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......LHS News......
Originally sent October 26

Classmates, we're a busy bunch! [that's a good thing]. The 'news' continues to roll in and the list of recipients continues to grow! Other than losses of classmates, enjoy!

I am so very sorry to report that our '59 classmate Karen Dennison passed on Sunday Oct. 24. Karen has had health problems for some years. So very happy she could be with us for our 50th reunion in October of 2009. A grave side service will be at 11:00am, Monday November 1, at Sunset Memorial Gardens (west Lawton). It is suggested that any remembrance be sent to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.
Services handled by Becker Funeral Home:

This past week I received news that '56 classmate, John Larry Overby, passed on April 1, 2004. At the time, some at least were not aware of John's passing, the 'news' was in infancy, so I am sending this information along so those in Johns class - as well as others - will know. John married a MI native, Constance Joan (Quigley), in 1967. He was a career Army artillery officer, retiring in 1980 as Lt. Colonel. His two children, Linda and Larry, both graduated in Lawton - MacArthur.
John has two sisters, Betty Overby Marcum, who is LHS class '60 and an older sister who attended LHS for a while but did not graduate, Josephine. Connie is retired as a nurse in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service and lives in Georgia.
I appreciate Betty and Connie for sending this information.

From the eMail bag.......

The LHS class 1962 is already beginning the [big] job of locating classmates for their 50th reunion in 2012. IF you are or know of, a '62 grad, please contact Kay (Thompson) Macleary at: <> or email Geneva (Harris) McIntosh at: It IS a big job, so if you can one of the girls.

And, a novel idea.....a reunion of ALL those who attended WHITTIER Grade School between 1950 - 1956. All went on to become LHS grads. Sunday, November 7, 2:00pm, Old Plantation at Medicine Park. Husbands, wives, kids, grandkids are ALL welcome. For more information or to let 'them' know you are attending, contact Mary Ann (Ashlock) at:

Classmate Minette Page helped with guided tours to the public of the old high school/central building last week. The city has been moving in and from number of cars around the building now, seems OPEN for business! Building looks great and most classes returning 'home' for reunions have had opportunity to tour the Lawton landmark.

"I am home from eastern Europe. Much more beautiful than I expected. Poland was a treasure and the food is great. Minsk is a beautiful city. No graffiti. Had the best chicken Kiev in Kiev that I have ever had. Romania and Transylvania are wonderful. I got to go to Dracula's castle. Great. Slovakia, Checks Republic and Germany all great, especially the cruise down the Rhine. A castle about every mile. Only two of the countries ( Slovakia and Germany) use the euro. All the others were down right cheap. Glad I went. One of my best trips."
Dan Glascock, '59

'59 classmate Willie Guest is President of the local chapter NAACP and recently joined Cameron University President Cindy Ross in presenting awards at the Annual Freedom Fund Banquet.

Someone asking if anyone knows whereabouts of Sandra 'Sandy' Tilson, who would have been class 1960...BUT moved after Junior year or maybe shortly after start of Senior year! Anybody?

[referencing the recent picture] "Kay, Connie, Myrna Kay and Yvonne were my classmates. I was also at St. Anthony's with Kay till an awful bout with strep throat cut short my attempted nursing career. I did not have the opportunity to go back and wondered if she in fact stayed in school there. I guess these things happen for a reason as I liked my job at Ft. Sill and working with John Denny and also the Red Barn. I'm fortunate to be within short driving range of Gwen Patterson Carle, Norma Curry Gardner and Charlotte Magill. Get to see Sue Grimes Ott and Barbara Cunningham Keys and sometimes Marilyn Morris when in Lawton. It's so great that we all can stay close to friends. The internet helps a lot."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman

More Lawton memories and comments.....

"As an aside, I remember the director of "The Lawton Story" flying in on his private airplane (a Lockheed Hudson) and parking it at the Johnson flying service where I worked. He offered me a $100 to wash down the airplane. I passed because it would have taken me a week to do it by myself. They were there for a week while filming parts of the movie. I never got to go out to watch the filming or the pageant because I was working all the time. Holding down three jobs was the pits! The crew I ran with were
Wayne Walker, Reese Russell, Gary Star.
We worked all five Lawton Theatres including the Drive in on Cache road. I worked at the airport for flying time and had flown over 30 different aircraft by the time I turned 17. What a blast. I also got a bunch of people interested in the Civil Air Patrol and one of them was Floyd Porter. He learned to fly and logged as much flying time as I did in the Air Force. I retired from the Air Force in 1977 with twenty years of service. Flew B-52's and FB-111's and pulled a tour in Viet Nam. Had a great life so far. 5 Kids, 18 grandkids and 4 great grandkids. so much for a short history on Ron Poole."
Ron Poole

"I remember La Sill's because it was within a few blocks of where we lived and it was there that I first saw a bank check written..I was in the second grade at Emerson Elementary and our teacher marched us to La Sill's. We didn't know where we were going but we followed. What a surprise.... She treated us to an ice cream cone of our choosing, absolutely unbelievable for those times. She wrote on this piece of paper and the attendant accepted it for payment. There were about 20 or so in the class so the check must have been about a dollar plus......what a memory."
Ed Hessler, '52

