Friday, August 22, 2008

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Originally sent August 20

I am so sorry and so saddened to report that Al Terrill passed away this morning - Wednesday August 20. Al had been holding his own but he took a downturn over this past week-end. I have no specifics at this time but a family member said funeral would probably be Monday or Tuesday.
Al served as a State Senator many years and there may be a memorial service in OKC as well. Details when I know.
I know our thoughts and sympathies are with his family.

The pictures from my camera for the 1958 - 50th Reunion are now posted at the WolverNet blog <>. Hope I got everyone's name correct!
Go to right side of page, under picture of Doe Doe Park..."My Blog List" and you will see link to 1958 reunion as well as 1952 - 1954 reunion (still working on these). If I receive other pictures I will post them also. When you get to the blog site, can look individual or will 'slideshow' - click at top.btw......I am NOT responsible for any content....just minding my own business....shutterbugging!!!!! Zowie! What the camera saw! ahahhhhhhaaaaa!

You will also see a link to Julia (Fullerton) Bell....sadly we lost Julia on June 17. Someone sent the link to has about 4 pictures of her funeral service.

I have received the most interesting email. A young man (42) in Italy contacted me in regard to the photo on the WolverNet blog that has "The King" (Elvis) in it. Here is some of what he has to say..... "My name is Fabris G. Luca, 42 years old, Italy. I'm an Elvis Presley researcher especially on the early days.At the moment all my researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records done by Ernst Jorgensen (BMG chief on Elvis music catalogue) whichI'm now helping detailing the period from July of 1954 through the end of 1955.The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material,it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music.We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride (KWKH program transmitted also by KTHS) or Opry,or any live radio gig or interview ....Big D Jamboree....ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE 50s!!"

Luca told me the guy in 'my' picture where I had a ?, was Bill Black, bass player for Elvis. I also appreciate him sending me some other pictures of Elvis that I will get on blog soon. If any of you have Elvis information you would want to share or items from that time period, let me know and will scan & forward on to Luca! I actually have some original photos myself, heretofore unseen, that I will scan & email to him. Plus.....I would be willing to hand carry any items (copies of) to Italy! No sacrifice too much for 'The King!' Chao!

btw...have had some guesses on the 'stylin' guy in the white tux. One thought it was Buddy Holly. Wrong! But does look like Buddy since Sam Joyner mentioned it! One hit it on the head!!! Anymore guesses? It is a LHS classmate.

Regards to all...........Georgia

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