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Originally sent May 5

Howard L. Cole, 78, of Norman passed on April 30. He grew up in Lawton and attended LHS. He married Marie Gonzales in 1953 and they were married until she passed in 2009. He owned and operated Cole's Cleaners for over 50 years here in Lawton. He is survived by a son and a daughter.Services will be 10:00am Saturday May 8, at Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel, burial at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

Otto Martinez sent news of loss of another classmate.....
Claus Rell "RL" Mahistedt passed April 26 in Weatherford,OK. RL was LHS class 1949. Services were April 28 in Weatherford.

I received additional information on Geraldyn Smith from her sister Barbara (Smith) Richards, class '55:
"Geraldyn Smith is my sister and she was the class of '49. She graduated from OBU 1954and went to physical therapy at Baylor Hospital - Dallas. She had her own therapy office in Corpus Christie, TX. She retired and moved to Prescott, Arizona. She has now been diagnosed with cancer originating in the uterus and spread to both lungs so her days ahead will be short..."

"Have been on a whirlwind of Cancer Treatments in the Hospital at BAMC since Dec and now have a new right eye and major stop for hemorrhaging of right lung, and finally got control with Radiation Treatment, and now it appears we have wiped out a tumor in the right lung. Will know for sure in early June.
Feeling good now and back home on my feet. Has been quite a ride. Love the fishing stories and my mouthwatering to taste fresh crappie.
Best to all and will keep all posted. My prayers are out especially for Dee and the others going through treatments. Not fun at!
Love to all Ralph [Purvis, '52] and Jackie"

Tommye Hobbs, '52, emails.......
"Ray's post chemo/radiation PET scan showed nothing, except a small suspicious spot on his left cheek. He got a personal call from his dermatologist/Mohs surgeon Tuesday. She wanted to share good news with him for a change. The biopsy results showed THE SUSPECTED SPOT WAS NOT CANCER!!!! As of now, Ray is clear of cancer and will only need the routine oncology follow-ups. Thanks to everyone for their concern, cards, gifts, prayers. We are looking forward to our trip to Lawton for the 49, 50, 51,52 reunion. See you in September.

Jo (Van Stone) Riley, '51, had hip replaced April 29 in OKC. She is currently in re-hab and doing well.

I know we have a lot of classmates with serious problems. I report what I receive so if you want to contact friends that maybe you have not seen in a while or send words of encouragement.....you may do so!
And, I hope we will all remember these classmates and others with health problems or losses in prayers.

More from the eMail bag:

Class 1959......Another correction for '59 Memory Books and roster. Email for Judy (House) Hargrove should be: jhmagoo0190@aol.com Watch those O's and zeros. Think that's where 'we' messed up.

Received this from Ron Sheffield, '58......."Just a quick note. I did the opening speech at the San Jose Technology Museum in San Jose, CA for the Hubble IMAX movie. It is an absolutely fantastic movie with some science up front and then astronauts working on the Hubble Servicing Mission 4 that we completed in May 2010. It is 45 minutes long. If you can go see it in 3D and the astronauts will be right in your laps. I don't want all your dirty minded "young" ladies to get any ideas.
The normal IMAX movie is very good and exciting, but 3D just makes it great. I talked to over 250 people today and everyone liked it. I don't know where the closest IMAX theater is but I would strong encourage that everyone see it. PS I don't get a kick back. Darn. Ron"

In case you don't know, Ron was an engineer for the building of the Hubble Telescope! And I know I'M looking forward to the 3-D effects!!! Read more about Ron and his interesting job, along with pictures, starting in August 2008 LHS News (archived at the blog): http://www.thewolvernet.blogspot.com/

Ron, no offence here, but every time I hear 'Hubble'...I think....Robert 'Hubble' Redford in 'The Way We Were'....sigh! Then.... I think telescope!

Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here but heard wedding bells ringing for '59 classmate Rita A. (Ray) and James Monsel, Jr. Congrats and best wishes guys!

Emails from Patsy (Conner), '56. Patsy in still in Little Rock but has a new address. If keeper of '56 info needs it, get hold of me.

Also Ron Jones, '55, who recently spoke at length with Lawton Constitution columnist Herb Jacobs about the great trips down memory lane with the articles about 1950's sports program at LHS. Ron was one of the LHS athletic *stars* back in the day. Herb is still writing, currently about '60's teams at Cameron that definitely featured some LHS grads! Herbs' column..."Where Are They Now?" appears in Sunday paper.

Remember....."If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter".... Grease, the movie!

My Bill and several others have a fishing trip planned to the Louisiana gulf next month. In light of current oil accident, trip is treading water! Bill and other fishermen have been closely watching the developments in the gulf area. I know not of interest to all, but this site is quite interesting as to what is going on, effects, what happened, and constant up-date on the situation. If you have curiosity, check: http://www.nola.com/news/gulf-oil-spill/index.ssf/2010/05/gulf_of_mexico_oil_spill_anima.html

I will be away from my computer for a few days, so try not to do anything news worthy! Regards from the home town and wishing all moms a very Happy Day! .........Georgia

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