RSVP - NO LATER than March 12.
Make checks payable to and mail to: Wynnann (Moore) Wright, Class of 1962; 3608 NE Richmond St., Lawton, OK 73507 - email at:
Email Geneva at:
Please include a point of contact, E-mail address, home or cell phone number.

And remember....Doyce Grayson has challenged ALL '56 grads to be there!

Some from the class of 1954 are planning a BIG 'mini-reunion' in April in San Antonio and here is latest info from Barbara (Dallan) Rhea. This group has a lot of activities planned and these dates coincide with the annual Fiesta!~
"Some of us LHS grads are getting together April 22, 23, & 24. If you are interested in coming to San Antonio then, we would like to hear from you. There are several parades with many floats and Fiesta Queens in glamorous gowns. Lots to do and see including the history of the Alamo and the missions. We have set up some reservations so contact one of us for more information and schedule of activities."
Some will be staying at the Drury Plaza Hotel, and here is a link for reservations at our group rate:
Please make reservations by Monday, March 22 to receive our group rate, and the sooner the better, considering how popular Fiesta is. But you are also free to make your own arrangements.
For additional info contact:Barbara (Dallon) Rhea - 210-490-2727; cell 210-414-1717;
Gynith (Carter) Grayson - 903-566-0042;
Shirley (Carmichael) Scott - 843-705-7418;

Part of the restoration/renovation of the Old High School/Central has been completed but a lot remains. Some city offices have moved or will be moving to the building. Last week a buffalo statuary was added to the landscape of the building. Looks quite nice on the southwest corner (9th and C). Will look much better when all the grass sod and plant life greens up. (pix above).

Have a great week-end.......Georgia

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent Feb. 26

Very sorry to report the passing of Johnny E. 'Hendu' Henderson, 62, of Lawton. Johnny passed on Feb. 22 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Johnny is a '66 grad of LHS where he excelled at sports. After graduation he played softball for many years for several teams in the Lawton area. Johnny is survived by his wife Deanna L. (Dexter); two sons, Paul and Timothy; his mom; numerous other family.
Visitation will be Friday evening 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home. Services will be at 2:00pm, Saturday, February 27, at Immanuel Baptist Church. Burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at <>

Our dear friend and '52 classmate Dee Glass, has been taking treatment for bladder cancer and now has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Not sure on treatment procedure at this time.Her husband, Hugh, has been in hospital last couple of months & will be moved this week-end to another carefacility. Please join me in keeping Dee and Hugh and their family in your prayers. I know a card or note of encouragement would be appreciated. Dee/Hugh Glass, 4 NW 55th, Lawton, OK 73505; (580) 357-2371.

And, I apologize I did not get this news out sooner. It was a forward & I do not have Janets email to ask about Connie. We certainly hope things are going well. "My daughter, Connie (Zumwalt) Mathis graduated from LHS in the Class of 77 (hope I have the right year - my memory is fading but am pretty sure that is correct). She was on the drill team and pretty active in other school activities. She has just been diagnosed with serious cancer problems and will be undergoing chemo for the next several months. She lives in the Dallas area (near Hillsboro). I thought some of her classmates may be interested in keeping up with her. I graduated in the Class of 53 so enjoy hearing about those classmates in that era. Thanks, Janet"
Gene and Janet (Tague) Copeland

From the email bag:
Doyce Grayson, class '56, is asking ALL grads of '56 to try & make the ALL class reunion on March 27. He wants to have a meeting to start planning on class '56 - 55 year reunion! OK '56 er's...the gauntlet is down!
Deadline for this reunion is March 12. Details at the WolverNet blog: right HERE! Right hand side of page.

Luther Green, class '57, has been slaying the BIG ones at Falcon Lake in Texas and he has pictures to prove it. (see above). For you fishermen/women.....the Bass in the picture went 10# 4oz; Luther says they caught 12 that went 8# or better in just 2 days! He said George Glasby was baiting up & heading that way! Bet others will too! Lobina grande!~

"Georgia, I saw your write up about Charley Haselwander. I met Charley in 1956 when we were both working at the Fort Sill bowling alley setting pins. We worked together there until they got automatic pin setters, I think it was 1959. Charley was definitely one of a kind. Ray Hatchet, the manager of the bowling alley was always giving Charley grief about something or another, but Charley always had a comeback for him. But then again, Ray Hatchet was always complaining about his pin setters."
David Dom, class '58

.... "I enjoy your info, comments, opinions, etc. Keep up the good work. We have a good representation of LHS grads here in Dallas. Such as: Dr. Sam T. Hamra, Donnie Gaskins, Dee Givens, Nancy (Klass) Medlock, and Bob Spradlin to name a few from the old school and yours truly.
Ron K. Jones (Ronny) ha! Class '55 (Wow...has it been that long)????"

....."Talking about Wayne's hold on people. My daughter graduated from Ike High School in 1987. It was either 2008 or 2009, she heard Wayne's was selling T Shirts with the Wayne's Logo. She asked me to get her one when I went to Lawton the next time. I did so about 2 weeks later after her request and she was happy as a clam over the garment."
Phil Carson

Love of Wayne's has NO school boundaries....BUT...'back in the day'...LHS was only one! Go Wolverines!

'59 classmate Phil Wilder gave me a land line Thursday from CO. Have known Phil a really long time!!!! His dad made the wedding cake when Bill & I married in 1965. Bill Wilder was a master baker (Johnson's Bakery) and a very nice person. As was Phils mom Thelma! Loved them both. Had a great visit about lots of things, lots of people in common. Always great to talk with friends of long acquaintance.

Just so you know they are still around, I try to mention from time to time some who have emailed....recently.....Sara Beth (Merritt) Coughlin; Marilyn (Gordon) Smith; Preston McPhail; Barbara (Ramey) Wiseman; Mike Johnson; Mitch Braley; Tommye Lynn (Powers) Johnson; Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman; Dan Glascock; Yes, my email is 'busy'. But always great to hear from classmates!

Geneva says reservations are slllooooowwwww for the ALL LHS class reunion on March 27. If you are planning to be there, please let Geneva or WynnAnn know and get your money in..... email them for info! or

That's it for now.........Georgia