Monday, May 26, 2008

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Originally sent May 19

I am so sorry to report that Sue Ann (Alltizer) McCracken has been sent home with hospice in attendance. Sue Ann has brain cancer and time is very short. Sue Ann is class '62 and married to fellow class '62, Jim McCracken. Sue Ann is also sister to our '59 classmate Jim Alltizer. Loretta Hartline and Bill Stamps had sent me this info over the week-end. Sue Anns' daughter Chris is married to Kyle Stamps, son of Bill and Sharon (Hartline) Stamps.The family is asking for your thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.

I also learned this past week-end that '59 classmate Karelin (Cole) has cancer. It was my understanding that she has been taking treatment past year or year/half. She is living in the Dallas area I believe.
So very sorry and certainly keeping all with health problems in my prayers.

In the lot-better-news-dept.....'59 classmates Stella (Price) Naifeh and sisters Ella (Price) Hunter and Melvina, class '54, will be in Lawton this next week-end. ALL who would like to get together for a visit....Bianco's Italian at 1:30 this next Saturday, May 24. Kay (Holsey) Strickland is the contact for this and I am sorely disappointed I will be out of town.
Ella & Stella are Washington School alumns and we were all Bluebirds and then Camp Fire girls together....some years ago. Somebody take notes and pictures!

I visited for a while with the classes of '61, '62, '63 who met at Bianco's Saturday night. It wasn't a big group but some 25 there and they were having a great time. I was surprised to see several that I knew. Especially Elaine (Bell). Elaine lives up Edmond way and we are veterans of numerous GOP 'causes'! Visited with John Wallace and his wife. They live in Lawton so I see them from time to time.
Also, Shirley (Scott)...Shirley said she had moved back to Lawton after some 30 years away - Dallas and Houston. Shirley is sister to Joe Scott. They are from the great old neighborhood - Stephens addition. In fact they lived 1300 block on Cherry where my Bill lived for a few years (1321) did numerous other LHS alums!
And Sherry (Asbury)...hoped I spelled right? Sherry said she thought we double-dated one time!!I told her it has been so long since I had a 'date'...I can't remember!!! She said all she could remember was that whoever I was with was "good-looking". Well, of course! sigh!
Saturday night was fun! I appreciate Geneva (Harris) McIntosh for asking me to join in and I did visit briefly with her brother Glen Harris, who is our '59 class, he was arriving as I was leaving.

I received several great responses about Mr. Burris and I will be sending those out soon.

Hey! Class 1959. Classmates are wanting to have an 'initial' get-together/meeting-for-50th-reunion! Soon! Someone want to set it up? Let me know. Several have volunteered to 'help' but need a 'chairman'! about it? You did a great job last time and 'Kay' said, you said, you would!!!!

I am gone the rest of this week, so try not to do anything LHS newsworthy!!!!

Regards to all........Georgia

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