"Well, a lot of the things remembered about La Sills are probably true( tainted by time), but I can assure that a lot of local icons worked there. The Aldridge family AB, "Pop" (the dad) started with my dad in 1940, then Bill, Darrel, Bob, AB, Jimmy, and Wicky. I know Darrell and Bill worked for several years and my dad thought the world of them (AB,the son, was a grouchy kid so my dad fired him) (just kidding A.B.) Jimmy,as I recall, worked with his dad and Smitty (Ed Smith,the great guy in charge of making the ice cream) and probably Darrel in the production area. Wicky,as I knew him,was about 4 or 5 and his job was to come over each a.m.and pick up the trash (well,maybe Wicky was 7 or 8; there were no child labor laws and La Sill jobs kept a lot of kids out of trouble). I ran across some photographs that were on the wall for the last few years that we began having made at the end of each summer from about 1967 through 73 or 74 of the fountain help that made it through the summer. I will get the same computer enhanced and send for your photo gallery in the next few weeks (Roy House and my nephew, Bill Dudley Kilpatrick were the only little kids I ever tried to drown). I couldn't sign off without mentioning other families at La Sills - the Daytons, Darrel, Bobby, and Neal and the Smiths Bob, David, Mike, and Terry. All quality young workers . My dad and I and Dudley and his mother (my sister) were lucky to be associated with them and many, many other employees at La Sills.
Allen Johnson, '54

"My wife and I live in Norman (go to the same church as coach Bodenhamer). We live about 2 1/2 miles from the epicenter of the Wednesday (OCT 13) earthquake. We have felt lots of earthquakes in California, including the Northridge quake. But, this one was the loudest one I have ever experienced. The house shook for a few seconds,
followed by what sounded and felt like an explosion. Then there was a rumble that resembled the effect of a washing machine on spin cycle that is out of balance magnified by a large factor.
I graduated in the class of 1958. My brother Walt graduated in 1957. My sister
Mary Ann
graduated in 1955. My sister died in 1995. All of us went to Woodrow Wilson."
Charley Crabtree

"You should have been in Norman---actually shook the walls of Adams Hall (the business school building at OU) Which was built with real concrete and steel."
Ken Gross, '59

"I want to share some wonderful pics and memories of a visit I had recently with some old friends from back in the day. Otto Martinez and brother Eddie Martinez and his wife Inez came to the East coast to visit their daughter Lisa Archibeque in Alexandria, Virginia. Lisa was giving a concert in D.C. at the Casa Italiana celebrating their Columbus Day Celebration. It was an operetta of many familiar Italian songs that were performed by a company led by a truly gifted maestro. It was a dynamic performance by Eddie's daughter and Otto's niece. She has a beautiful soprano voice that was mentioned in an article in the Washington Post in 2008. It was a lovely evening that my husband and I enjoyed and were so touched by the invitation from old friends."
Karen (Choney) Culloty, '59
Picture above: l-r: Lisa's husband Vince, Lisa, Mom Inez, Eddie and Otto Martinez

I receive so many great pictures. I can't always use all of them in the news but I do plan and am working toward a file for all the pictures I have received. Will eventually be available at the blog. So...meanwhile...say 'cheese'!!!!

Still working on reunion(s) re-cap but this is all the news for now.........

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......LHS News......
Originally sent October 19

Sadly, we continue to lose classmates.
Prentiss Everett Swann, 82, of Lawton, passed on October 13. He was LHS class '47. He married Virginia Lou (Johnson) in 1950, she passed in 2008. He is survived by 3 daughters; a brother; numerous grandchildren; extended family. Services were Saturday October 16 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Donald Buford Lutz, 87, passed on October 15. Lutz is LHS class '42. He married Marjorie (Porter) Jones who survives him along with a daughter Melissa and two step-daughters. Graveside services were October 18 and burial with military honors at Cache Cemetery.
Extended obit and guestbook at:

I received pictures from the recent class '60 - 50th reunion that were taken by J. Bob Howard. Great pictures with some interior shots of the Central Jr. High building as well as pictures taken at Billy Bevilles car museum. And it's really great that Bob put names on them! Right had side of blog with 'class '60 - 50th reunion' tag. Appreciate Sandy Joyner for sending them. More reunion(s) news and pixs soon!

Had a request wanting to know who around Lawton area might be a good historian for the railroads that served Lawton in 1943. Does anyone know?

Also, have someone looking for Jackie (Jaquetta) Upjohn. After graduation she worked at PSO in Lawton. Anyone?

I appreciate Richard Neptune letting me know that one of our former teachers, Bernice Smith, fell recently and broke her leg. She was in the hospital but has now returned to her home at the Monte Vista Retirement Center in Lawton.
If you would like to send a note or card, address is c/o Monte Vista, 7604 NW Quannah Parker Trailway, Lawton, OK 73505. Main number at the facility is (580) 536-2866.

