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......LHS News......
Originally sent May 28

I am so sorry to report the passing of Margaret J. Densley, 92, of Gig Harbor, WA. Mrs. Densley passed away in her sleep on Friday May 23. Margaret is the mother of '59 classmate Richard "Dick" Densley. Also, son James and daughter Barbara; a brother, Richard, 4 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.
Richard says his mom was also known as "WOW", "Mumsy", and "Grandma Great. "Mrs. Densley was an army wife, dedicated to her husband (Hilton Densley, Lt. Col., US Army ret), her children and her country. She was the district leader of the Girl Scouts and the chair of the Red Cross volunteers, as well as through many church callings. During the Viet Nam War, she met the wounded as they arrived at Madigan Army Hospital. For her dedicated labor she was presented the prestigious Clara Barton Award."
Grave-side service will be held at New Tacoma Cemetery, 10:30am Friday, May 30. Reception to follow at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 10018 Far West Drive SW, Steilacoom. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to the American Red Cross or the Girl Scouts.

Also passing, James P. Nisbett, 90, of Rogers, AR. Mr. Nisbitt passed away Wednesday May 21. Mr. Nisbett is father to '60 classmate Jim Nisbett. Mr. Nisbett retired after 30 years in the US Army. In addition to Jim, he is survived by his wife Aileen, children Lindel and Carolyn; a brother Robert; 15 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Grave side services with military honors were held this past Saturday in Rogers.<>

Update: Services for Col. (ret) Walter "Walt" Belland will be this Friday, May 30, at Holy Family Catholic church in Lawton, 10:00am. Burial with military honors will be in Post Cemetery at Fort Sill. Friends and family may call from 6:00 - 8:00pm on Thursday, May 29, at Becker Funeral Home.
Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of SW OKlahoma or to charity of donors choice. On line guest book at: <>

Our sympathies are with these families at this difficult time.

Fun email:
Hi Georgia, you can't know how much fun it is to read the LHS News. Mike Wyant lived down the street and I have very fond memories of the Wyant family including his mother's opera music [on max volume]. Regarding Ella and Stella; well, I had a date with one of them around 1955. They were both great kids. Hope they are happy and healthy. Thanks for the news. Don Yancey - class '56.

Great email from Marilyn Morris:
I was surprised at my 70th birthday party held on April 19, at the home of my niece, Jessie Nunn, in Frisco TX. My daughter, Terri Bertrand, who lives in CA, plotted with my niece and others for weeks before the event. Emails were sent to friends and distant relatives, and if they couldn't attend, they sent cards or small gifts to my niece's house. My 88 year old mother flew in from San Antonio, as did my daughter, Terri.
My son Woody in Oregon couldn't make it, but he sent a good friend to represent him. I was certainly surprised when I walked through the door and a large crowd had gathered in the dining room behind a table with a huge cake on it, featuring a photo of myself as a 7 year old Whittier Elementary School second grader. Those present from LHS were Shirley Ford aka Sarita Harvey, Susan (Hankins) Ellington and her sister, Duffy Gilbert. Those who could not attend sent cards or gifts - Sue (Grimes) Ott, Barbara (Cunningham) Keyes, Norma (Curry) Gardner, Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, Charlotte (Magill) Tate, Gwen (Patterson) Carle and Jimmy and Glenda (Doan) Stanton.
Susan Ellington provided music from the 50's era and gave me some photos of LHS teenagers who look disgustingly skinny. I had a wonderful day and was certainly surprised. Special thanks to Susan and Duffy who drove down to the DFW area and brought so many memories with them with photos and music. Particularly touched that those "old" friends from LHS cared enough to wish me well even if they couldn't attend. For 70, we aren't doing too bad!!
Marilyn Morris -- LHS 1956
btw....Marilyn Celeste Morris has authored several books: Sabbath's Room; Once a Brat;: Diagnosis: Lupus: The Intimate Journal of a Lupus Patient; <>The Women of Camp Sobingo -

Lots of news......more soon! Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent May 26

Classmates....a lot of 'news'.......sadly, some is not good....

