Sunday, January 24, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 21

Approximately 16-18 classmates have asked to be added to receive LHS News in the past month! Welcome to all and hope you enjoy! Remember, previously sent news, pictures, other items of interest are archived at the WolverNet blog: RIGHT HERE!

Sadly, we have had several losses among our classmates and friends recently. I always hate to report the losses but I receive emails, especially from those far away, who appreciate knowing. Unfortunately, there are more:

Received word from Barbara and Lou Green that dear friend and fellow '57 classmate Bobby Glyn Ledford, 70, passed on Jan. 19 in Houston area. Bob has suffered with COPD for several years. Bob married Alice Edmonson, class '58, in January 2009. Bob had dated Alice in high school but they parted company after graduation and reunited all these years later. Bob lost one son some years ago but is survived by Alice; four sons and one daughter; two step-children; lots of grand and great grandkids. There will be a graveside service in Texas on Friday. That is all the information I have. Picture below.
Don't think you will be able to read it but can see picture of Bob and Bob and Alice.

Also passing, Elaine (Erwin), class '68, passed on Jan. 19 in OKC following a lengthy illness. I have no other information.

I received a call from Ray Ann (Best) McDonald to let me know that Randi Kessler, 50, of Mesquite, TX passed very recently. Do not know exact date. Randi is daughter of '53 classmate Barbara (Kirkpatrick) Kessler of McKinney, TX. I have no other details.
So very sorry to hear of these losses and I know our sympathies are with these families.

From the eMail bag:
Comments on Mary Beth and Sid Hardy......
"Sid and I go back nearly 60 years ago. In about 1951 we were both delivering the Lawton Morning Press and Lawton Constitution. The newspaper people would drop all the newspapers for a certain area in a tin barn located on the northeast corner of Sheridan and Cache Rd. The tin barn sat off Lawton street just behind the Rag Mop bar. I think Sid's dad ran Hardy Plumbing and they lived 2-3 blocks north of Cache Rd about the 14-1500 block. I lived at Elm and 16th St 2-3 blocks south of Cache Rd. Anyway, we would meet at that tin barn day in and day out to get our papers to deliver.
After those halcyon days of yore I never saw Sid again. Then, life went on until I moved to OKC in July 2000 into a gated community 2 miles north of Quail Springs Mall. Donna and I both like Tea Rooms. A new friend told us of a tearoom about a mile from us. But by the time we had unpacked and found the place, it had moved to Council Rd and NW Highway out on the west side of OKC. So, one day we went to the new place. It was a super Tearoom in a large building including antiques which we liked to see. But, as we were dining, I noticed a man at the cash register who reminded me of Sid. I went up to him, introduced myself, and sure 'nuff, it was Sid. I also met Mary Beth who was running the register but whom I had not known previously. We loved their Tearoom and went there several times and even had church parties in their party room."
Phil Carson

Finding female classmates is most difficult as they usually marry and their name changes. I have had an inquiry asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of Harryetta (Rush)? Also, looking for Shirley (Kennedy)? Both would have been class '59. If you have any info, let me know.

Also, still have people wanting any old LHS yearbooks that would otherwise would be trashed. Let me know.

And remember a search for LHS 'artifacts' is still going on for the Memory Room at the restored old High School (Central). If you have items you would like to donate, call the Museum of the Great Plains and they can give details and where to take items, etc. (580) 581-3460. They will also accept 'ca$h' donations to help in 'furnishing' the room.
Currently, some on the committee are talking with the oldest living LHS grads they can find, asking questions, and tape recording their remembrances about their school days and experiences at LHS. These audio tapes will eventually be in a library and can be 'listened to' by visitors.

The 2nd Annual All class reunion (classmates, any year, invited), is really not that far away - March 27 - and two email contacts have been sent in event you need info...etc....and are planning to go:

Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, class '62 - or
Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62 -
Deadline for reservations w/payment is March 12. Details are posted here on the WolverNet blog, right side of page under...Reunions.