From the eMail bag, miscellaneous comments........

"We were sorry to miss Bob and Beverly's 50th but it was the same time as the 49-54 LHS reunion. It would have been fun to see Kay and Connie again."
Al Dayton

"I too remember Dutchers and LaSills ice cream...good memories! Pat Burris was one of my best friends when we were teenagers."
Paula (Reed) Avrit, 57

"I worked at LaSill's for about a year while in high school. I used to make a "mistake" malt every now and then - had to eat our mistakes! [] Most of my family worked there at one time or another. My Dad made ice cream there for years, as well as brothers Darrel and Bill.
Mr. Johnson was a grouchy kind of guy, but a good man. I liked him, even though he eventually fired me."
A.B. Alldredge, '57 flag with this 'mistake system'. Have anything to do with getting 'fired'? hahaha!

"My parents took me to LaSills during the summers and we always took my dog along. We always got him a "tiny" cone that I think was free. He loved them as much as we did."
Beverly (Carnes) Carlson, '60

"I lived across from the Daytons while in high school. I remember Allen had this gorgeous Oldsmobile that I envied. I didn't get a car until after I got out of high school. He was already in college by then."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman

..."Just wanted to say that I used to work at La Sill milk co. in the late 50's with my best friend Bill Kilpatrick. He was the grandson of Herbert Johnson the owner of La Sills. I worked the counter which appeared to me at least a block long and always dreaded Sunday afternoons because it was so busy we could hardly keep up; I think there was 6 or 8 of us working that day.When we made malts we always served the whole canister that we mixed them in with a glass. It was at least a malt and a half !
Bill & I went swimming every day at their house in the summer, (that's where I learned to swim) and Allen, [class '54] their son who we called "Boo", would hold us and then jump into the deep end and play like he was going to drown us.A note of interest is that Mr. Johnson bought a Rolls Royce,a Silver Cloud or Silver Shadow--can't remember for sure---and that he built a fence with a canopy over the top around the Rolls so people could look at it any time of the day on the west side of the building.Each night he would stand up on top of the counter to reach the safe that was suspended from the ceiling to put in the days take. He was quite a guy and very successful. Thanks for the great newsletter Georgia, it helps bring back some wonderful memories."
Roy House

"Claude [son] and I spent last two weeks of August going to Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon (including Skywalk!), Yellowstone and northern Idaho, driving thru Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.
Absolutely spectacular scenery! We both thoroughly enjoyed it. I look like a midget in the picture (below) as my little 15 year old baby boy is at least two inches taller than I, and out-weighs me by 20 pounds. I've threatened to stop feeding him! Best regards,"
Larry Joe Thompson, '59

"Larry and I just celebrated our 50th Anniversary on October 6th with a trip to Phoenix. We already had celebrated early with a Cruise Tour to Alaska with our son, Chris and his family in early June. Then we flew to Phoenix to celebrate on the actual day, which was also Chris' 44th birthday. The Lawton High Class of 1960, 50th Reunion was the same weekend we were in Arizona, so I missed that. Got to play golf and went to see the Arizona Cardinals play the New Orleans Saints." (pix below)
Larry and Gerda (Keas) Campbell, '60
Larry is '55 grad of Enid HS.

Herb Jacobs, Sunday Constitution column (Oct. 17 - pg. 8-C) 'Where Are They Now', gives great recall of Coach Duard Givens. Names and place 50's - '60's grads will recall for sure. btw...Duard was uncle of Dee Givens, '55.

btw....LHS won their recent homecoming with one of highest scores EVER.....86-zip! Go
Note: felt sorry for US Grant - OKC - who seemed way overmatched in this game.

From the home town, regards to all......

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......LHS News......
Originally sent October 14

Thought I was in CA.....Yours truly was up early Wednesday but flopped down on the bed again (watching them rescue the miners) just in time to feel some 'slight shaking'.....I knew - or was suspicious - as had happened before! Earthquake! centered 6-8 miles east of Norman - 4.5 - 5.1...? We don't get a lot of excitement (haha), so quite the news story around here and made FOX news. Happening more frequently in Oklahoma or maybe better reporting! Hope we don't 'shake' off into to the Red River!!

So very sorry to pass along information that Sara Elizabeth (Merritt) Coughlin, 78, Charlotte, NC passed on October 10 in S. Carolina. Sara had been battling lung cancer for some time. She was LHS class 1950.
She is survived by husband of 58 years, Paul; three children, nine grandchildren; cousin, Dr. Jim Hill, '52.
A memorial service will be held 2:00pm, Saturday October 16, Harry and Bryant Chapel in Charlotte.

