Friday, May 21, 2010

I have received word from Mary (Harris) Thompson, '56, that this photo is a copy of one she took at the old High School. L-r: Myrna Kaye Langley; Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs; Laurie (Abshire) Patterson; kneeling - Charlotte McGill

Pictures sent from Laurie Ann (Abshire) Patterson, class of 1956. First one is of 'the girls' Other is at 'church camp'. Do you recognize classmates or others?


okiegirl said...

Charlotte Magill seated in the first picture

okiegirl said...
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Elaine Paine said...

My husband, David Paine, is in the picture, and is seated on the balcony. The cabin is the First Baptist Church of Lawton's cabin at Falls Creek. I was not there that year, but every year thereafter until I went away to college. Great times were had there!! Elaine (Stark)Paine '58