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Originally sent July 29

Update: Funeral services for Loyal Farmer, 75, of Lawton, will be this Saturday July 31, 11:00am, First Baptist church. Burial service will be private at Highland Cemetery. Loyal passed on July 25 after complications of rheumatoid arthritis and heart failure. Loyal is husband of Chlorica (Stephens) Warkentin Farmer, LHS class '57.
Extended obit and guest book at

Also passing, Maj. (rtrd) Paul W. 'Sam' Bass, 83, of Plano, TX. Sam passed on July 27. He was husband of LHS '57 grad Carolyn Kay Hennessee who passed in 2005. Sam is survived by his daughter Melissa; several grandchildren and nieces and nephews.Funeral service will be at 1:30pm in Lawton, Friday July 30, Becker Funeral Home. Burial with full military honors at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know thoughts and prayers are with these families during these difficult times.

Another LHS classmate makes the Oklahoman newspaper. This past Sunday, '54 classmate John McKee was pictured as he was host of a 'Sooner Barbeque' in Santa Fe, NM on the 4th of July. John hosted the University of Oklahoma Club of Santa Fe which is made up of people from Oklahoma who have vacation homes in Santa Fe or who were visiting from Oklahoma over the 4th. Other LHS grad and Lawtonians enjoying the BBQ, Jack and Judy (Warkentin) Bryan, '63. John who also has a home in OKCity is pictured (on left) with Howard K. Berry. Pix above.

Guys, I'm losin it! And unfortunately, not talking about weight! I thought it was my friend John Smith, '60, who had sent the Roy Rogers info that had the picture of Roys customized Pontiac...but alas, not John. So...I am sorry I got that wrong and now not sure who sent it, so please let me know! Much thanks.

From the eMail bag:
'59 classmate Lynn R. McClenny sent a great site with a tribute to the cowboys we've been talking about. Some may have seen it but bears repeating. Be sure to keep watching after Statler Bros finish...didn't know there were SO many cowboys! Remember some of them. No wonder Miss Kitty Wells wanted to 'Be a Cowboys Sweetheart'. Later, Leann Rimes did too! Check it out:

And, have you seen the new postage stamps featuring 'Cowboys of the Silver Screen'? The 20 page sheet of 44 cent stamps alternates Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, William S. Hart, and Tom Mix. The back of the stamp gives birth and death dates and a thumbnail bio. Nostalgic and colorful!

Several have asked why in discussion of the theaters in Lawton, no mention of the Vaska? I do remember going to the Vaska, BIG cushy seats, and they had 'stage shows' of some kind, between movies, turn house lights up & play BINGO or draw and gave away grocerys and other prizes? I was young (grade school) but do remember as my Mom went.

My brother Tim Gill (LHS) sent details about [his]class 1970 reunion: The LHS and Eisenhower class(es) of 1970 will hold a joint 40th reunion on Friday/Saturday September 10-11.
Friday night will feature a 'pre-party' get-together at Mike's Sports Grill in Lawton, 7:00pm - ??
Saturday night will be at the McCasland Ballroom at Cameron University. Beginning at 7:00pm, will feature live band, hors d'oeuvre, ca$h bar. Fun, food, friends! $30.00 per person, RSVP no later than August 21.
Dress: dressy casual or casual.
LHS grads RSVP to: Debbie (Brewczynski) Thompson, 6106 Williams, Lawton, OK 73505, phone: (580)678-4875;
doubt many will read this news, but, EHS grads to: Vikki (Melton) Poolaw, 6125 SW Park, Lawton, OK 73505. Or EHS can call Ann (Holland) Werner at: (580) 678-5274. These classmates are also on Facebook and

Once again, several newcomers to the news. Previously sent news and photos archived at:
All I know right now..........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent July 27

So very sorry to report the passing of Margery Mabel (Robertson) Ray, 95. Mrs. Ray passed on Sunday July 25 in Texas. Margery was in LHS class 1932. She is survived by daughter Shirley Blowers, '53; son, Larry Ray, '59; daughter-in-law, Norma (Abbott) Ray, '59; numerous grand and great-grad children; nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by husband, Ellsworth Ray; sons and LHS classmates, Tom Bill Ray and James Ray.
Services will be 10:00am, Thursday July 29 at Centenary Methodist church in Lawton. Burial in Highland Cemetery. The family will receive friends at Becker Funeral Home, Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
Extended obit and guest book at:
Mrs. Ray was a lovely person, she will be missed.

