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Originally sent August 9

I have received numerous emails from 'you' saying how much you enjoyed the '52-'54 reunion pictures. So glad and appreciate all the kind emails. Ramon has been gracious and had someone email his pictures from the reunion. As my time permits, will be uploading them to WolverNet blog site. btw......some new ones loaded Friday night....<>

I really enjoyed an opportunity last week to visit with an old classmate Charles Andrews, via phone. Charles started first grade with 'us' at Washington School and went through our sophomore year and then his family moved. Charles' folks eventually came back to Lawton but Charles did not. He currently lives in Texas (long time) and is in Lawton about once a month to visit his dad who is living at the VA Center. (recall recent LHS News story on Charles' dad Jo Andrews. A 1932 grad of LHS).Charles said he retired about 4 years ago and was just back from an annual visit to Colorado with friends. He said it was 40 degrees when he left there and 102 when he got here! Whew! Plan is to visit again with Charles and even though he had to move before graduation, hope he will be able to join us for our 50th next year!

Speaking of our 50th (class '59), I have not received much input as far as what YOU would like in way of reunion. If you have ideas for type event, preference as to time of year, activities, please email asap as 'we' are hopeful for a meeting toward end of August, first September.

Speaking of reunions....the class of '58 - 50 year reunion extravaganza is almost here. NEXT week-end - August 15-16. Visit the web page for info:

And, class '68 is having a reunion on August 30. For info and details, contact Eddie Hamra at (580) 353-5800.

Good friend Barbara (Patton) James loaned me two old Wolverine LOREs.....1923 and 1924. They are just wonderful. I am enjoying going through them. In addition to seeing names that are familiar and some people I actually knew much later in life....its fun to read the old business ads. Some of them long gone but still familiar.

Also, my '59 classmate and friend, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith gave me a scrapbook that she put together back in 1956-1957. Maybe some past '57, but only dates I can find are 56-57. It is a book with tons of newspaper clippings about our LHS Wolverines football and basketball teams. Just a wonderful collection of news clippings, programs, ribbons (remember, used to pin the on your blouse/shirt), lots of pictures....just so fun!!! Marilyn decorated it very nicely in red and white felt. Amazing she has kept it all these years and I promised it a good home!!!!

Great action shot of Johnna Parks granddaughter Taylor Wyatt on the cover of the Back-to-School supplement in Lawton Constitution last week. Taylor is a track star (won 1st in state) and senior this fall at Lawton Eisenhower.

Speaking of Johnna...we traveled this past Tuesday down to Wichita Falls and visited with '59 classmate Carlana Murray. She gave us a tour through the Kemp Gallery that she is currently heading up. Its a beautiful historic old building and lovely gallery in downtown WFalls. We also enjoyed a great lunch together and continued our visit. Carlana said hubby Mike continues to re-coop from very recent bypass surgery and although slow, is doing well. Really enjoyed seeing Carlana.

I thought some of you born and raised here might have interest in this....SW OKlahoma Historical Society presents Frank Rush lll - 'Remembering Craterville.'
Special Guests, Larry Jones - cowboy poet and singer and Straw Berry - another cowboy poet. 7:00pm, Tuesday, August 12, at the Worley Center at the Great Plains Tech School in Lawton. I think there is NO charge for these events. Show and Tell - they also ask you to bring any old souvenirs or photos you might have of Craterville to share with others.

Remember, if you have old yearbooks or other LHS memorabilia that no one wants......there are people out there (besides me) who want it!

Finally a break in the heat! You know its been HOT when the 90's feel good! Regards..... Georgia

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