And we have lost two more of our 'Golden Wolverines'.....Rosemary (Rayl) Parmenter, 93, of Lawton who passed September 29. Graveside service was held on October 12 at Highland Cemetery. Rosemary was LHS class 1934 and was the first Miss Lawton that same year. She is survived by son Brent, '57; daughter Lynne Vernon, '60, both LHS classmates. She was preceded in death by husband Arch Parmenter in 1975 and a brother Jack Rayl.
I knew Rosemary over the years, she was a lot of fun and a colorful character!
Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Donnie R. Russell, 78, of Lawton. Donnie passed October 7 and services were October 9. He attended Emerson School and graduated LHS in 1951. He married and is survived by Reta Rose (Smith); 3 sons; a daughter; numerous grandchildren.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Always sorrowful to lose our friends and classmates. Our sympathies are with their families.

From the eMail bag:

"I remember the night of the "premiere" downtown, at the Dome or maybe the Lawton theater. There were giant spot lights to the skies that we had only seen in the "20th Century Fox" intros to movies. I was there with my parents, and it was our Lawton Hollywood night. I think Millard Coody was working at the Security bank, or maybe the City National bank. I was there also at the Easter pageant the night some of it was filmed. Only problem was finding our car since parking was hardly organized. Everyone tied a handkerchief to the radio antennae to find their car. Everyone took blankets and food to sit on the side of the mountain. Staying up so late then was an unusual experience. We did it yearly. Great memories."
Sam Hamra, '55

"Another story to add: Bruce West and his sisters, Dee and Connie were in the pageant also when we were in grade school. One night the wind was so strong that as the angels ascended the stairs we each had to hold the wings of the person in front of us so we would not blow off. I remember my mother telling Bruce "don't you let your sister blow off those steps". He was 'not an angel' so not much he could do but watch from the bottom in case he could catch me if need be. Sure was cold in those tents behind the scenes and like others, staying up all night was awesome part of it. Lots of hot chocolate. Thanks for sharing and reviving old special memories."
Connie (West) Biles

Bruce was in my class , '59, and I can tell you too....NO angel. hahahahhahah. Love ya Bruce!

"Reading all the memories of the Easter Pageant brought to mind the summer program The Easter Pageant. I was in it one summer and it wasn't cold like the Easter was. It was the story of Easter. Does anyone remember this one? We didn't have near as many people attend. But it was fun to do."
Carrol (Anderson) McDivett, '59

"Can't let this go....Sweet Mr. Bish and Mr. Hancock gave all of us a pass if we were going to the Easter Pageant to be in the film, "Prince of Peace." Chesley Montague and I went once..having told Mr. Hancock we were to be in the film that day. WRONG! My dad, Louis Vanderpool, was the guard...big chested with all the armor (of his own making) and he gave me a good talking to. Daddy said if Chesley and I wanted to go anytime again HE would call Mr. Hancock. BOO! If I can find it....I have a picture of Chesley sitting on a rock and me still up on a building being an the daytime yet. Was he taking a smoke? Of course, for most of us LHSer's (there were people from as far away as Ok City for the picture "Prince of Peace") loved to go to the hill and freeze...ending up on the top of audience hill where there were eats and drinks.
Personally, the Wichita Mountains hold many, many Bill Williams going down Mount Scott with NO brakes. I still thank the Lord for our safe was night time in those days, with the " powers that be" locking the gate at the bottom at sundown in later.years. Does anyone remember the days when several carloads of us would go up on top of Mount Scott and turn our radios on the same station and the volume on high and Do we have memories or WHAT!!!"

"I have been blessed again with another 'adventure' with some of my 1956 LHS classmates. This time, we spent days in Washington, D.C. seeing all the new - and some of the old - Memorials and Museums. #1Picture: Kay (Kimball) Scott, Connie (Lasseter) Johnson, Myrna Kay (Langley) Daley and Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs. We were hosted, feted and guided by former (and soon to be returning) Lawtonians, Bill and Cleta (Booker) Malone. Our trip coincided with the celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Beverly (Kimball) Hunsaker, 1953, and her husband, Bob, picture #2, at their home in Northern Virginia. Lots of good friends and family. A joyful time was had by all.........."
Kay (Kimball) Scott
Pix above

Had opportunity for short visit with '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens. She came up with hubby Dee for his '55 reunion. She was doing great, headed to Myrtle Beach with about 10 lady friends from her Holly Lake, TX community to relax and play some golf!!!!

Belated birthday wishes to dear friends and '59 classmates.......Marilyn (Lewis) Smith and Suzanne (Jones) Crawford. Bdays last week! Many happy returns girls!

A lot of classmates returned to Lawton over the past few week-ends for various reunions. I will have some 'news' from my vantage point soon. If any have pictures they would like to share, please send in JPEG format & I will post to the blog.

Regards to all........Georgia

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......LHS News......The Lawton Story
Originally sent October 12

Guys, this is a 'special edition' of LHS News. I have received so much information on several subjects in past few months, am seperating, editing, and will send most out for all to read. This news is about the Easter Pageant movie - ie: The Lawton Story. I did talk with dear friend Darlene Bridges 2-3 years ago when question came up about the movie as Darlene was in the movie. She said others had contacted her in years past looking for a copy of the film but sadly as far as anyone knows there is not a copy in existence. Darlene did say she had a copy of the original script but she gave that to someone from 'Hollywood' who had called her years ago and she did not know what was done with that..?
So, here are a lot of 'remembrances'..... some may vary, but just sending what I received!

