Friday, August 29, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 26

Our 50th is just around the corner. With that in mind....'we' need to have a meeting. ANY and ALL '59 grads - gals and guys - are asked to meet next Tuesday evening, Sept. 2, 7:00pm, board room of Milo Gordon Honda, 5010 NW Cache Road in Lawton. (Appreciate Johnna furnishing the use of this great facility).
Please make plans to be there, we will plan as much for the reunion as we have people to implement it! Spread word with other '59 grads - not all have computers - give 'em a call, bring any info you may have about grads, yearbooks, stuff from last reunion, etc. Be thinking of time, place, activities, etc. Lets get it rolling...... C U Tuesday!

OK.....I am getting lots of interesting news with pictures!!!!! I am going to create a couple of new photo albums that will link from the WolverNet blog. One will be miscellaneous pictures of LHS grads (after being sent in LHS News) and one entitled Elvis, Elvis with classmates. In progress - Coming soon to the WolverNet blog.

Johnna (Adams) Hopper on behalf of the LHS graduating class of 1954 - Al Terrills class - the '54 class will be making a donation - from the class as a whole - to the Al Terrill Charitable Trust.

I had opportunity to meet and visit with '58'er Ron Sheffield at the recent reunion. He 'job' is so interesting and exciting, I asked him to send me a thumbnail. I appreciate Ron doing so and I want to share:......"a little about what I have done over the last 23+ years. I was an engineer during the build of the Hubble Space Telescope. My job was to modify the HST components (electronic boxes, mechanisms, scientific instruments, and appendages) so that they could be changed-out on-orbit. As a result of that task, I have trained all the Hubble astronauts to change-out the components for the HST Deployment Mission and 5 Servicing Missions. I trained them in the Neutral Buoyancy facilities at Marshall Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center.By neutralizing the astronauts in their space suites in the facilities, we are able to get simulate as close as possible zero gravity. It has been a rewarding career. The astronauts have flown medallions and jewelry for me and my wife during the Hubble missions. Our next launch, most likely the last Hubble servicing mission, is presently scheduled to launch on 8 October 2008. Hopefully, this mission will enable the Hubble to be fully operational for at least 10 more years. Nova is doing a special on the Hubble after the mission and I have been interviewed twice so maybe you will see me in November when they air the special. After the mission, I will retire to our home on the Monterey, California Peninsula. Ron"

(see picture - at top - that was taken at Johnson Space Center in Houston Aug. 20, right after Ron was in Lawton).Ron with Astronaut John Grunsfeld, Rons' wife Linda and mother-in-law Berneice....Ron wrote...
" This is right before John goes into the water at Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston to train for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission EVA day 5."

I also had a nice visit with '58'er Lyntha (Nicklas) Wesner. She and husband Charles are very involved in a project to save rail transit in Oklahoma and the area. (they live in Norman). She asked if I would share that info and as I know several of you are really into trains (right, Ed?)....feel this will especially be of interest to many of you.
Check it out at: <>

Had a nice email from Donna (Bridges) Waller.....not sure year Donna graduated (she is younger), but she is married to our '59 classmate Larry Waller. They have a 'summer' place in CO and she says they are thinking of 'retiring' but meanwhile, Larry is working on addition to the summer home. (see pic soon)

Work continues on the old Lawton High building. Photo (see pix soon) of removal of the chandelier from the auditorium.Artists with the Lawton - Ft. Sill Art Guild will work and oversee restoration of the fixture which will be placed back in auditorium. It took four men to handle the 5' diameter fixture which is mostly a heavy plaster material. Common material back in the day. If there are volunteers that would like to help with this project you can call Andy Owens at (580) 704-3437.
btw...yours truly was a founding member of the Lawton - Ft. Sill Art Guild...way back in 70's. Guess I should go help?

Look forward to seeing '59 classmates next Tuesday - IMPORTANT initial meeting!

Regards, Georgia

Friday, August 22, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 21

Here is an update on Albert Lee "Al" Terrill. There will be viewing Saturday August 23, from 8:00 am - 9:00pm and Sunday August 24, 9:00am - 9:00pm at Ritter Gray Funeral Home here in Lawton.

There will be visitation at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on Monday, August 25, 10:00am - 2:00pm. Visitation again from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Ritter Gary in Lawton.

Funeral service will be Tuesday August 26, 1:00pm at First Baptist Church, 501 B Avenue in downtown Lawton. Interment at Highland Cemetery. An on line guest book and more details at <>

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 20

I am so sorry and so saddened to report that Al Terrill passed away this morning - Wednesday August 20. Al had been holding his own but he took a downturn over this past week-end. I have no specifics at this time but a family member said funeral would probably be Monday or Tuesday.
Al served as a State Senator many years and there may be a memorial service in OKC as well. Details when I know.
I know our thoughts and sympathies are with his family.

The pictures from my camera for the 1958 - 50th Reunion are now posted at the WolverNet blog <>. Hope I got everyone's name correct!
Go to right side of page, under picture of Doe Doe Park..."My Blog List" and you will see link to 1958 reunion as well as 1952 - 1954 reunion (still working on these). If I receive other pictures I will post them also. When you get to the blog site, can look individual or will 'slideshow' - click at top.btw......I am NOT responsible for any content....just minding my own business....shutterbugging!!!!! Zowie! What the camera saw! ahahhhhhhaaaaa!