Regards from the 'home town' where weather has actually been 'spring like'. The plants and trees are 'confused'! ......Georgia

Thursday, January 21, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 18

I just received word that Rollie Eugene Fansler, 71, passed in MidWest City on Jan. 3. Services were held Jan. 7. Rollie was LHS class '57. He is survived by his wife Edith; 3 sons and 2 daughters.
An extended obit and guest book are at:

Also, just hearing of the passing of Lawrence 'Larry' Edison Banks, Jr., 71, of Springfield, MO. Larry passed Jan. 6 after a brief bout with cancer. Services were in Springfield. Larry was LHS class '55. He is survived by his wife Judy (Gramolini); a son 'Larry' and a daughter Kathy. There is a long obit in Lawton Constitution, Jan. 13. Larry has a very impressive list of accomplishments. We knew Larry personally, he was a really nice person.

Very sorry to report the passing of Fredric "Fred" Sadler Hill, 91, of Gainsville, FL. Mr. Hill passed Jan. 14. He is father of '59 classmate, Freddy (Hill) Williams; three sons, Andrew, Mark, Michael; several grandchildren.There will be a memorial service Tuesday, Jan. 19, First Presbyterian church in Gainsville.

And, I know Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, class '52, would appreciate your prayers. She is fighting cancer, just had surgery about a week ago, remains in hosp, and will be having more tests, possibly more surgery.

I know Dr. Chesley Montague, class '52, Lawton, is also scheduled for a very serious surgery this week. I do not have any particular details at this time but believe surgery may be in OKC.
I know our sympathies and prayers are with these familys in their loss and those will health problems.

From the eMail bag:

'59 classmate Jack Atkins sent a picture of his current-day hot-rod....quite a change from high school.

And Doyce Grayson, class '57, sent picture of 'Mom's' new summer place at our own Lake Lawtonka. Looks great and can't wait for the spring thaw to go say 'hi'.....Doyce and Diane live in Grapevine, TX.

Jim Powers, class '55, and wife LuAnn (Cobb) just celebrated their 50th anniversary end of December. LuAnn is a native of S. Dakota and met Jim as students at OU. We were privileged to be among other friends who enjoyed dinner with them and recounted a lot of years of marriage and friendship(s)! They have two sons - Shawn and Steve -and several grandchildren. Jim is brother to LHS grads, sister - Tomme Lynn (Johnson), and a brother Bobby Powers, sadly deceased. Major congrats guys ~ and many MORE!

Some had asked about the video of Mary Beth (Ray) & Sid......Judy says supposed to be available through WalMart or visit:

Just had an email from Kaye (Thompson) McCarley, class '62....Kaye says she rented it at Hastings (Lawton).So try your fav DVD rental store for Paper Hearts!
btw....Kays mom fell and broke her hip Christmas....Kaye is chief 'gopher'. You might keep them in thoughts and prayers and offer some encouragement if you get a chance! This is also mom and Kaye is sister of Marilyn (Thompson) Seely.

From Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, class '62, these details about the 2nd Annual All LHS Classes Reunion. Read carefully and contact Wynnann:

Saturday March 27. Music Hall (old skating rink) in Medicine Park. 12:00 noon - 6:00pm; buffet style meal, $20.00 per person.
RSVP deadline March 12. Make check to and mail to: Wynnann (Moore) Wright, class '62; 3608 NE Richmond St., Lawton, OK 73507.
Please include some method of contact - phone, email, address. BIG crowd last year and a lot of fun!

I appreciate Tom Jackson for his nice 'write-up' about the WolverNet blog in todays Lawton paper - Jan. 18; page 5-C. Tom specifically made mention of the Elvis photos on the blog. Tom worked many years for the Constitution here in Lawton and then a few years ago, married and moved to Ohio. However, he still writes a great weekly column that appears in Monday paper...all about 'cyber-space', browsers, blogs, programs... plus helpful 'tips' and where to find.....all things computer! Thanks much Tom!