I had recently reported that Sue Ann (Alltizer) McCracken was critically ill. Sadly, Sue Ann passed away Saturday May 24. There will be a memorial service this Thursday, May 29 at Becker Funeral Home chapel, 10:00am. She is survived by husband James "Jimmy" McCracken, daughters Chris Stamps and Misty Neal, and brother Jim Alltizer. Several grandchildren and nieces and nephews. An online guestbook is at: <>

Also passing, Col (ret) Walter T. "Walt" Belland, 96, in Lansing, KS. Walt is father of our '59 classmate, Kathleen "Tink" Glenn. Services are pending with Becker Funeral in Lawton. <>

I thought many of you - especially if you went to OU - would remember Jack Mildren. A native of Abilene, TX (Cooper High Cougars), he made football history at OU. He was also said to have been a "straight-A" student. Mildren, a quarterback, was a freshman in 1968 and was considered the "godfather" of the wishbone.
Don Jimerson had a nice article in this past Saturday Constitution about Mildren, saying that they arrived at OU at just about the same time.If you recall, Mr. Jimerson was a coach at LHS and I took business ed from him my senior year. Mildren was later elected Lt. Governor of Oklahoma. Mildren was diagnosed with stomach cancer two years ago and passed Thursday, May 24. He was 58.
Services will be will Tuesday May 27, 1:00pm at McFarlin Methodist Church in Norman.
I hope you will join me in extending sympathy to these families who have lost loved ones.

'59 classmate Joan (Lee) Houghton and hubby Jerry are celebrating their golden 50th!!!Married May 31, 1958 in Lawton, they have two sons, John and Gerald. These two are just super sweeties! Wish you 50 MORE guys! Congrats!

Several nice comments on Mr. Burris:
Georgia, I have Mr. W C Burris date of death as September 21, 2003, age 74. This was in the Lawton paper. (Not sure who sent this?)

I remember Mr. Burris very well..and knew he was over the college at Altus.........thanks ......Nancy Herrit

Barbara (Ramey) Wiseman, class '57:
Mr. Burris was my typing teacher and one of my favorites at LHS, but I think he had already left Lawton High before I took my first teaching job there the school year of 1962-63. When Eddie and I moved to Altus in 1985, I filled a position as adjunct faculty at Western Oklahoma State College. I did not know at the time that Mr. Burris was President of WOSC until I ran into him in the halls. What a nice surprise, and he looked really good--much like I had remembered him from high school. I later heard that he and his wife had moved to Lake Texahoma and that he had passed away. I was sorry to hear this--he was a neat man.

Mike Wyant, class '57, sent a long email about Mr. is one excerpt:
Mr. Burris was a true friend. He was very smart, likable and really worked diligently to help all his students, even if they weren't "photographers" When you look at his educational career and his upward climb to obtain his degree, master's degree and doctorate degree, it is very impressive. What very few people knew, though, was that to obtain all those degrees and raise his family at the same time, Mr. Burris worked in a large traveling carnival each summer and made enough money each time to continue his education. His uncle owned the largest traveling carnival in the US at the time in the 50's and 60's and Mr. Burris would run stands or rides or the photo concession. He always knew how to make things work out and he was not afraid of working to take care of his family and further his education. I learned a great deal about life's challenges from him.

I was most disappointed that I missed seeing Ella and Stella and Melvina (Price). I did get to visit via phone with Stella on Sunday afternoon. She said they were having a great time & lunch with classmates and friends on Saturday was super. I know Carlana came up from Wichita Falls, and Gwen Phelps, Kay Strickland there and I understand about 15-20 others! Hope someone has pictures to share and prove it!!!?

