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Originally sent July 10

'59 classmate Charles Brooks, who lives and works in Germany, will be getting a new knee this week-end! 'They' have these parts replacements down to a fine art, so no doubt Charles will be up and running soon. We wish him the best!

The info on Roy Rogers prompted numerous responses. Ironic, as in todays Lawton paper and the Oklahoman, story on the upcoming auction of the last of the museum items. Trigger is expected to bring between 1 and $200,000. That's a lot of hay! (pix above of Roy, Dale, and Trigger at the CA Museum years ago).

"Regarding Roy Rogers: My Husband and I purchased a VCR tape of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and probably the only movie that they made together. Gene was the good guy and Roy played the bad guy. We only paid 25 cents at a church yard sale. Also, several years ago we purchased a CD of Roy's songs and some I had never heard him sing before. Growing up in the 50's he was one of my idols. Those were the good ole' days!!!!! Thanks again for all the news. "
Becky (Mincey) Roberts, '59

....."years ago while working for Continental Air Lines I met Roy and Dale. Later on at one point while VIP escorting Dale and her entourage, we stopped for prayer and they asked me to join in. OK, I'm name dropping but I am proud to say I held hands and prayed with Dale Evans.God bless,"
Mike [Lehew], '68

" one of the largest days in my young life was seeing Roy and Trigger at Craterville Park as a mere lad. I remember Trigger being there a few days before Roy. His workouts drew huge crowds. Some of the older folk said there were more people there for Trigger than when Roy showed up."
Ed Adams, '59

"I used to see all the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movies in Lawton as a kid. Then we'd come home and replay the movie. I met Dale Evans several times as she used to come in to San Bernardino to shop before they had the mall in Victorville. They lived in Apple Valley. I met both of them there as we spent several months there. She was extremely friendly and pleasant and would greet you like an old friend. Kinda sad that the memorabilia is being split up. Somebody on TV this last week remarked that they were so shocked to see how small in stature Roy Rogers was. We all thought he was at least 6 ft 4."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, '56

From my own notes, back in late '60's and '70's, we frequented events at the National Cowboy Hall in OKC. Had numerous opportunities to visit with Roy & Dale and also Gene Autry! They were always very nice and Gene Autry had a lot of good memories of Lawton and was good friends with Lawtonian Max Brock. Max owned or maybe managed the theatres in Lawton back in that day and had a lot of contact with Autry and others in showing their films. I remember the cowboy movies...mostly at the Dome!

Several commented they got a chuckle/laugh out of the 'earring fitting' bit.......this comment came from '59 classmate Ben Ansley.......
"Georgia, I am so glad to hear about you earrings ears have grown so much that they flap in the wind...Ben".
I kinda doubt that but always enjoy hearing from Dumbo...uh, I mean, Ben!

'60's classmate Preston Holsinger asked if I would send this out and it is hoped that some of you will help by taking a minute to vote at link below........
."We need your help in getting a $50,000 Pepsi Grant for building a hard surface baseball diamond for Lawton's special needs children. We just need you to spend a couple of minutes every day in July to vote for our Miracle League project. The Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with special needs to play baseball with a specially designed rubber turf field. The Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill is building one of these baseball fields for our special needs children. We need your help in winning the money necessary to build this field of dreams. The Lawton-Fort Sill community is home to thousands of children who need this field, and more are constantly coming to our community as soldiers with special needs children are assigned to Fort Sill. This is a simple and easy way to make a difference in some physically and mentally challenged children's lives. So, please click on the following link and vote daily to make that difference:" Go to:
THEN.....Click on the link on the Pepsi home page, there will be a rather long (about 1.5 inch) oval white box with a magnifying glass in it. This will be in the very top right side of the home page. Click on this and type Miracle League and then click on the magnifying glass. This should take you to the Miracle League Lawton/Ft Sill listing. Click "Vote for this idea"

Regards to all..........Georgia

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