WolverNet blog located: (if you are reading're on it!)

This year has started off with a 'bang' as they say....very busy, lot going on......regards to all.....Georgia

Sunday, January 17, 2010

......LHS (good) News......
Originally sent Jan. 14

This is such a great email, I just decided to pass it along all by its self. gw

From class '58 - Judy (Ray) Outlaw:

Hi Georgia ? The following message is about my sister and brother in law. I failed to mention that she worked in Mr. Bish?s office while Sid attended Cameron before going to OU. I wanted their many friends to know how (and where) they are ?email is if they would care to contact her or Sid.

Most may not know that Mary Beth (Ray) and Sid Hardy own the Dining on Persimmon Hill Restaurant inside the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. (Also known as The Cowboy Hall of Fame) They are '56 grads of LHS and when they 'retired' several years ago, opened a Tea Room/Gift Shoppe in Oklahoma City. Because of the excellent food and service, the opportunity came to move their Restaurant to the Museum.

A little more than a year ago, a call was made from a young lady in California who was making a documentary on true love that was of the lasting kind to the main office of the Museum and asked if there were anyone they would recommend her interviewing. Right down the hall was a couple who graduated in LHS in 1956, two days later were married at Centenary Methodist and still are happily married. Long story short, they are in the movie Paper Heart.
One of several stories as the movie makers traveled Route 66 across the country. It's now out on video.

As a side note, they were very excited this past summer when they received a call and invitation to the premier in Hollywood. Some times our plans don't work the way we feel they should. During back surgery in May, Mary Beth suffered a heart attack and was rushed from her hospital bed at Mercy to the Heart Hospital at Mercy where heart surgery was performed, was in ICU for 24 days. Happy to report she has recovered and is doing great. They didn't make it to the premier but have enjoyed the movie as it played in Dallas & Oklahoma City and now on video.

PS from Judy in answer to couple questions I asked:

Actually they've only owned it [restaurant] about 10 years, I'm sure they will be there forever. They love the people and she is working on her second cookbook. 'Quit' is just not in their vocabulary. They also do special catering events so they have something going on always. If you ever plan to go, please give her a call or email they are open only for lunch and special events until 2:30 I believe. (405) 831-0895.
Their interview in the movie is on the grounds of the museum and the first shot is of the beautiful 'End of the Trail'. Really is a cute uplifting movie.

A real 'feel good' bit of 'news'...hope all enjoyed and greatly appreciate Judy for sending it along....Georgia

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

......LHS News......

Originally sent Jan. 10, 2010

DATE AND LOCATION CHANGE! I have been told that due to space and availability, the 2nd Annual ALL LHS classes reunion has been bumped up to Saturday March 27. Also, instead of the Old Plantation, will be held at the Music Hall (old skating rink) at Medicine Park. ALL LHS graduates invited...regardless of year! Mark your calendar! Details soon.
Well, our New Year is just a few days old and sadly, we have losses to report.

I am sorry I did not get these out sooner......

Steve Hankins, 50, of Lawton, was killed on Christmas eve. Steve is the son of '56 grad Don Hankins and wife Rhonda (Goodbar) of Lawton. Rhonda taught English many years at Eisenhower Jr. High. Steve was helping a stranded motorist on the highway between here and Duncan on Christmas eve, during the terrible white-out blizzard we had. Visibility was just zero and another passing motorist struck Steve and he was killed. Tragic accident.Steve is survived by his parents; his wife Beth; two children of the home, Cody and Abby. Services were Dec. 28 in Lawton. I was told approx 500 people in attendance. Steve was very well thought of in the Lawton community.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Lilith Margie (Pokorny) Baird, 96, of Lawton. Mrs. Baird passed on Dec. 30. She was raised in Lawton and attended St. Marys school. She is mother of LHS classmates, Bob Baird; Brad Baird; and Bill Baird, who is deceased. Services were Jan. 4 in Lawton with burial in Highland Cemetery.Extended obit and guest book at:

Another recent loss of one of our school teachers. Lucretia (Snelling) Umphers, 97, of Lawton. Mrs. Umphries passed on Dec. 26. She received her teaching certificate from Cameron and began teaching at Lincoln Elementary in 1932. She later taught at BC Swinney school until her retirement in 1976. She was preceded in death by her husband Audie T. Umphers. Services were Dec. 28.
Extended obit and guest book at:
Please remember all these who have lost loved ones.