Also passing, Loyal Farmer of Lawton. Loyal passed on Sunday July 25. Loyal is husband of Chlorica (Stephens) Warkentin Farmer, class '57.Loyal was our neighbor and a very nice person. We will miss him as he was frequently out in the yard, always a wave & smile. He & Bill were also members of what some of us refer to as the 'lunch bunch'. A group of guys who lunched together quite frequently. They will miss him also.
Services are pending with Becker Funeral Home.

And, Mable (Burcham) Hamburger, 93, of Lawton. Mrs. Hamburger passed on July 23. She taught school in Lawton at Lincoln, Jackson, Taft, Kuntz, and Widrow Wilson. Her husband Earl also taught in LPS. He passed in 2004.She is survived by sons Kenneth, '57, and Steven; daughter Carolyn Sue Campbell; several grandchildren.The family will receive friends Tuesday evening, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, at Becker Funeral Home.
Service will be 10:00am, Wednesday July 28, St. Paul's Methodist church, burial will be in Weatherford, OK.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Classmates of Kathy (Holsinger) Reese are asking you to keep her in your prayers. Kathy has been taking treatment for cancer for some time. She is class '68 and sister of Preston Holsinger.

From the eMail bag:

So many have been sharing memories/remembrances.....have to remember LONG before computers, cell phones, iPODS, WiFi, CD's, and DVD's. TV was even new and not much on it as yet!So......Craterville, movies, circus, dance recitals, Kress and McClellans were a BIG source of fun and entertainment. I remember when we just used to park the car on C or D street and 'watch the people'.!!! Especially around 'pay-day'.

"Georgia, I was in the class of my experience at the Ritz pre-dates you just a little. I clearly remember when I was 10 or 11 years old, that at the Ritz you could get in for 5 cents between 12 and 1pm. 25 cents could get you in the movie, get pop-corn and a coke, and still have a few cents left to go to the penny arcade at the corner of 3rd and D (north east corner, down stairs). My favorite cowboy star was Charles Starret as the Durango Kid. I went every Saturday with my cousin Jimmy Herring. I also remember when we reached 12 we would go to the ticket window and bend our knees to get the child price. (I'm sure it wasn't too obvious, when we were bending our knees.)"
John Amburgey, '53

Yes, John is much older than I. ahhahahhaha
John's bit about bending his knees reminds me of some who did that to trick 'r treat at Halloween. Well into High School. was *FREE* candy! And remember, hiding friends in trunk of the car to get into Hankins, Mt. Scott, or Austin drive-in. Shame on you! hahahhahahha

"Georgia: I also remember Roy Rogers coming to Craterville Park. I was able to pet Trigger in his stall between appearances with Roy. And well I remember the Ritz theatre. On Saturday Dad would give us, Me, Bobby and Sonya, a quarter. It cost two nickles to ride the bus back and forth. The bus station, at 2nd and C Ave was about 40 to 50 feet from the Ritz. It cost a dime to get into the show. This left us a nickle to spend for candy. I remember one Saturday that I, amazingly, had an extra nickle. I bought a 10 cent Baby Ruth candy bar. It was so big I couldn't eat it all.The Ritz also had first run movies that started their run on Sunday. On Saturday night they would have a late night preview.(started about 11 pm) During high school years the three of us would sometimes attend these previews. Fortunately our parents knew where we were and didn't object. We NEVER misbehaved so we were trusted by our parents. We were very lucky. There is not enough room in this computer to write my memories of high school and the things the three of us did with our friends, Bob Keiningham, Wayne Kniffin, and Mikel Johnson. Thanks again for what you do for us LHS grads."
Jimmy Reynolds, '53 .

....."Mentioning John Waller, I remember in the 1st grade Mrs. Waller [Johns mom was teacher] coming in with a famous painting of a boy with his rabbit and teaching us a little song. 'The boy next door has a rabbit to sell,' etc. I remember it to this day."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, '56

"It is always fun to read comments from friends so many years ago like John Waller and Sonya Reynolds. I will always be grateful to John Waller. He helped me on a test by letting me copy from his paper. He most likely will not remember that. But I certainly do, because I passed the test thanks to John. I think John was the drum major our senior year? I loved the LHS band to boot. My older brother (Eddy) played in the band. I never missed a LHS band concert.Oh my, do I ever remember Sonya Reynolds. She was my girlfriend. She may not admit that, but she was. Or at least I thought so. Sonya was a beautiful ballet dancer. Actually I thought of her as kind of a prima donna, or at least to me she was anyway.I loved to go to her recitals and watch her graceful athletic moves."
Ronny Jones, '55

... "ah-h thanks for the memories of the old movie houses. My brothers (Errol, Eric, and Cloyce) and I remember so vividly the times our Daddy would take us nearly every day to the movies - summer admission was a nickle! Then momma found out. That was really back in the day. I love these nostalgic stories. Keep'em coming."
Karen (Choney) Culloty, '59

Appreciate John Smith, '60, for sending info including the picture of Roy Rogers major customized Pontiac. The car went well over pre-sale high end estimate of $150,000, selling for $254,000.00. What a fun car!

Also, recent emails from Kay (Holsey) Strickland; Doroty DeMoro; Sue (Lacy) Williams; Jack Atkins; Gene Morris; Claudette (Taylor) Burch; Ed Hesler; And.....Bobby Spradlin - who btw...has great sense of humor - to wit:..."Another fact about Roy Rogers. It's not well known , except to a few very specific collectors, that Roy Rogers also had Gabby Hayes sent to a taxidermist. In a silent auction, Gabby sold for just $10,000 dollars less than Trigger."
Love it!

LHS class 1970 is having their 40th reunion this September 11. My brother Tim in that class. Details soon.

Received snail-mail from Glenda (Doan) Stanton and she asked me to pass along.....LHS class 1955 is planning a reunion this October 1 and 2. Details soon! Friends also welcome & Glenda says if you have moved since 2005, send your new address and contact info to her at: Glenda Stanton, 1001 NW 16th St., Lawton, OK 73507. Glenda's phone is (580) 355-0569.

Well, yours truly has been doing a lot of yard work & on my lunch break Friday, decided on a foot long chili dog from Waynes! Still very tasty! btw....remember how Wayne's looked in the beginning! It's come a long way too, baby!!! Regards to all from the home town..........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent July 22

So very sorry to report the passing of Sammy Larue (Thomas) Deutschendorf, 75, of Lawton. Sammy passed July 21 after a lengthy illness and complications of Alzheimers. Sammy graduated LHS in 1953, attended Cameron where she was voted Queen of the ROTC Ball and Queen of the basketball team. She taught in Lawton Public Schools for 26 years. She is survived by husband Abe of the home; a son; a daughter; numerous grandchildren; sisters Betty Edmondson, class '56 and Kay Tillman, '59.
The family will receive visitors Friday, July 23, 5:00pm ~ 7:30pm at Becker Funeral Home.
Services will be 10:00am this Saturday July 24, First Baptist church in Lawton. Burial at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:
Sammy was a lovely person. I hope you will join me in keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers.

From the eMail bag:

'59 classmate Jovita (Reinwand) Weeks says her new knee is working "fantastically well." No doubt the 108+ heat in Phoenix has aided the healing process.

Some of the '50's LHS tennis champs recently headed to Oregon for a visit and 'mini-reunion' of sorts. Babs (Yarmuk) Givens, '59, Pat (Payne) Kardaleff, '58, and Lyntha (Nicklas) Wesner, '58, journeyed west to meet Linda (Leva) Freedman, '58, in OR where Linda lives in a cabin on the northwest coast of the state. Babs said they had a great time, saw beautiful country, and they had to wear jackets! Having to wear a jacket really sounds good right about now.

...more memories about the King of the Cowboys.....

"Thanks for the review on Roy's auction. Was so happy to read where everything is going. My husband and I both remember watching the Roy Rogers shows at the old Ritz theatre; in the late 40's and early 50's . We saw Roy Jr's show in Branson, MO at the Rogers Museum. Roy Rogers is a part of our growing up years and is so great to remember."
Geraldine (Greenlee) Bay, '59

"Thank you for the AP news item about Roy Rogers. I appeared on one of their performance at a Rodeo, Can't remember where or dates. They are as nice in person as on stage. Talked to everyone about anything. I laughed when they called me "Tex" since that was what everyone called me even though I only lived a short time in Texas after really being from Oklahoma, which I still call Home. They were nice nice people."
Sonya (Reynolds) Homan, '54

"Thank you for the article on Trigger etc. It brought back lots of memories. When I was about 11 or 12 years old I saw Roy Rogers and Trigger in the Robinson/May department store in Los Angeles. At that point it was a thrill of a lifetime!"
Wanda (Smith) Sunderland, '55

John Waller, class '55, sent a long email with remembrances of days gone by....excerpt...."Good old, reliable, number 22 [Ron Jones] was 100%, spot on about the cost of movies. Admission was ten cents for kids below the age of twelve. Twelve and above was twenty-five cents. It was a procedure that taught many twelve year old boys the mind set they would use later in life reporting their golf scores and completing form 1040.I remember going to the Ritz to see at least one cartoon, a serial episode and the feature (my favorite was Lash LaRue) all for a dime. I think Ron's take on the concession prices is also correct. Those prices can get stuck in our head as the definition of the product.

Several years ago my wife wanted two-dips of ice cream and asked for a dime ice cream cone, please. That really flummoxed the child working back of the counter.
The Murray and the Palace changed programs three times per week. I think it was Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ? then a second program Wednesday and Thursday ? then the big weekend feature on Friday and Saturday.The Dome and the Lawton had the first runs and a big picture might stay there four or five days. The schedule for the Ritz was more erratic and sometime erotic.

I very well remember walking down the sidewalk on the south side of C between 3rd and 2nd to get to the Ritz. There were several beer joints in that block. I always walked close to the parking meters. I didn't ever exactly fear being grabbed and dragged into one of those beer joints, but there was no need to take a chance."

All the news for now.........Georgia

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......LHS News......Roy Rogers Special
Originally sent July 20

Since so many had fond memories of Roy Rogers, I thought you might enjoy this AP news story with more on the auction last Wednesday.

NEW YORK -- After sitting stuffed and mounted for more than 40 years in a museum, Roy Rogers' horse Trigger and dog Bullet will be TV stars once more. Rural cable network RFD-TV bought Bullet for $35,000 on Thursday and Trigger for $266,000 a day earlier at an auction in New York City.

RFD-TV owner Patrick Gottsch said the Omaha, Neb.-based network will begin airing old Roy Rogers movies on Saturdays starting November 6. The movie cowboy's son, Roy Jr., will introduce each film, as Trigger and Bullet stand in the background. "The goal is to introduce Roy Rogers to a whole new generation of kids," Gottsch said.

Trigger and Bullet were part of a Christie's auction of items from the now-closed Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Mo. On Thursday, more than 1,000 items hit the auction block, including the Rogers family dining set, which sold at $11,875, triple the presale estimate; Trigger's flower-bedecked straw hat, which fetched $2,750, compared with the $500 to $1,000 estimate; and the hand-drawn music and lyrics to "Happy Trails," which sold for $27,500, compared with the estimate of $500.

All sale prices include the buyer's premium of 25 percent for most items, or 20 percent for prices in excess of $50,000. The total sale realized $2.98 million, according to Christie's. No items went unsold.

Auctioneer Cathy Elkies said Rogers' silver Jeep Nellybelle was the most anticipated item up for auction, with an estimated sale price of between $20,000 and $30,000. Pam Weidel, a horse trainer from New Jersey, went home with Nellybelle for $116,500. She said she always felt a special attachment to Nellybelle when she watched Roy Rogers Westerns as a child. "I called all my cars that over the years. I'd say, `C'mon Nellybelle,"' she said.
Now that she has the real Nellybelle, Weidel says she's planning to keep it in the private museum of businessman John B. Haines IV, who is in the construction industry, in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

Julie Ann Ream, the niece of another famous singing cowboy, Rex Allen, said she and others in the audience were nervous about where the pieces of the collection would end up. She said the crowd cheered when an item went to a collector they knew would put the item back in a museum for public viewing. "A lot of it, you just don't know where it's going," she said.

Trigger's new owner said he's heard from thousands of relieved Rogers fans. "Over the last 24 hours, I've received so many e-mails of thank you, just wonderful letters, saying `Thank you for saving Trigger,"' Gottsch said. With a Western icon on the line, Gottsch said the auction was heart-pounding.

RFD-TV CFO Steve Campione sat at Christie's auction hall Wednesday night while Gottsch yelled into Campione's headset from Omaha. "We almost lost Trigger at $200,000," Gottsch said. "Steve couldn't hear me, and I was yelling on the phone, `Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!' and he was saying `What?"

But they snagged the golden palomino after all. Gottsch said children will be able to come to RFD-TV's new headquarters in Omaha to visit the famous horse. The other two preserved horses up for sale, Rogers' wife Dale Evans' steed, Buttermilk, and Trigger's body double, Trigger Jr., both went to private U.S. buyers for $25,000 and $18,750.

Elkies, the auctioneer, said it was the "most colorful, emotional and sentimental" sale she had experienced in her 20 years at Christie's. At the end of the auction, the audience broke out spontaneously in a rendition of the Roy Rogers theme song, "Happy Trails."


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......LHS News......
Originally sent July 19

Lot of news, and sorry we have more losses......

David Richard Daniel, 65, of Edmond, passed July 17. David suffered a severe heart attack on July 11 and was not able to recover. David is LHS class '64. He is son of Mary Lou (Holt) Daniel who is LHS class '41. David is survived by his wife Judy (Brown); two sons, Matt and Mark; daughter Katie; his mom; two sisters, Susan Sullivan; Diane who is married to our '59 classmate Ed Adams. A Memorial service will be 11:00am Tuesday July 20, at Baggerly Funeral Home in Edmond, 903 South Broadway. Extended obit and guest book at:

David Pipes, 58, of Edmond passed on July 5 after a lengthy battle with systemic scleroderma. David is LHS class '69 and is the son of John and Barbara 'Babs' (Hutchins) Pipes of Lawton. John & Babs are both LHS grads.David is survived by his parents; his wife Linda (Shackelford); sons Adam and Jeremy; brother Kevin Pipes; sister Kathy Gragg.
A memorial service will be held next Friday July 23, 1:00pm, Journey church in Norman. Extended obit was in Lawton Constitution July 13.

Also passing, Kent Dunning Fountain, 62, of Lawton. Kent passed on July 11 and funeral services were July 15 in Lawton. Kent attended Swinney, Tomlinson, and graduated LHS. He is survived by wife Sheila (Martin); two sons; brother Richard; father Jay Dee Fountain; other extended family members.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and those who are having health problems.

From the eMail bag......
Shirley (Ray) Blowers, '53, told me that her mom celebrated her 95 birthday on Jan. 8 - same as Elvis - and that she was doing fine until an emergency appendectomy on Easter Sunday. Surgery went well but some later complications are causing problems. Margery Ray is such a sweetheart. She is also mom to '59 classmate Larry Ray. I know we all wish her well.

More follow-up on Roy and Trigger.....had NO idea the impact 'they' had on our generation.....

"This is my horse, Trigger. (pix above, left). He ended up with the Craterville riding string. I had him for several years before we left the farm. This was taken in 1946. I never got on him without thinking I would one day ride with the real Roy Rogers and the real Trigger."
Ed Adams, '59

And not all Triggers were Palaminos.....
"That was fun stuff about Roy Rogers. I named my first horse Trigger, even though he was a black horse."
Mitch Braley, 57 (pix above, right, of Trigger, Mitch, and his mom).

"I remember when Trigger flew in at the old airport where the Memorial Hospital is located now. We lived at Cameron and Richard carried me on his bike and we saw Trigger with a beautiful lady holding a fawn with Trigger holding a bottle in his mouth feeding the fawn.There were children standing there and a local photographer (maybe Bill Dixon) took a picture that was in the studio or in the newspaper. I would love to find out if anyone else remembers that and knows where I could get a copy of the picture. I was one of the children standing there watching. Gary never forgot to mention that we didn't take him too. I had to have been 8-10 yrs old so that would have been in 1946-1948."
Connie (Lassetter) Johnson"

I also remember seeing Roy Rogers and Trigger at Craterville Park as a young boy. A group from Whitter grade school: Donnie Gaskins, Chad Payne, The Killgore brothers, Jimmy Ballard, Duggie Dugalosh (spelling?) and several others got our parents to take us out to Craterville Park to see the King of The Cowboys, Roy Rogers in person. I vividly remember some of the guys saying, "Do you really think THAT IS ROY ROGERS?". Simply because we could not believe Roy Rogers was actually that close to us in the flesh. We could nearly touch him from the front row.
I am 100% sure all those [cowboy] movies were at the Ritz. I would bet my last pair of shoes on that. It took 30 cents to do the following: 10-cents for round trip (5-cents each way) bus ride to the Ritz. 10 Cents to get in the movie. 5-cents for coke and 5-cents for pop corn or candy bar."
Ron Jones, '55

Email from '59 classmate Phil Wilder................"do you remember Johnny Plumlee? He and I went to grade school together, were good friends, then lost touch later.The reason I asked, he had a picture of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on their wedding day. The picture showed Johnny's aunt presenting them with their marriage license. She was either the city or county clerk where they were married. He also had a lot of other pictures of them.
This also brought up a memory of the early days of KSWO-TV. Sprague's furniture was having special for kid's if their parents bought a dinette or something, the kids would receive Hopalong Cassidy outfit. So, Hunt Downing ['59] and I were on live TV modeling the outfits during one of the stores commercials. We were about 11 or 12 years old at the time and we both were called "Hoppy" for years after that. Like the Gekko on TV, I still have nightmares!"
NOTE: Phil's sister Sue was married to Paul Sprague, hence the 'Hoppy' gig! Phil and wife Coralyn live in CO and are happy to welcome home their son Tim who has just retired from the Air Force.
btw.....Anybody know where Johnny Plumlee is...?

So you know.....Trigger (the taxidermied original) went way above pre-sale expectations at the auction this past Wednesday at Christies in NYC. Trigger was bought by a Nebraska cable TV network for a sizzling $266,500.00! They also bought Roy's taxidermied dog - Bullet - for $35,000. RFD - TV in Omaha says 'Trigger' reflects the company values as they air mainly agricultural, equine, and country living programming! Great that Trigger and Bullet will be together and have a good home!

More.....from the eMail bag:
'59 classmate Sharon (Cummins) Bolt says still a LOT of boxes to unpack but settling into their new home in Amarillo, TX and sends this new address. '59'er's and others make changes in your class Memory Book and roster.Sharon (Cummins) Bolt, 6213 S. Fannin St., Amarillo, TX 79118. Phone (806) 553-6149. Email is same.

Paul Anderson, '62, emailed he recently ate at Meers with the head cheerleader of '62! No other details! Hummmmmmm...real 'Tatler' stuff!

Also, emails from Luther and Barbara Green (great old '50's music); Deanna (Paramore) Manning, '57 - out sunny CA way; also, her sister Pam (Paramore) Seals, '62; Karol Zea; Carmen (Chandler); Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis, '59; Ron Hagler; David Davis; Linda (Hawkins) Moon, '59; Mike Lehew, '68; LaRue (Locke) Hogate, '59; Allen Johnson, '56; Becky (Mincey) Roberts, '59; Colleen Cummins Walker, '60.
Always enjoy emails and comments!

Ed Harp, '54, has his monthly '54 newsletter out. Ed does a great job and always has a lot of info on '54 grads as well as others. You can get on Ed's email list by contacting him at:

Talked with '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks on Friday....she & hubby Wayne, '60, are out Palm Springs, CA way. She said it was 115! Mercy!

Had brief visit with former teacher Betty Roundtree Bradshaw at Sunday lunch. She taught typing at LHS from 1957 - 1967 and then taught at Cameron for many years! She fell off a two-step ladder last August and broke a hip. You would never know as she is still zipping along, out-going, and full of 'humor'. She said she "remembered me".....not sure if good or bad but I remember I had her first hour my Senior year and I was more often late than on time!
But, she was most gracious and paid me a nice compliment so maybe she doesn't remember my frequent tardiness..???? And I did learn to type...."the quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog...."

Hope you will take a minute to vote on the Field of Dreams that was mentioned in last news. Preston Holsinger is helping with this local project. Appreciate Larry Muncy, '62, for sending this short-cut to vote...."If you type in field of dreams then you go right to the area to vote for the Lawton field".

Really warm...well...really HOT... in Lawton, America! Hope you are keepin COOL this summer. Regards to all......Georgia

Sunday, July 18, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent July 10

'59 classmate Charles Brooks, who lives and works in Germany, will be getting a new knee this week-end! 'They' have these parts replacements down to a fine art, so no doubt Charles will be up and running soon. We wish him the best!

The info on Roy Rogers prompted numerous responses. Ironic, as in todays Lawton paper and the Oklahoman, story on the upcoming auction of the last of the museum items. Trigger is expected to bring between 1 and $200,000. That's a lot of hay! (pix above of Roy, