Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Originally sent Jan. 18

I just received word that Rollie Eugene Fansler, 71, passed in MidWest City on Jan. 3. Services were held Jan. 7. Rollie was LHS class '57. He is survived by his wife Edith; 3 sons and 2 daughters.
An extended obit and guest book are at:

Also, just hearing of the passing of Lawrence 'Larry' Edison Banks, Jr., 71, of Springfield, MO. Larry passed Jan. 6 after a brief bout with cancer. Services were in Springfield. Larry was LHS class '55. He is survived by his wife Judy (Gramolini); a son 'Larry' and a daughter Kathy. There is a long obit in Lawton Constitution, Jan. 13. Larry has a very impressive list of accomplishments. We knew Larry personally, he was a really nice person.

Very sorry to report the passing of Fredric "Fred" Sadler Hill, 91, of Gainsville, FL. Mr. Hill passed Jan. 14. He is father of '59 classmate, Freddy (Hill) Williams; three sons, Andrew, Mark, Michael; several grandchildren.There will be a memorial service Tuesday, Jan. 19, First Presbyterian church in Gainsville.

And, I know Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, class '52, would appreciate your prayers. She is fighting cancer, just had surgery about a week ago, remains in hosp, and will be having more tests, possibly more surgery.

I know Dr. Chesley Montague, class '52, Lawton, is also scheduled for a very serious surgery this week. I do not have any particular details at this time but believe surgery may be in OKC.
I know our sympathies and prayers are with these familys in their loss and those will health problems.

From the eMail bag:

'59 classmate Jack Atkins sent a picture of his current-day hot-rod....quite a change from high school.

And Doyce Grayson, class '57, sent picture of 'Mom's' new summer place at our own Lake Lawtonka. Looks great and can't wait for the spring thaw to go say 'hi'.....Doyce and Diane live in Grapevine, TX.

Jim Powers, class '55, and wife LuAnn (Cobb) just celebrated their 50th anniversary end of December. LuAnn is a native of S. Dakota and met Jim as students at OU. We were privileged to be among other friends who enjoyed dinner with them and recounted a lot of years of marriage and friendship(s)! They have two sons - Shawn and Steve -and several grandchildren. Jim is brother to LHS grads, sister - Tomme Lynn (Johnson), and a brother Bobby Powers, sadly deceased. Major congrats guys ~ and many MORE!

Some had asked about the video of Mary Beth (Ray) & Sid......Judy says supposed to be available through WalMart or visit:

Just had an email from Kaye (Thompson) McCarley, class '62....Kaye says she rented it at Hastings (Lawton).So try your fav DVD rental store for Paper Hearts!
btw....Kays mom fell and broke her hip Christmas....Kaye is chief 'gopher'. You might keep them in thoughts and prayers and offer some encouragement if you get a chance! This is also mom and Kaye is sister of Marilyn (Thompson) Seely.

From Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, class '62, these details about the 2nd Annual All LHS Classes Reunion. Read carefully and contact Wynnann:

Saturday March 27. Music Hall (old skating rink) in Medicine Park. 12:00 noon - 6:00pm; buffet style meal, $20.00 per person.
RSVP deadline March 12. Make check to and mail to: Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62; 3608 NE Richmond St., Lawton, OK 73507.
Please include some method of contact - phone, email, address. BIG crowd last year and a lot of fun!

I appreciate Tom Jackson for his nice 'write-up' about the WolverNet blog in todays Lawton paper - Jan. 18; page 5-C. Tom specifically made mention of the Elvis photos on the blog. Tom worked many years for the Constitution here in Lawton and then a few years ago, married and moved to Ohio. However, he still writes a great weekly column that appears in Monday paper...all about 'cyber-space', browsers, blogs, programs... plus helpful 'tips' and where to find.....all things computer! Thanks much Tom!

WolverNet blog located: (if you are reading're on it!)

This year has started off with a 'bang' as they say....very busy, lot going on......regards to all.....Georgia