Phone conversation w/Stella: They were staying with longtime good friend Betty (Hennessee) Watts here in Lawton. Betty is sister of Carolyn (Hennessee) Bass (deceased), class of '57, and Mikel Hennessee class of '73, lives in Lawton.
Stella said out on Betty's patio watching the cows in the quiet of the morning sure beat listening to the Dallas traffic. Stella has been in working in Peace Corps last 3 1/2 years, last (almost) year in Philippines. Home now to stay...Dallas area.
She said Ella is retiring after this year. Ella is still teaching nursing in Lexington, KY. Sister Melvina lives in Tulsa and I think she is just retired & relaxing!

Yours truly has been in Texas this past week. Houston was VERY hot and VERY humid!!! In spite, had a wonderful time with dear friend Johnna Parks and also traveling with me.....sister-in-law Chris Gill (brother Georges' wife) and another good friend Sue (Chalk) Briggs, class '64. We did our best to inventory all shopping areas/malls/boutiques and we had some fabulous lunches/dinners.This was a 'maybe last-opportunity' visit as Johnna and Wayne are moving home (Lawton) this summer.
btw...we were living vicariously in the 'fast-lane' as Sue had several phone reports from her daughter who was in Cannes, France, for the film festival. She works in film production. Currently looking at 'projects' with new best friend....Don Johnson! (Miami Vice).

Hope everyone managed to stay cool this Memorial Day! Regards......Georgia

Monday, May 26, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 19

I am so sorry to report that Sue Ann (Alltizer) McCracken has been sent home with hospice in attendance. Sue Ann has brain cancer and time is very short. Sue Ann is class '62 and married to fellow class '62, Jim McCracken. Sue Ann is also sister to our '59 classmate Jim Alltizer. Loretta Hartline and Bill Stamps had sent me this info over the week-end. Sue Anns' daughter Chris is married to Kyle Stamps, son of Bill and Sharon (Hartline) Stamps.The family is asking for your thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.

I also learned this past week-end that '59 classmate Karelin (Cole) has cancer. It was my understanding that she has been taking treatment past year or year/half. She is living in the Dallas area I believe.
So very sorry and certainly keeping all with health problems in my prayers.

In the lot-better-news-dept.....'59 classmates Stella (Price) Naifeh and sisters Ella (Price) Hunter and Melvina, class '54, will be in Lawton this next week-end. ALL who would like to get together for a visit....Bianco's Italian at 1:30 this next Saturday, May 24. Kay (Holsey) Strickland is the contact for this and I am sorely disappointed I will be out of town.
Ella & Stella are Washington School alumns and we were all Bluebirds and then Camp Fire girls together....some years ago. Somebody take notes and pictures!

I visited for a while with the classes of '61, '62, '63 who met at Bianco's Saturday night. It wasn't a big group but some 25 there and they were having a great time. I was surprised to see several that I knew. Especially Elaine (Bell). Elaine lives up Edmond way and we are veterans of numerous GOP 'causes'! Visited with John Wallace and his wife. They live in Lawton so I see them from time to time.
Also, Shirley (Scott)...Shirley said she had moved back to Lawton after some 30 years away - Dallas and Houston. Shirley is sister to Joe Scott. They are from the great old neighborhood - Stephens addition. In fact they lived 1300 block on Cherry where my Bill lived for a few years (1321) did numerous other LHS alums!
And Sherry (Asbury)...hoped I spelled right? Sherry said she thought we double-dated one time!!I told her it has been so long since I had a 'date'...I can't remember!!! She said all she could remember was that whoever I was with was "good-looking". Well, of course! sigh!
Saturday night was fun! I appreciate Geneva (Harris) McIntosh for asking me to join in and I did visit briefly with her brother Glen Harris, who is our '59 class, he was arriving as I was leaving.

I received several great responses about Mr. Burris and I will be sending those out soon.

Hey! Class 1959. Classmates are wanting to have an 'initial' get-together/meeting-for-50th-reunion! Soon! Someone want to set it up? Let me know. Several have volunteered to 'help' but need a 'chairman'! about it? You did a great job last time and 'Kay' said, you said, you would!!!!

I am gone the rest of this week, so try not to do anything LHS newsworthy!!!!

