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Originally sent August 14

This is a special info 'news'.
Marilyn Celeste Morris, who is a '56 grad, sent this info pertaining to those students who were was Marilyn. Appears this could be a useful tool in finding classmates who attended Central or LHS briefly before having to leave with their military folks. Appreciate Marilyn for sending this along:

In 1999, an organization called Overseas Brats, founded by Joe Condrill, hosted a three-day reunion at DFW, where over 2,000 military brats discovered each other. Also attending were numerous former Department of Defense-sponsored teachers, those intrepid souls who volunteered to go overseas and provide us Brats with the very best education possible. With the express intent of preserving and housing the artifacts of our military-sponsored schools in far away places, these educators created The American Overseas Schools Historical Society. Such "sacred relics" as my 4th grade report card from Seoul, Korea, and tattered yearbooks dated 1950-52, will be archived along with other "Brats" items for researchers and historians' use.

As one of the "older brats," I was asked to share my memories and experiences in a manuscript to be housed in the AOSHS Museum, soon to be built in Wichita, KS.

With the advent of the Internet, many web sites have allowed far-flung military brats to locate each other. These are a few:
Overseas Brats: working with newly formed alumni groups hosts regional and national "gatherings" of Military Brats.

Military Brats Registry: One enterprising military brat, Marc Curtis, searching for his boyhood friends from Fort Bliss, Texas created a web site for just that purpose. Today there are over 60,000 grateful military brats registered all over the world. Searching for former classmates in Linz, Austria, was simple, quick, and produced the names of 30 "Brats" who had shared my experiences there.

Operation Footlocker, The Mobile Military Brat Museum.
Literally a set of footlockers, they are full of memorabilia, from report cards to yearbooks to stuffed teddy bears, and travel by request to any class reunion, convention, etc.

The "tckworld" is for Third Culture Kid, a creation of Sam Britten; This Third Culture Kid designation includes missionary kids, oil field workers' kids, embassy children, or anybody who grew up overseas and then gets jolted by culture shock upon entering the United States. An effect all of us Overseas Brats experienced, to be sure.

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society Museum soon to be built in Wichita KS.

Happy 50th LHS Class 1958 ~ 2008!

Hope to visit with some this Friday night at Medicine Park! Regards.....Georgia

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