All this from Ron Hagler, ' will see many familiar names, including classmates and parents of classmates.
This info is from IMDB. <>
The Lawton Story (1949), also known as: "The Prince of Peace" - USA (reissue title).
Plot: Drama set around the annual passion play in the Wichita Mountains. Directed by: William Beaudine,
Harold Daniels. Writing credits, (in alphabetical order).....Scott Darling-screenplay; Mildred Horn-story (as Mildred A. Horn); Milton Raison -story; DeVallon Scott-additional dialogue; A. Mark Wallock - play (as Dr. Reverend A. Mark Wallock);

Cast (in credits order): Ginger Prince - Ginger; Forrest Taylor -Uncle Mark Wallock; Millard Coody - Millard Coody / Jesus; Ferris Taylor - Uncle Jonathan Wallock; Gwynne Shipman - Jane (as Gwyn Shipman);
Darlene Bridges -Darlene Bridges/Virgin Mary; Maude Eburne - Henrietta; Willa Pearl Curtis - Willa Pearl;
Raymond Largay - Dr. Martin (as Ray Largay); A.S. Fischer - A.S. Fisher/Simon; Hazel Lee Becker - Herself / Mary Magdalene; William Ruhl - Mr. Nelson; Russ Whiteman - Mr. Cole; Knox Manning - Narrator; also appearing:
Lydia McKim, Billy Lord, Lee 'Lasses' White, Del Fisher, George Hutchins, Marjorie Russell, Jan Hutchins,
A.D. Sly, Doug Robinson, Reece L. Russell, Fred Larrance, Homer Cherry, Frank McFarland, Clair Logan (as Sgt. Clair Logan), W.J. Becker (as Prof. W.J. Becker), Fred Mayers, Bert Alford (as Lt. Bert Alford), Ivan Tobias (as Dr. Ivan Tobias), Joseph Otis (as Sgt. Joseph Otis), Ralph Holt (as Dr. Ralph Holt), Mildred Hester, Louis Vanderpool,
Fred Larrance Jr., Pearl Oliver, J.O. Chastain, Austin Parker, John O'Malley, Blair Calley.

Trivia: Some of the actors were natives of Lawton, Oklahoma - where this was filmed - and their Oklahoma accents were so strong that all of their lines had to be re-dubbed.
Songs listed here (and in the movie credits) cannot always be found on CD soundtracks.
"Down in Oklahoma" - Written by Lee 'Lasses' White; "Right Under My Nose" - Written by Steven Edwards and Andy Page; "The Turtle" - Written by Vachel Lindsey; "Holy, Holy, Holy" - Written by John B. Dykes.

And in emails:
"I was in the Lawton Story too. I grew up in the Congregational church. Rev. Wallock who started the Easter Pageant was our pastor. I played a part in Peter's denial. Gee, that was a long time ago.
Dorothy (Dawson) DeMoro

" My father was the Executive Director of the Wichita Mountains Easter Sunrise Service from 1962 or 63 through his death in November 1965. This assignment came after he had served about two years as Chief of Police in Lawton."
Jack Rhodes, '59

"Has the Lawton Story ever been released in a video? Seems like it was in the process some years ago and one of the owners died it didn't get done. I think a lot of us would be interested in having a copy. When I was a Rainbow girl, we were angels one year long after the movie was made."
Connie (Lassetter) Johnson '56

NOTE: As far as anyone knows, no film existing now.

"I wanted to add a comment about the Easter Pageant. I remember how much fun it was to be in it, got to stay up all night w/no parents around, running around in the rocks, freezing! Then, when my part was done, back on the hill with friends trying to stay warm. The best part was staying up all night! Thanks,
Doris Joyner, '55.

I know a lot of folks have good memories of 'The Lawton Story' I remember seeing myself although I don't remember in what theatre; must have been the Vaska I guess. What I remember better though is reading in Time magazine some years later that with our Okie twangs and drawls in our speech that it became the first movie ever dubbed "From English into English" as they put it. I don't know if adding this to the discussion is relevant or not. All the best,"
Mike Harris, 59

"I was reminded by the Easter Pageant comment that I read Mary and the Angel in 1958. It was in that sound booth that I heard the best of Lawton's dirty jokes, told by adult cast members when the microphones were off! I did not plan to do the pageant the next year (since I had already played the lead!), but my English professor told me after class that he expected to see me at the casting, so I read the girls again in 1959. I had been a angel years before, and I assure you being in that tiny booth listening to jokes was a better location for public service than shivering in the cold on a ramp wearing giant wings!"
ellen (ewing) jahnke, '58

This information sent by Murdoch Matthew, '49:

The original version premiered in Lawton and featured a back story about a little girl, a would-be Shirley Temple, who reconciled two feuding brothers, one based on Mark Wallach, pastor of the Congregational Church who originated the pageant, and one, an evil banker, based on Central Hollywood stereotype. The banker's scenes were filmed at the big white house with pillars at 11th and Gore -- forget which banker actually lived there. [FYI: it was Exall English]
Darlene Bridges, who had a Church of Christ story hour on channel 7 when I worked there, played the Virgin Mary. But the Lawton Story was deleted as Babb adapted the film for showings around the country, emphasizing the pageant.