Regards to all........Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent May 18

'58 classmate Ron Hagler emailed me about 10 days ago and asked if I knew what had happened to one of our 'teachers'.....W.C. Burris. I had no information, but a check on white located a WC Burris in Edmond. Ron called and it was the right Burris but unfortunately Mr. Burris passed away about 4 years ago. Ron said he had about a two hour visit with his wife Joan.
Below is info Ron had initially sent to me and I thought some of you would remember Mr. Burris and enjoy it. I do not have a date when this was compiled. btw....Ron is planning to be at class '58 reunion in August. He has a new Peek-a-poo (Sugar) keeping him company, twelve weeks old. Think she just about has Ron trained!

From Ron: "This is latest I have on him, he was the boy's counselor at LHS." DR. WILFORD C. 'W.C.' BURRIS - Mead, OK. I am a retired educator, retiring as president of Western Oklahoma State College, Altus. My wife Joan Morrison is a housewife. We have one son, Jon Michael Burris and daughter-in-law, Cynthia of Edmond. We have two granddaughters, Aija Mikel, 15, and Kari Cierra Burris, 13. My hobbies are traveling and fishing. We are enjoying R.V. travel to South Texas and Colorado and living on Lake Texoma in Southeastern Oklahoma. After graduation, I attended Cameron State College, earning an Associate of Science Degree in 1950 and attended South Western Oklahoma State University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1951.1 received a Master of Science Degree in 1957 from Oklahoma Stale University and my Doctor of Education Degree from OSU in 1968. I taught in Arnett and the Lawton school systems. From 1961 through 1971, I was Dean of Students of South Western Oklahoma State University and Associate Professor of Education and Psychology. I became president of Western Oklahoma State College, Altus in July 1971-1990, retiring from public education after 42 years. I will be attending this year's alumni celebration. end


Saturday, May 17, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 16

A get together at Bianco's Italian Restaurant (113 NW 2nd St. in Lawton - same location since 1952) Saturday May 17, 6:30pm, for LHS classmates, '60, '61, '62, and anyone else who would like to join! Opportunity to visit, eat and drink with a few friends that you may not see very often.
For info or questions can contact Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, class '62, at home in Ft. Worth: (817) 284-4162 or email:

Speaking of Bianco's...Bill & I had dinner there this very eve and it was old home week!!!!!
'59 classmate Joan (Lee) Houghton and hubby Jerry were there! Joan told me she had visited this week with '59 classmate Beverly (Spradlin). Beverly's dad is still in Lawton and Beverly was here to see him. She lives in Florida.

Also at Bianco's, '59 classmate and Washington School alum, Ronnie Bost and wife Chris (Hansen) - class '64. Had a great visit but forgot to ask Ronnie if they were still living in Tejas?? Ronnie asked about 'our' 50th'??
And another good friend, class '54 grad Peggy (Elledge) Long. Peggy was talking about the upcoming reunion in July - classes '52, '53, '54.
I have no details at this time but believe it is July 25-26. If someone has details, please let me know!

Also saw Errol Choney a few nights ago...yes, I was eating out as usual!!!! Hey folks, if I don't eat out or go to pharmacy, I see no one! My social life is grim!!!! hahahhaaaaaa........KID-ING! Kinda.......!!

I still have people asking for old LHS yearbooks. Mostly looking for those in 1950's. If you have one you no longer want or if you find one some where for $ale that you don't want.......let me know. Thanks.

Gorgeous weather in the 'home town'......regards to all.... Georgia

Thursday, May 15, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 14

Taylor Wyatt, daughter of Mitch and Perri Ann Wyatt, and granddaughter of '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks took FIRST PLACE (gold) Saturday in girls 100 hurdles at the 6-A state track meet in Ardmore.
Taylor is also granddaughter of class '58, Buster 'Bussie' Wyatt.
Taylor is a Junior this year at Lawton Eisenhower and is jokingly called 'Seabiscuit' by her friends. Is everyone excited & proud? Oh , yeah!

