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Originally sent July 19

Lot of news, and sorry we have more losses......

David Richard Daniel, 65, of Edmond, passed July 17. David suffered a severe heart attack on July 11 and was not able to recover. David is LHS class '64. He is son of Mary Lou (Holt) Daniel who is LHS class '41. David is survived by his wife Judy (Brown); two sons, Matt and Mark; daughter Katie; his mom; two sisters, Susan Sullivan; Diane who is married to our '59 classmate Ed Adams. A Memorial service will be 11:00am Tuesday July 20, at Baggerly Funeral Home in Edmond, 903 South Broadway. Extended obit and guest book at:http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=David-Daniel&lc=7371&mid=4319076

David Pipes, 58, of Edmond passed on July 5 after a lengthy battle with systemic scleroderma. David is LHS class '69 and is the son of John and Barbara 'Babs' (Hutchins) Pipes of Lawton. John & Babs are both LHS grads.David is survived by his parents; his wife Linda (Shackelford); sons Adam and Jeremy; brother Kevin Pipes; sister Kathy Gragg.
A memorial service will be held next Friday July 23, 1:00pm, Journey church in Norman. Extended obit was in Lawton Constitution July 13.

Also passing, Kent Dunning Fountain, 62, of Lawton. Kent passed on July 11 and funeral services were July 15 in Lawton. Kent attended Swinney, Tomlinson, and graduated LHS. He is survived by wife Sheila (Martin); two sons; brother Richard; father Jay Dee Fountain; other extended family members.
Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

I know our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and those who are having health problems.

From the eMail bag......
Shirley (Ray) Blowers, '53, told me that her mom celebrated her 95 birthday on Jan. 8 - same as Elvis - and that she was doing fine until an emergency appendectomy on Easter Sunday. Surgery went well but some later complications are causing problems. Margery Ray is such a sweetheart. She is also mom to '59 classmate Larry Ray. I know we all wish her well.

More follow-up on Roy and Trigger.....had NO idea the impact 'they' had on our generation.....

"This is my horse, Trigger. (pix above, left). He ended up with the Craterville riding string. I had him for several years before we left the farm. This was taken in 1946. I never got on him without thinking I would one day ride with the real Roy Rogers and the real Trigger."
Ed Adams, '59

And not all Triggers were Palaminos.....
"That was fun stuff about Roy Rogers. I named my first horse Trigger, even though he was a black horse."
Mitch Braley, 57 (pix above, right, of Trigger, Mitch, and his mom).

"I remember when Trigger flew in at the old airport where the Memorial Hospital is located now. We lived at Cameron and Richard carried me on his bike and we saw Trigger with a beautiful lady holding a fawn with Trigger holding a bottle in his mouth feeding the fawn.There were children standing there and a local photographer (maybe Bill Dixon) took a picture that was in the studio or in the newspaper. I would love to find out if anyone else remembers that and knows where I could get a copy of the picture. I was one of the children standing there watching. Gary never forgot to mention that we didn't take him too. I had to have been 8-10 yrs old so that would have been in 1946-1948."
Connie (Lassetter) Johnson"

I also remember seeing Roy Rogers and Trigger at Craterville Park as a young boy. A group from Whitter grade school: Donnie Gaskins, Chad Payne, The Killgore brothers, Jimmy Ballard, Duggie Dugalosh (spelling?) and several others got our parents to take us out to Craterville Park to see the King of The Cowboys, Roy Rogers in person. I vividly remember some of the guys saying, "Do you really think THAT IS ROY ROGERS?". Simply because we could not believe Roy Rogers was actually that close to us in the flesh. We could nearly touch him from the front row.
I am 100% sure all those [cowboy] movies were at the Ritz. I would bet my last pair of shoes on that. It took 30 cents to do the following: 10-cents for round trip (5-cents each way) bus ride to the Ritz. 10 Cents to get in the movie. 5-cents for coke and 5-cents for pop corn or candy bar."
Ron Jones, '55

Email from '59 classmate Phil Wilder................"do you remember Johnny Plumlee? He and I went to grade school together, were good friends, then lost touch later.The reason I asked, he had a picture of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on their wedding day. The picture showed Johnny's aunt presenting them with their marriage license. She was either the city or county clerk where they were married. He also had a lot of other pictures of them.
This also brought up a memory of the early days of KSWO-TV. Sprague's furniture was having special for kid's if their parents bought a dinette or something, the kids would receive Hopalong Cassidy outfit. So, Hunt Downing ['59] and I were on live TV modeling the outfits during one of the stores commercials. We were about 11 or 12 years old at the time and we both were called "Hoppy" for years after that. Like the Gekko on TV, I still have nightmares!"
NOTE: Phil's sister Sue was married to Paul Sprague, hence the 'Hoppy' gig! Phil and wife Coralyn live in CO and are happy to welcome home their son Tim who has just retired from the Air Force.
btw.....Anybody know where Johnny Plumlee is...?

So you know.....Trigger (the taxidermied original) went way above pre-sale expectations at the auction this past Wednesday at Christies in NYC. Trigger was bought by a Nebraska cable TV network for a sizzling $266,500.00! They also bought Roy's taxidermied dog - Bullet - for $35,000. RFD - TV in Omaha says 'Trigger' reflects the company values as they air mainly agricultural, equine, and country living programming! Great that Trigger and Bullet will be together and have a good home!

More.....from the eMail bag:
'59 classmate Sharon (Cummins) Bolt says still a LOT of boxes to unpack but settling into their new home in Amarillo, TX and sends this new address. '59'er's and others make changes in your class Memory Book and roster.Sharon (Cummins) Bolt, 6213 S. Fannin St., Amarillo, TX 79118. Phone (806) 553-6149. Email is same.

Paul Anderson, '62, emailed he recently ate at Meers with the head cheerleader of '62! No other details! Hummmmmmm...real 'Tatler' stuff!

Also, emails from Luther and Barbara Green (great old '50's music); Deanna (Paramore) Manning, '57 - out sunny CA way; also, her sister Pam (Paramore) Seals, '62; Karol Zea; Carmen (Chandler); Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis, '59; Ron Hagler; David Davis; Linda (Hawkins) Moon, '59; Mike Lehew, '68; LaRue (Locke) Hogate, '59; Allen Johnson, '56; Becky (Mincey) Roberts, '59; Colleen Cummins Walker, '60.
Always enjoy emails and comments!

Ed Harp, '54, has his monthly '54 newsletter out. Ed does a great job and always has a lot of info on '54 grads as well as others. You can get on Ed's email list by contacting him at: edharp@swbell.net

Talked with '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks on Friday....she & hubby Wayne, '60, are out Palm Springs, CA way. She said it was 115! Mercy!

Had brief visit with former teacher Betty Roundtree Bradshaw at Sunday lunch. She taught typing at LHS from 1957 - 1967 and then taught at Cameron for many years! She fell off a two-step ladder last August and broke a hip. You would never know as she is still zipping along, out-going, and full of 'humor'. She said she "remembered me".....not sure if good or bad but I remember I had her first hour my Senior year and I was more often late than on time!
But, she was most gracious and paid me a nice compliment so maybe she doesn't remember my frequent tardiness..???? And I did learn to type...."the quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog...."

Hope you will take a minute to vote on the Field of Dreams that was mentioned in last news. Preston Holsinger is helping with this local project. Appreciate Larry Muncy, '62, for sending this short-cut to vote...."If you type in field of dreams then you go right to the area to vote for the Lawton field". http://www.refresheverything.com/miracleleaguelawtonfortsill

Really warm...well...really HOT... in Lawton, America! Hope you are keepin COOL this summer. Regards to all......Georgia

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