*For more on the film, see

I worked the KSWO radio broadcast for several years. In the daytime, radio signals had limited reach, but after dark they went much farther. That's why radio stations like KSWO cut power at sundown -- I think KSWO's 1,000 watt daytime signal covered Duncan and Chickasha, but they cut power at dark to 250 watts to avoid conflicting with all the other stations in the nation broadcasting on the same frequency. But most stations in those days went off the air at midnight, so the FCC gave KSWO permission on Easter Eve to stay on all night, broadcasting the Easter Pageant. We got letters from all over afterwards, Hawaii, Mexico, it was fun being an international medium one night a year.

Great to hear from so many on an event that was very special in our community! Regards to all......Georgia

Saturday, October 9, 2010

......LHS News......

Originally sent October 7

Welcome Home! LHS grads coming to Lawton this week-end for reunions, this may be of interest.... it's week-end for the annual flute playing and show casing of local artists work at Medicine Park. If you have not been to Medicine Park in years, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the changes. If you have opportunity, make a visit out that way. Festival 5:00-10:00pm on Friday; 11:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday; and part of Sunday. And, weather beautiful! Low to mid-80's.

Sorry to report the loss of Renee (Lobodinski) Specht, of Edmond. Renee passed on October 1 after 5 year bout with ovarian cancer. Renee is 1975 grad of LHS. A memorial service will be held 10:30am, Saturday October 9, New Covenant United Methodist church in Edmond.
Extended obit and information at:

Also passing, Rosemary Parmenter, 93, of Lawton. Rosemary passed September 29. She is mother of LHS classmates Brent Parmenter, '57 and Lynne Parmenter, '60.
Services are pending with Becker Funeral Home.

From the eMail bag:

Charles are you? Someone asked!

"I remember Dutcher's Shoe Store very well. I have a difficult foot to fit and it was the only place I could buy shoes unless my Mom ordered them from Browns in OKC. Still have the same foot and same problem!!"
Barbara Odom Smith '56

I glad Barbara has SAME foot(s)...!!! I remember shopping at Browns in OKC...great Anna Maude cafeteria in basement! Also shopped Kerrs....down the street from Browns. Rothchilds, Streets. In Lawton, Scotts, Parisian, Dixie, Vogue. Good 'ol days when had to have even small sizes 'taken up'.....NOT 'let-out! hahahhaha!
Dutchers was great shoe store! Where my mom bought those hideous (had to wear) saddle-oxfords. Was so glad when I got to Jr. High & got rid of those things...replaced with 'flats', penny loafers, and Capezio's with as much shoe *bling* as we could get in those days! gjw

"I remember Dutcher's Shoe Store very well. They had the very best in shoes and I felt very fortunate if I was ever able to afford to get shoes there. I liked going in and trying on shoes, it somehow made me feel special, being able to get shoes from "Dutchers" If my memory serves me correct, that is where you could purchase "White Bucks", very popular at the time.
Also about LaSills ice cream; since we didn't have a car, my aunt and uncle the Amburgeys would take us there for ice cream. That was a BIG DEAL! They had so-----o many flavors to choose from. I had one of the Smith sisters for English at Central Jr. High in the 8th grade."
Sharon (Weaver) Burgamy, '59

btw....Sharon celebrated a bday on 6th!

"Well Boys and Girls it has finally come. I turned the big 70 today. Where did all those years go. Every time I get a wonderful letter from Georgia I am drawn back to what seems like only yesterday. Here is to all of us turned 70 and those who soon will be."
Carrol (Anderson) McDevitt, Class of 59

Put me in the 'never gonna be THAT old' catagory! ahhahahaaaa

"I have wondered about Janet Tague as I used to live across the street from the Monroe's on "C" in the forties. Janet had a great personality and hope she remembers me. I lived directly across from the Eastons. Also, I seem to remember going to LaSills for a grape sherbet ice cream cone."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman

[LaSills]....."I loved their strawberry, lime sherbet, etc., because they tasted like frozen soda pop.
I was always in school and church with Joe Blake Dutcher, class '50. Bought all my shoes at Dutcher's Shoe Store. They had a fluorescent machine in which you could see the bones in your toes. (Not a good idea, as we later learned.)
I mentioned in an earlier message that I worked for about a week at Doe Doe Park's food stand, making fish fingers -- cutting fillets into bar shapes and putting them out to be fried. I wasn't very good at it -- couldn't shape the fish properly. I wonder if those were what Sandy (Childs) Mead remembers.
New York City has had three days of rain, some of it heavy (naturally, we headed out for a meeting in a downpour). Temps down to 59 last night. We may have an autumn yet. Glad Lawton weather is good at the moment."
Cheers, Murdoch Matthew, '49