You will also see a link to Julia (Fullerton) Bell....sadly we lost Julia on June 17. Someone sent the link to has about 4 pictures of her funeral service.

I have received the most interesting email. A young man (42) in Italy contacted me in regard to the photo on the WolverNet blog that has "The King" (Elvis) in it. Here is some of what he has to say..... "My name is Fabris G. Luca, 42 years old, Italy. I'm an Elvis Presley researcher especially on the early days.At the moment all my researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records done by Ernst Jorgensen (BMG chief on Elvis music catalogue) whichI'm now helping detailing the period from July of 1954 through the end of 1955.The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material,it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music.We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride (KWKH program transmitted also by KTHS) or Opry,or any live radio gig or interview ....Big D Jamboree....ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE 50s!!"

Luca told me the guy in 'my' picture where I had a ?, was Bill Black, bass player for Elvis. I also appreciate him sending me some other pictures of Elvis that I will get on blog soon. If any of you have Elvis information you would want to share or items from that time period, let me know and will scan & forward on to Luca! I actually have some original photos myself, heretofore unseen, that I will scan & email to him. Plus.....I would be willing to hand carry any items (copies of) to Italy! No sacrifice too much for 'The King!' Chao!

btw...have had some guesses on the 'stylin' guy in the white tux. One thought it was Buddy Holly. Wrong! But does look like Buddy since Sam Joyner mentioned it! One hit it on the head!!! Anymore guesses? It is a LHS classmate.

Regards to all...........Georgia

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 18

Some of you will be receiving the 'news' for the first time, so I want to say 'welcome' and remind you, previously sent news and lots of pictures are archived at the blog <>

Al Terrill remains in SouthWestern Hospital in Lawton. Sadly, Al has cancer that is terminal but he is much improved from a recent bout with pneumonia. He is currently taking rehab and would love to see any who would like to visit.

I am sorry to report the passing of Fern G. Moncrief, 88, of Lawton. Mrs. Moncreif passed on August 15 and services will be Tuesday August 19 at Immanuel Baptist church in Lawton at 2:00pm. She is mother of our '59 classmate Randall Moncrief in KY and also son John and daughters Virginia and Carol Lynn. An on line guest book is at: <>

Also passing, Violet Belle (Morgan) LaRoche, 72, of Lawton. Violet passed on August 17 and services will be Wednesday August 20 at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home chapel at 10:30am.Violet attended Whitter and McKinley schools and also Central and LHS. Not sure year she graduated.
An on line guest book is at: <>
Our sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones.

The class of '58 - 50th reunion was great! Bill and I were among several from 'other' LHS classes who 'visited' and we weren't alone in having a fun time reminiscing with friends and classmates.
I will have a scrapbook on the blog soon with pictures I took Friday night at Medicine Park and Saturday night at Best Western. Any of you who also took pictures...if you want to email them to me, I will be happy to include them in the blog album.

I am also still working on pictures from the classes '52-'54 reunion as well as a few miscellaneous! Lots of pictures!

I know there will be a DVD of the reunion. If you have interest in that, I believe they are $25. and you can get hold of Kenneth Easton or Loretta Hartline.

The only mishap that I am aware of was Doyle McCune...bless him, he fell as he was leaving Friday night and cracked a bone in his fore arm and had a few scrapes and bruises. But, Doyle is tough, he had his arm wrapped and in a sling, and he was front and center Saturday night!

I was sorely disappointed that Doyce Grayson was NOT in attendance! You know, Doyce, class '56, attends reunions "five years, either way". He was noticeably absent. Better have a good reason Doyce!!!!

Otto Martinez attended in honor of his sister Margie Martinez who was a member of the class of '58 but sadly passed away many years ago.

I want to thank Kathy (McCoy) Worley, class '58, for the picture of Doe Doe Park that is posted on the blog. Visited with Kathy out at Medicine Park on Friday night....she was doing great and so good to see her. She and hubby Dean live in Texas.

I was surprised at how many said they received and enjoyed the LHS News. Some said they "loved it".!! Thank U!
I appreciate all the kind words! Great to put faces with some I had previously only had email contact with.....really enjoyed meeting YOU and so happy the news continues to be fun and informative for everyone!

Raining and wonderful (almost fall like) in the home town.......Georgia

Saturday, August 16, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 14

This is a special info 'news'.
Marilyn Celeste Morris, who is a '56 grad, sent this info pertaining to those students who were was Marilyn. Appears this could be a useful tool in finding classmates who attended Central or LHS briefly before having to leave with their military folks. Appreciate Marilyn for sending this along:

In 1999, an organization called Overseas Brats, founded by Joe Condrill, hosted a three-day reunion at DFW, where over 2,000 military brats discovered each other. Also attending were numerous former Department of Defense-sponsored teachers, those intrepid souls who volunteered to go overseas and provide us Brats with the very best education possible. With the express intent of preserving and housing the artifacts of our military-sponsored schools in far away places, these educators created The American Overseas Schools Historical Society. Such "sacred relics" as my 4th grade report card from Seoul, Korea, and tattered yearbooks dated 1950-52, will be archived along with other "Brats" items for researchers and historians' use.

