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Originally sent July 22

So very sorry to report the passing of Sammy Larue (Thomas) Deutschendorf, 75, of Lawton. Sammy passed July 21 after a lengthy illness and complications of Alzheimers. Sammy graduated LHS in 1953, attended Cameron where she was voted Queen of the ROTC Ball and Queen of the basketball team. She taught in Lawton Public Schools for 26 years. She is survived by husband Abe of the home; a son; a daughter; numerous grandchildren; sisters Betty Edmondson, class '56 and Kay Tillman, '59.
The family will receive visitors Friday, July 23, 5:00pm ~ 7:30pm at Becker Funeral Home.
Services will be 10:00am this Saturday July 24, First Baptist church in Lawton. Burial at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:
Sammy was a lovely person. I hope you will join me in keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers.

From the eMail bag:

'59 classmate Jovita (Reinwand) Weeks says her new knee is working "fantastically well." No doubt the 108+ heat in Phoenix has aided the healing process.

Some of the '50's LHS tennis champs recently headed to Oregon for a visit and 'mini-reunion' of sorts. Babs (Yarmuk) Givens, '59, Pat (Payne) Kardaleff, '58, and Lyntha (Nicklas) Wesner, '58, journeyed west to meet Linda (Leva) Freedman, '58, in OR where Linda lives in a cabin on the northwest coast of the state. Babs said they had a great time, saw beautiful country, and they had to wear jackets! Having to wear a jacket really sounds good right about now.

...more memories about the King of the Cowboys.....

"Thanks for the review on Roy's auction. Was so happy to read where everything is going. My husband and I both remember watching the Roy Rogers shows at the old Ritz theatre; in the late 40's and early 50's . We saw Roy Jr's show in Branson, MO at the Rogers Museum. Roy Rogers is a part of our growing up years and is so great to remember."
Geraldine (Greenlee) Bay, '59

"Thank you for the AP news item about Roy Rogers. I appeared on one of their performance at a Rodeo, Can't remember where or dates. They are as nice in person as on stage. Talked to everyone about anything. I laughed when they called me "Tex" since that was what everyone called me even though I only lived a short time in Texas after really being from Oklahoma, which I still call Home. They were nice nice people."
Sonya (Reynolds) Homan, '54

"Thank you for the article on Trigger etc. It brought back lots of memories. When I was about 11 or 12 years old I saw Roy Rogers and Trigger in the Robinson/May department store in Los Angeles. At that point it was a thrill of a lifetime!"
Wanda (Smith) Sunderland, '55

John Waller, class '55, sent a long email with remembrances of days gone by....excerpt...."Good old, reliable, number 22 [Ron Jones] was 100%, spot on about the cost of movies. Admission was ten cents for kids below the age of twelve. Twelve and above was twenty-five cents. It was a procedure that taught many twelve year old boys the mind set they would use later in life reporting their golf scores and completing form 1040.I remember going to the Ritz to see at least one cartoon, a serial episode and the feature (my favorite was Lash LaRue) all for a dime. I think Ron's take on the concession prices is also correct. Those prices can get stuck in our head as the definition of the product.

Several years ago my wife wanted two-dips of ice cream and asked for a dime ice cream cone, please. That really flummoxed the child working back of the counter.
The Murray and the Palace changed programs three times per week. I think it was Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ? then a second program Wednesday and Thursday ? then the big weekend feature on Friday and Saturday.The Dome and the Lawton had the first runs and a big picture might stay there four or five days. The schedule for the Ritz was more erratic and sometime erotic.

I very well remember walking down the sidewalk on the south side of C between 3rd and 2nd to get to the Ritz. There were several beer joints in that block. I always walked close to the parking meters. I didn't ever exactly fear being grabbed and dragged into one of those beer joints, but there was no need to take a chance."

All the news for now.........Georgia

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