"I remember LaSill's Dairy and Dutcher Shoe Store well. On Sunday evenings after church, my dad and mom (Harvey - graduate of LHS in the 30's and Edna House) would take us to LaSill's for ice cream and they would buy 12 quarts of milk and get a 13th one free. That was one of our treats for the week. Mother always took us to Dutcher's Shoe Store to buy our shoes for the start of school. I remember Mr Mackey waiting on us a lot. Thanks for the memories."
Judy (House) Hargrove '59

"Yes, I agree La Sill Dairy had the best Ice Cream."
Larry Muncy, '62

Allen 'Coon-dog' Dayton, who was back in BIG-L for the '49-'52 reunion on Sept. 25, sent some pictures after he returned home. Will be showcasing them all but below is great picture of a party (note Halloween decor) taken at Robert Forbess' house. Don't know year. Think I got names correct....from l-r: Bob Hendrick; Bob Drewry; Wayne Kniffin (can't see who is behind Wayne); Don Sherry; Sam Hamra (to the back); Bill Stratton; Sidney Milum. What a group!
Dayton, Drewry, Kniffin, Sherry, Hendrick, Milum, all '52 grads; Hamra, '55; think Bill Stratton may be '53?

FYI: I bought my Bill a copy of the 'Baseball in the Cross Timbers: The Story of the Sooner State League'. Bills' dad is mentioned (owner) along with Ted Warkentin and others of Lawton. I'm not much on baseball but book is well done, great photos, some familiar names. One mentioned that I did come to know personally, Paul Dean, Jr. Paul was son of 'Daffy' Paul Dean and nephew of 'Diz'. According to the book, Paul left SMU to pursue baseball career.
He came to Lawton in '56, maybe '57, and married our classmate Pat Burris, '56. They had not been married long & rented an apartment from my dad. We became good friends and still stay in touch! Paul played for the Lawton Braves in '57.
In emails with the author, Peter G. Pierce, I learned he will be doing another book which will feature more on Lawton, Duncan, and Chickasha. If you have interest, check it out at:

Regards to all.........Georgia

Monday, October 4, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 2

Last few weeks, have added a dozen+ new names to receive LHS News. Welcome! And fyi....previously sent news, pictures, reunion schedules, other, archived at the WolverNet blog (right here)! Enjoy!

Sorry to report the passing of Tommie J. Gunn, 84, of Lawton. Mr. Gunn passed on Sept. 28 in a mowing accident (mower flipped over on him). He is survived by wife Betty and is the father of Sandra (Gunn) Gall, '64; also, son Tommy Lee Gunn. Services were Friday Oct. 1, burial with full military honors at Ft. Sill National Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I appreciate Sharon (Godfrey) McLawhorn, '64, for calling my attention to this as I do not know the Gunns and did not make connection. Sharon also sent this note:
"I graduated with the LHS Class of '64 and I was fortunate to work with Sandra's mother, Betty Gunn for many years (16) at Fort Sill. I continue to be so saddened by the loss of so many people that we all know or know of their families."

Also passing, Debra Kay (Williams) Griggs, 49, of Lawton. Debra passed on Sept. 26. She was LHS class '79 and niece of our '59 classmate Bryan Nunn. Services were Sept. 30 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.

From the eMail bag:

"My sister, Karen (Kimball) Hutton, '60, and I (Barbara Kimball Grundman, '54) were dining at the Hilton Hotel at Heathrow Airport in London. We were returning to the States the next day after a European cruise. Karen was wearing her red jacket with "OU" on the pocket. This attractive lady came up to our table, said, "Excuse me, but I just have to ask, are you from Oklahoma?" We said we were and she said, "I'm from Lawton." We simultaneously replied, "We grew up in Lawton." She told us her name was Leslie Williams, that she and her husband were going to Barcelona the next day, and we talked about my classmates, Bill and Lugene Williams, and about Earl Drug. What a pleasant encounter in a foreign country. You just never know.
Enjoy your LHS news so much. Keep up the good work. You and Ed Harp keep me up to date on the latest happenings."
Barbara Grundman

NOTE: Leslie is my Bills daughter and Lugene, '54, is Bills sister and Leslies aunt. Leslie had emailed us of the surprise encounter this past Sunday night, Sept. 26, but I wasn't sure who is glad Barbara emailed. Small world department for sure!

Bert Click, '49, is a busy guy. He sent this message...."I'm heading to San Francisco next week to meet with Peggy (Loud) Forster and Rex Woods, all of us from class of '49. Peggy is in assisted living there and doing well. Bert"

And from Ron Sheffield, '58, (he was engineer on the Hubble)...
"This just came in over the weekend. Another reason to go see the movie.
It is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that the Imax film "Hubble 3D" won three awards at this year's Giant Screen Cinema Association (somewhat like Academy awards
for Imax-scale films):
-- Best Picture
-- Best Cinematography
-- Best Life-Long Learning Film
Congratulations go to all who have worked on Hubble over the years. The popularity and success of this film is yet another testament to how much the public embraces the amazing results of the decades of excellent work done
here at STScI, at GSFC, and throughout NASA."

