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Originally sent Jan. 21

Approximately 16-18 classmates have asked to be added to receive LHS News in the past month! Welcome to all and hope you enjoy! Remember, previously sent news, pictures, other items of interest are archived at the WolverNet blog: RIGHT HERE!

Sadly, we have had several losses among our classmates and friends recently. I always hate to report the losses but I receive emails, especially from those far away, who appreciate knowing. Unfortunately, there are more:

Received word from Barbara and Lou Green that dear friend and fellow '57 classmate Bobby Glyn Ledford, 70, passed on Jan. 19 in Houston area. Bob has suffered with COPD for several years. Bob married Alice Edmonson, class '58, in January 2009. Bob had dated Alice in high school but they parted company after graduation and reunited all these years later. Bob lost one son some years ago but is survived by Alice; four sons and one daughter; two step-children; lots of grand and great grandkids. There will be a graveside service in Texas on Friday. That is all the information I have. Picture below.
Don't think you will be able to read it but can see picture of Bob and Bob and Alice.

Also passing, Elaine (Erwin), class '68, passed on Jan. 19 in OKC following a lengthy illness. I have no other information.

I received a call from Ray Ann (Best) McDonald to let me know that Randi Kessler, 50, of Mesquite, TX passed very recently. Do not know exact date. Randi is daughter of '53 classmate Barbara (Kirkpatrick) Kessler of McKinney, TX. I have no other details.
So very sorry to hear of these losses and I know our sympathies are with these families.

From the eMail bag:
Comments on Mary Beth and Sid Hardy......
"Sid and I go back nearly 60 years ago. In about 1951 we were both delivering the Lawton Morning Press and Lawton Constitution. The newspaper people would drop all the newspapers for a certain area in a tin barn located on the northeast corner of Sheridan and Cache Rd. The tin barn sat off Lawton street just behind the Rag Mop bar. I think Sid's dad ran Hardy Plumbing and they lived 2-3 blocks north of Cache Rd about the 14-1500 block. I lived at Elm and 16th St 2-3 blocks south of Cache Rd. Anyway, we would meet at that tin barn day in and day out to get our papers to deliver.
After those halcyon days of yore I never saw Sid again. Then, life went on until I moved to OKC in July 2000 into a gated community 2 miles north of Quail Springs Mall. Donna and I both like Tea Rooms. A new friend told us of a tearoom about a mile from us. But by the time we had unpacked and found the place, it had moved to Council Rd and NW Highway out on the west side of OKC. So, one day we went to the new place. It was a super Tearoom in a large building including antiques which we liked to see. But, as we were dining, I noticed a man at the cash register who reminded me of Sid. I went up to him, introduced myself, and sure 'nuff, it was Sid. I also met Mary Beth who was running the register but whom I had not known previously. We loved their Tearoom and went there several times and even had church parties in their party room."
Phil Carson

Finding female classmates is most difficult as they usually marry and their name changes. I have had an inquiry asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of Harryetta (Rush)? Also, looking for Shirley (Kennedy)? Both would have been class '59. If you have any info, let me know.

Also, still have people wanting any old LHS yearbooks that would otherwise would be trashed. Let me know.

And remember a search for LHS 'artifacts' is still going on for the Memory Room at the restored old High School (Central). If you have items you would like to donate, call the Museum of the Great Plains and they can give details and where to take items, etc. (580) 581-3460. They will also accept 'ca$h' donations to help in 'furnishing' the room.
Currently, some on the committee are talking with the oldest living LHS grads they can find, asking questions, and tape recording their remembrances about their school days and experiences at LHS. These audio tapes will eventually be in a library and can be 'listened to' by visitors.

The 2nd Annual All class reunion (classmates, any year, invited), is really not that far away - March 27 - and two email contacts have been sent in event you need info...etc....and are planning to go:

Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, class '62 - or
Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62 -
Deadline for reservations w/payment is March 12. Details are posted here on the WolverNet blog, right side of page under...Reunions.

Regards from the 'home town' where weather has actually been 'spring like'. The plants and trees are 'confused'! ......Georgia

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