Had two informative emails from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs to let me know that there have been some serious situations in her life the past few weeks and she asks all to keep her family in your prayers. I have simplified here...
Their 16 year old grandson on a motorcycle was hit by a truck & is currently (improving) at an American hospital in Paris. Collarbone broken in 3 places, other injuries, surgery will be required. Same time frame, granddaughter Tanika was hospitalized with serious eye problems and eventually taken to Accra, Ghana. CT showed 'all normal', and a viral infection clearing up. All are living on the continent of Africa (Niger) where Jerry and husband Ron and family work as missionaries. Glad to hear in last email all seem to be improving at this point.

This update from Kenneth Easton on the class 1958 - 50th reunion - August 15-16:
"The invitations have gone out for all of the address via mail and e-mail. Reservations are already coming in and we are pleased with the number that have responded. Some have not attended any previous reunions. Our web site - LHS Class of 1958 Reunion - is up and running. We will continue to update as new information is forthcoming. Events for Friday and Saturday are on schedule. We are in the process of obtaining some tee times for those interested in golf and this will be headed by Joe Freund. Some additional events are still in the planning process. A list of classmates for which we do not have addresses will be posted on our web site this next week. We hope to locate all of these "LHS Wolverines". Kenneth" ~

The '58 web site is GREAT! <>
There is also a link to the site at blog <>

This from Kelly Longfellow, class '95, she is President of the Lawton High School Alumni Association:
"This is a LHSAA reminder that we are looking for graduate lists with addresses so we may conduct a Person Search using the contactor Harris Connect. This company will assist on finding the current address for each graduate of LHS, invite them to be a member of LHSAA. Harris Connect will also develop a LHSAA yearbook with all the alumni listed. Since LHS burnt their records last summer, LHSAA is asking alumni to share their reunion phone list. It doesn't matter how old the addresses are, the contractor just needs a previous address to conduct a search. If you have friends and family members who are graduates, please ask them to assist us.
LHSAA needs address for….1947 older, 1953, 1957-1966, 1968-1972, 1975, 1977-1993. Our drop dead date is 30 May 2008.
Please assist us in this search so we may assist LHS in their growth, scholarships, and infrastructure. Please visit our web page <>" or if you have info for Kelly, email her:

Regards to all....... Georgia

Monday, May 5, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 5

Received word that Jack L. Hensley, class '52, passed away last September 24, 2007. Jack lived in New Jersey and was at the 50th reunion of his class here in 2002. His wife Mary said she just didn't think to let anyone know until she received some info about an upcoming reunion. So sorry to hear of Jack's passing.

Such great news....Barbara & Lou Green - Luther is class '57, are finally removing the yellow Iraq ribbon from their tree in Beaumont, TX. Grandson Dan is safely home, although wounded, and recipient of three Purple Hearts and the N.A.M. award for his Marine service and two tours in Iraq.

Announcement from Geneva (Harris) McIntosh - LHS class '62:
A get together at Bianco's (113 NW 2nd St - same location since 1952). Saturday May 17, 6:30pm, for LHS classmates, '60, '61, '62, and anyone else who would like to join! Opportunity to visit, eat and drink with a few friends that you may not see very often. For info or questions can contact Geneva at home in Ft. Worth: (817) 284-4162 or email: Might let Geneva know if you plan to attend.

Have received word that there will be a multi-school reunion for class of 1976 with those grads from LHS, EHS, and MHS. Tentatively scheduled for around July 5. Do not know location? Contact person is Robert Ryans: (580) 695-2721 - cell; email:

Many, many, reunions scheduled for this year. Check the LHS official school site <> and also the recent 'list' of reunions I sent which is blogged at: <>

btw.....Helen (Roberson) Houser, class '52, was recently in the hospital. Sorry I do not know her current status but she does have very serious lung/heart problems.

I am sure those who have lost loved ones or those with health problems would appreciate your prayers!

All my best from the 'home' town........ Georgia