"The LHS Historical Committee are missing several yearbooks that I have listed below. 1906 thru 1911, 1913, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1945, and 1947. I realize these years are really early years, but I wondered if there might be anyone
who has their parent's or older relatives yearbooks. We are wondering if some listed for the "depression years" might not have been published.
If you could please mention this in your wonderful website, it would really be appreciated. Thanks!"
Janet (Burt) Terry '63

Preston Holsinger, '60, emailed to say "thank you" to all who took time to vote for Lawton in the recent Pepsi Challenge. Lawton WON their grant and already at work making improvements to the Miracle Field!

**Sometimes get quite a lot of comments at same time so I file them for 'future news' are some on a variety of subjects we have 'remembered'....**

Ron Hagler, '57, is really good with a camera! The great picture (below) of his much loved dog, Sugar, was in his local Dallas.Ft. Worth area paper first part of September.

"So sorry to hear of the passing of David Lucas. He was a talented and good guy.
My old boss, PC 'Pete' Monroe, owner of Ritter Funeral Home, almost never missed a game of the Lawton Giants, etc. He would sit in the stands and shout "hit 'em where they ain't". Good old memories."
Dan Glascock, '59

I am so sad to hear of David Lucas passing. I well remember David and Frank sitting on their little pillows with their grandparents during church (First Christian) while their parents sang in the choir. My mom (Aunt Grace Monroe) frequently questioned why I couldn't sit still and be quiet like those nice little Lucas boys.
Janet (Tague) Copeland, '53

David, class '59, passed on August 30.

"I remember the 'fish & chips" from Doe Doe Park. They were the greatest and especially so because we did not get them very often. That was when eating out was a treat, not the standard. Haven't been back to Lawton in years. Wonder when the class of '65 will have a reunion??"
Sandy (Childs) Mead

"The discussion about the Vaska Theater brought back a memory for me.(I hope it's a memory and not a dream). As I recall, near where the Vaska was built, perhaps a little south of there was a gentleman who had a corral and horses to ride by the hour. I lived in the 1900 block of Arlington and would ride my bike to his place and rent one with the money I earned mowing lawns. Also, does anyone remember going to a watermelon stand that was just South of the "Flying Horse Filling Station" at 11th. and Cache Road? As I recall, they used a couple of stock tanks filled with ice water to cool the melons and you could buy it by the slice. Then, you could go and sit at one of the tables to eat it. It certainly made for a good family outing."
Bob Wallis, '56

"I was amazed at the response to my ''How about the Vaska?'' after reading comments on the downtown movie theaters a while back. I made that comment because I lived close to the Vaska in the 50's. Now I see Nikki's comment re: Fairmont. My father, LeeRoy Lewis, was the retail sales manager for Fairmont at that time and I remember many early morning deliveries to homes where we actually would put the milk, and other dairy products, into the refrigerators in the customers home or just leave it on the porch. Those were times when you could trust people and not have to lock your house. Times have changed!"
Michael Lewis, '57

"As far as memories of Lawton, does anyone remember La Sill Dairy or Dutcher's Shoe Store? La Sill Dairy had the best ice cream. I worked at Dutcher's Shoe Store for a year. Roma Wyant, Roger Wyant's mother got me the job! Roma was a jewel!"
Ann (Sherratt) Theobald, '59

"How many of you can remember Wayne's first hamburger place on 2nd street just north of Gore and before Lasills. Mom and dad use to take us there. That is the first place I ever had a sissy burger."
Bruce Knowles, class of 62

"I had both Bernice and Elaine Smith as English teachers in high school. They moved to Eisenhower High School when the new school was built. I taught at Eisenhower during the early 70's and had a classroom in- between them. The three of us did hall duty together on the second floor.

They had a great sense of humor and I loved both of them as teachers and as my colleague. Elaine was the smallest of the two and had lighter hair. Bernice was more stout. (not fat.)

They both had lovely clothes and took great pride in their appearance. Their hair was always perfect and their earrings and purses always matched their shoes. They were friends with my Mother-in -law, Norma Baker, that also taught in the English department at LHS. When McArthur High School was built, Norma moved there to be the librarian.
p.s. They were outstanding teachers and well respected by everyone."
Nikki Bentley Baker

LAST REMINDER: IF you have not sent your reservations for class 1955 or class 1960 reunion - two separate events, same week-end - October it NOW! DUE NOW! Details at right.

I think it's just wonderful that so many have such great memories of Lawton and our school years! It's a beautiful autumn day in Lawton, America and getting ready to watch OU tromp Texas, sitting in special reserved seats on the 50 yard line of our couch! Regards to all.....Georgia