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Originally sent July 27

So very sorry to report the passing of Margery Mabel (Robertson) Ray, 95. Mrs. Ray passed on Sunday July 25 in Texas. Margery was in LHS class 1932. She is survived by daughter Shirley Blowers, '53; son, Larry Ray, '59; daughter-in-law, Norma (Abbott) Ray, '59; numerous grand and great-grad children; nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by husband, Ellsworth Ray; sons and LHS classmates, Tom Bill Ray and James Ray.
Services will be 10:00am, Thursday July 29 at Centenary Methodist church in Lawton. Burial in Highland Cemetery. The family will receive friends at Becker Funeral Home, Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com
Mrs. Ray was a lovely person, she will be missed.

Also passing, Loyal Farmer of Lawton. Loyal passed on Sunday July 25. Loyal is husband of Chlorica (Stephens) Warkentin Farmer, class '57.Loyal was our neighbor and a very nice person. We will miss him as he was frequently out in the yard, always a wave & smile. He & Bill were also members of what some of us refer to as the 'lunch bunch'. A group of guys who lunched together quite frequently. They will miss him also.
Services are pending with Becker Funeral Home. www.beckerfuneral.com

And, Mable (Burcham) Hamburger, 93, of Lawton. Mrs. Hamburger passed on July 23. She taught school in Lawton at Lincoln, Jackson, Taft, Kuntz, and Widrow Wilson. Her husband Earl also taught in LPS. He passed in 2004.She is survived by sons Kenneth, '57, and Steven; daughter Carolyn Sue Campbell; several grandchildren.The family will receive friends Tuesday evening, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, at Becker Funeral Home.
Service will be 10:00am, Wednesday July 28, St. Paul's Methodist church, burial will be in Weatherford, OK.
Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

Classmates of Kathy (Holsinger) Reese are asking you to keep her in your prayers. Kathy has been taking treatment for cancer for some time. She is class '68 and sister of Preston Holsinger.

From the eMail bag:

So many have been sharing memories/remembrances.....have to remember LONG before computers, cell phones, iPODS, WiFi, CD's, and DVD's. TV was even new and not much on it as yet!So......Craterville, movies, circus, dance recitals, Kress and McClellans were a BIG source of fun and entertainment. I remember when we just used to park the car on C or D street and 'watch the people'.!!! Especially around 'pay-day'.

"Georgia, I was in the class of 53......so my experience at the Ritz pre-dates you just a little. I clearly remember when I was 10 or 11 years old, that at the Ritz you could get in for 5 cents between 12 and 1pm. 25 cents could get you in the movie, get pop-corn and a coke, and still have a few cents left to go to the penny arcade at the corner of 3rd and D (north east corner, down stairs). My favorite cowboy star was Charles Starret as the Durango Kid. I went every Saturday with my cousin Jimmy Herring. I also remember when we reached 12 we would go to the ticket window and bend our knees to get the child price. (I'm sure it wasn't too obvious, when we were bending our knees.)"
John Amburgey, '53

Yes, John is much older than I. ahhahahhaha
John's bit about bending his knees reminds me of some who did that to trick 'r treat at Halloween. Well into High School. Hey....it was *FREE* candy! And remember, hiding friends in trunk of the car to get into Hankins, Mt. Scott, or Austin drive-in. Shame on you! hahahhahahha

"Georgia: I also remember Roy Rogers coming to Craterville Park. I was able to pet Trigger in his stall between appearances with Roy. And well I remember the Ritz theatre. On Saturday Dad would give us, Me, Bobby and Sonya, a quarter. It cost two nickles to ride the bus back and forth. The bus station, at 2nd and C Ave was about 40 to 50 feet from the Ritz. It cost a dime to get into the show. This left us a nickle to spend for candy. I remember one Saturday that I, amazingly, had an extra nickle. I bought a 10 cent Baby Ruth candy bar. It was so big I couldn't eat it all.The Ritz also had first run movies that started their run on Sunday. On Saturday night they would have a late night preview.(started about 11 pm) During high school years the three of us would sometimes attend these previews. Fortunately our parents knew where we were and didn't object. We NEVER misbehaved so we were trusted by our parents. We were very lucky. There is not enough room in this computer to write my memories of high school and the things the three of us did with our friends, Bob Keiningham, Wayne Kniffin, and Mikel Johnson. Thanks again for what you do for us LHS grads."
Jimmy Reynolds, '53 .

....."Mentioning John Waller, I remember in the 1st grade Mrs. Waller [Johns mom was teacher] coming in with a famous painting of a boy with his rabbit and teaching us a little song. 'The boy next door has a rabbit to sell,' etc. I remember it to this day."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, '56

"It is always fun to read comments from friends so many years ago like John Waller and Sonya Reynolds. I will always be grateful to John Waller. He helped me on a test by letting me copy from his paper. He most likely will not remember that. But I certainly do, because I passed the test thanks to John. I think John was the drum major our senior year? I loved the LHS band to boot. My older brother (Eddy) played in the band. I never missed a LHS band concert.Oh my, do I ever remember Sonya Reynolds. She was my girlfriend. She may not admit that, but she was. Or at least I thought so. Sonya was a beautiful ballet dancer. Actually I thought of her as kind of a prima donna, or at least to me she was anyway.I loved to go to her recitals and watch her graceful athletic moves."
Ronny Jones, '55

... "ah-h thanks for the memories of the old movie houses. My brothers (Errol, Eric, and Cloyce) and I remember so vividly the times our Daddy would take us nearly every day to the movies - summer admission was a nickle! Then momma found out. That was really back in the day. I love these nostalgic stories. Keep'em coming."
Karen (Choney) Culloty, '59

Appreciate John Smith, '60, for sending info including the picture of Roy Rogers major customized Pontiac. The car went well over pre-sale high end estimate of $150,000, selling for $254,000.00. What a fun car!

Also, recent emails from Kay (Holsey) Strickland; Doroty DeMoro; Sue (Lacy) Williams; Jack Atkins; Gene Morris; Claudette (Taylor) Burch; Ed Hesler; And.....Bobby Spradlin - who btw...has great sense of humor - to wit:..."Another fact about Roy Rogers. It's not well known , except to a few very specific collectors, that Roy Rogers also had Gabby Hayes sent to a taxidermist. In a silent auction, Gabby sold for just $10,000 dollars less than Trigger."
Love it!

LHS class 1970 is having their 40th reunion this September 11. My brother Tim in that class. Details soon.

Received snail-mail from Glenda (Doan) Stanton and she asked me to pass along.....LHS class 1955 is planning a reunion this October 1 and 2. Details soon! Friends also welcome & Glenda says if you have moved since 2005, send your new address and contact info to her at: Glenda Stanton, 1001 NW 16th St., Lawton, OK 73507. Glenda's phone is (580) 355-0569.

Well, yours truly has been doing a lot of yard work & on my lunch break Friday, decided on a foot long chili dog from Waynes! Still very tasty! btw....remember how Wayne's looked in the beginning! It's come a long way too, baby!!! Regards to all from the home town..........Georgia

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