Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Originally sent May 14

Taylor Wyatt, daughter of Mitch and Perri Ann Wyatt, and granddaughter of '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks took FIRST PLACE (gold) Saturday in girls 100 hurdles at the 6-A state track meet in Ardmore.
Taylor is also granddaughter of class '58, Buster 'Bussie' Wyatt.
Taylor is a Junior this year at Lawton Eisenhower and is jokingly called 'Seabiscuit' by her friends. Is everyone excited & proud? Oh , yeah!

Had two informative emails from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs to let me know that there have been some serious situations in her life the past few weeks and she asks all to keep her family in your prayers. I have simplified here...
Their 16 year old grandson on a motorcycle was hit by a truck & is currently (improving) at an American hospital in Paris. Collarbone broken in 3 places, other injuries, surgery will be required. Same time frame, granddaughter Tanika was hospitalized with serious eye problems and eventually taken to Accra, Ghana. CT showed 'all normal', and a viral infection clearing up. All are living on the continent of Africa (Niger) where Jerry and husband Ron and family work as missionaries. Glad to hear in last email all seem to be improving at this point.

This update from Kenneth Easton on the class 1958 - 50th reunion - August 15-16:
"The invitations have gone out for all of the address via mail and e-mail. Reservations are already coming in and we are pleased with the number that have responded. Some have not attended any previous reunions. Our web site - LHS Class of 1958 Reunion - is up and running. We will continue to update as new information is forthcoming. Events for Friday and Saturday are on schedule. We are in the process of obtaining some tee times for those interested in golf and this will be headed by Joe Freund. Some additional events are still in the planning process. A list of classmates for which we do not have addresses will be posted on our web site this next week. We hope to locate all of these "LHS Wolverines". Kenneth" ~

The '58 web site is GREAT! <>
There is also a link to the site at blog <>

This from Kelly Longfellow, class '95, she is President of the Lawton High School Alumni Association:
"This is a LHSAA reminder that we are looking for graduate lists with addresses so we may conduct a Person Search using the contactor Harris Connect. This company will assist on finding the current address for each graduate of LHS, invite them to be a member of LHSAA. Harris Connect will also develop a LHSAA yearbook with all the alumni listed. Since LHS burnt their records last summer, LHSAA is asking alumni to share their reunion phone list. It doesn't matter how old the addresses are, the contractor just needs a previous address to conduct a search. If you have friends and family members who are graduates, please ask them to assist us.
LHSAA needs address for….1947 older, 1953, 1957-1966, 1968-1972, 1975, 1977-1993. Our drop dead date is 30 May 2008.
Please assist us in this search so we may assist LHS in their growth, scholarships, and infrastructure. Please visit our web page <>" or if you have info for Kelly, email her:

Regards to all....... Georgia

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