Sunday, February 3, 2008

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Originally sent Feb. 1

I am so sorry to report that Rosalie (Kepler) Raibourn is very ill. She has been fighting cancer since last fall and her sister-in-law Linda (Raibourn) Langmacher has just let some know that her cancer has advanced significantly and Rosalie is in Comanche County Memorial here in Lawton.
The family has stated her time is very short and have asked for your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Rosalie was married to Dee Raibourn, class '57. Dee passed away in 1972. They have one son. Rosalie has been a friend many years, since our days in high school & she worked at Stedhams (later J. Wiley Richardson's). Rosalie is LHS class 1960.

Received this Thursday from Dean Henderson:

I wanted to let the Class of '57 know that my website
( ) is currently under construction. My I.T. guy is making a complete change in its appearance. That's the site that has the link to the video I put together for our 50th reunion last June. It appears that some people are still using that link to view the video. Right now that link is not available. However, the site will be fully restored in the next 2-4 weeks and it will have the video link on it.

I am not much on sports but I do know that Super Bowl XLII is this Sunday. I know that if you don't already have tickets, you probably aren't going to find any...even with money. I heard 'tail-gate' spots were going for $150. Don't know how close to the action that is? Most of what I have heard has been about .....what gonna eat, drink, food, recipes! MY kinda thoughts! So, I am renaming the Super Bowl the 'Chip and Dip Bowl' and I'll see you at the buffet table. Go team WIN!

btw....the Ground Hog at my house has on a fleece lined jacket!

Regards from a cold home town......Georgia

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