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Originally sent Jan. 14

This is such a great email, I just decided to pass it along all by its self. gw

From class '58 - Judy (Ray) Outlaw:

Hi Georgia ? The following message is about my sister and brother in law. I failed to mention that she worked in Mr. Bish?s office while Sid attended Cameron before going to OU. I wanted their many friends to know how (and where) they are ?email is if they would care to contact her or Sid.

Most may not know that Mary Beth (Ray) and Sid Hardy own the Dining on Persimmon Hill Restaurant inside the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. (Also known as The Cowboy Hall of Fame) They are '56 grads of LHS and when they 'retired' several years ago, opened a Tea Room/Gift Shoppe in Oklahoma City. Because of the excellent food and service, the opportunity came to move their Restaurant to the Museum.

A little more than a year ago, a call was made from a young lady in California who was making a documentary on true love that was of the lasting kind to the main office of the Museum and asked if there were anyone they would recommend her interviewing. Right down the hall was a couple who graduated in LHS in 1956, two days later were married at Centenary Methodist and still are happily married. Long story short, they are in the movie Paper Heart.
One of several stories as the movie makers traveled Route 66 across the country. It's now out on video.

As a side note, they were very excited this past summer when they received a call and invitation to the premier in Hollywood. Some times our plans don't work the way we feel they should. During back surgery in May, Mary Beth suffered a heart attack and was rushed from her hospital bed at Mercy to the Heart Hospital at Mercy where heart surgery was performed, was in ICU for 24 days. Happy to report she has recovered and is doing great. They didn't make it to the premier but have enjoyed the movie as it played in Dallas & Oklahoma City and now on video.

PS from Judy in answer to couple questions I asked:

Actually they've only owned it [restaurant] about 10 years, I'm sure they will be there forever. They love the people and she is working on her second cookbook. 'Quit' is just not in their vocabulary. They also do special catering events so they have something going on always. If you ever plan to go, please give her a call or email they are open only for lunch and special events until 2:30 I believe. (405) 831-0895.
Their interview in the movie is on the grounds of the museum and the first shot is of the beautiful 'End of the Trail'. Really is a cute uplifting movie.

A real 'feel good' bit of 'news'...hope all enjoyed and greatly appreciate Judy for sending it along....Georgia

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