Once again Herb Jacobs Sunday Constitution column (Jan 3.) high lights an LHS 'er......'Shift in Career changed Holsingers Life'. Jacobs talks about LHS class '60, Preston Holsinger - All State quarter-back and one of the best pole vaulters in the state! His change from coach to oil company executive! If you get a chance, good read, page 6-C.
And in todays paper, Jan. 10, Herb writes about the sports scene in 1979, mentioning all Lawton schools as well as Cameron. He did write that Lawton High [Wolverines] under coach John Tyree, class '57, were the most impressive of the three city schools in their scrimmages on August 31. Page 3-C.

Just FYI: Katherine Hunt has a new collection of nearly 40 photographs of area wildlife on display at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center. She works for Treasure Lake Job Corp and is secretary for Friends of the Wichitas. Photos on display through February. Center hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm daily.

I wasn't able to travel to Memphis Friday to celebrate the 'Kings' birthday! But I did try to listen to a few Elvis songs that permeated the airwaves.....all day long! If you just gotta have a little Elvis jolt, you can invoke memories by checking out the Elvis link right here (on the left) on the WolverNet blog! 'El' would have been 75.

All I can say is...YES! It's been COLD! Single digits in Lawton, America! I can't stay warm in a blanket pile! And if that isn't bad enough, I get an email from Marilyn (Thompson) Seely, class '60, from her home in Hawaii with a picture of her daughter Tisa's December 28 the back yard!!! sigh! Beautiful! Wish I was there! (see above).
Wedding pix, l-r: Kahu Silva, Marilyn, Mark Helpenstell, Tisa Seely, John Seely.
Aloha and stay warm...... Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 31, 2009

Another year draws to a close and this will be the last 'LHS News' of 2009. It's been a very busy year and as usual went by way too fast! The LHS News list continues to grow and I appreciate all of you. I thank you for numerous comments, news items, words of encouragement, comments of enjoyment of the news, and just plain 'ol 'hellos'! Not too probable I suppose, but let us hope this new year will bring nothing but good news!

I have had several comments on Art Farrington aka Santa. He seems to be very well liked and popular by all who know him. Below is a link to the KSWO-TV story they ran on him. There is a short commercial then the 'story' on Santa. Great clip.

Talked with a member of Jean (Shanklin) Orr's family. Jean remains same (in coma), but was moved Monday or Tuesday to a 'speciality' hospital in OKC for further tests and evaluation. Please keep Jean and her family in your prayers.

This message from Marilyn Morris, class '56......
"I'm writing a new book about Military Brats and would like to ask if any of our LHS Army Brats would like to contribute? My first book, 'Once a Brat', is being updated to include comments, stories, issues, etc. about being a Military Brat and how it has affected you in your adult life. I will need to send those willing to participate a Contributor's Release form for electronic signature and return to me via email attachment before March 1st, so we can schedule this book "Once a Brat, Always a Brat" (proposed title) for release in April/May.
Any questions, please contact me at or
I'm having a blast reuniting with other Brats who are sending me volumes of stories, and can always use more. I'm also writing a second book about lupus (SLE) and if anyone on the list has lupus, please contact me. Many thanks! Marilyn"

To all my classmates both far and near.....Auld Lang Syne....literally translated..."old long since" or "long, long, ago". I send you a link to my favorite rendition of Roberts Burn's poem set to 'music' for the years end at midnight and remember....

Wishing a great New Year for all.......Georgia