As one of the "older brats," I was asked to share my memories and experiences in a manuscript to be housed in the AOSHS Museum, soon to be built in Wichita, KS.

With the advent of the Internet, many web sites have allowed far-flung military brats to locate each other. These are a few:
Overseas Brats: working with newly formed alumni groups hosts regional and national "gatherings" of Military Brats.

Military Brats Registry: One enterprising military brat, Marc Curtis, searching for his boyhood friends from Fort Bliss, Texas created a web site for just that purpose. Today there are over 60,000 grateful military brats registered all over the world. Searching for former classmates in Linz, Austria, was simple, quick, and produced the names of 30 "Brats" who had shared my experiences there.

Operation Footlocker, The Mobile Military Brat Museum.
Literally a set of footlockers, they are full of memorabilia, from report cards to yearbooks to stuffed teddy bears, and travel by request to any class reunion, convention, etc.

The "tckworld" is for Third Culture Kid, a creation of Sam Britten; This Third Culture Kid designation includes missionary kids, oil field workers' kids, embassy children, or anybody who grew up overseas and then gets jolted by culture shock upon entering the United States. An effect all of us Overseas Brats experienced, to be sure.

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society Museum soon to be built in Wichita KS.

Happy 50th LHS Class 1958 ~ 2008!

Hope to visit with some this Friday night at Medicine Park! Regards.....Georgia

Sunday, August 10, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 9

I have received numerous emails from 'you' saying how much you enjoyed the '52-'54 reunion pictures. So glad and appreciate all the kind emails. Ramon has been gracious and had someone email his pictures from the reunion. As my time permits, will be uploading them to WolverNet blog site. btw......some new ones loaded Friday night....<>

I really enjoyed an opportunity last week to visit with an old classmate Charles Andrews, via phone. Charles started first grade with 'us' at Washington School and went through our sophomore year and then his family moved. Charles' folks eventually came back to Lawton but Charles did not. He currently lives in Texas (long time) and is in Lawton about once a month to visit his dad who is living at the VA Center. (recall recent LHS News story on Charles' dad Jo Andrews. A 1932 grad of LHS).Charles said he retired about 4 years ago and was just back from an annual visit to Colorado with friends. He said it was 40 degrees when he left there and 102 when he got here! Whew! Plan is to visit again with Charles and even though he had to move before graduation, hope he will be able to join us for our 50th next year!

Speaking of our 50th (class '59), I have not received much input as far as what YOU would like in way of reunion. If you have ideas for type event, preference as to time of year, activities, please email asap as 'we' are hopeful for a meeting toward end of August, first September.

Speaking of reunions....the class of '58 - 50 year reunion extravaganza is almost here. NEXT week-end - August 15-16. Visit the web page for info:

And, class '68 is having a reunion on August 30. For info and details, contact Eddie Hamra at (580) 353-5800.

Good friend Barbara (Patton) James loaned me two old Wolverine LOREs.....1923 and 1924. They are just wonderful. I am enjoying going through them. In addition to seeing names that are familiar and some people I actually knew much later in life....its fun to read the old business ads. Some of them long gone but still familiar.

Also, my '59 classmate and friend, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith gave me a scrapbook that she put together back in 1956-1957. Maybe some past '57, but only dates I can find are 56-57. It is a book with tons of newspaper clippings about our LHS Wolverines football and basketball teams. Just a wonderful collection of news clippings, programs, ribbons (remember, used to pin the on your blouse/shirt), lots of pictures....just so fun!!! Marilyn decorated it very nicely in red and white felt. Amazing she has kept it all these years and I promised it a good home!!!!

Great action shot of Johnna Parks granddaughter Taylor Wyatt on the cover of the Back-to-School supplement in Lawton Constitution last week. Taylor is a track star (won 1st in state) and senior this fall at Lawton Eisenhower.

Speaking of Johnna...we traveled this past Tuesday down to Wichita Falls and visited with '59 classmate Carlana Murray. She gave us a tour through the Kemp Gallery that she is currently heading up. Its a beautiful historic old building and lovely gallery in downtown WFalls. We also enjoyed a great lunch together and continued our visit. Carlana said hubby Mike continues to re-coop from very recent bypass surgery and although slow, is doing well. Really enjoyed seeing Carlana.

I thought some of you born and raised here might have interest in this....SW OKlahoma Historical Society presents Frank Rush lll - 'Remembering Craterville.'
Special Guests, Larry Jones - cowboy poet and singer and Straw Berry - another cowboy poet. 7:00pm, Tuesday, August 12, at the Worley Center at the Great Plains Tech School in Lawton. I think there is NO charge for these events. Show and Tell - they also ask you to bring any old souvenirs or photos you might have of Craterville to share with others.

Remember, if you have old yearbooks or other LHS memorabilia that no one wants......there are people out there (besides me) who want it!

Finally a break in the heat! You know its been HOT when the 90's feel good! Regards..... Georgia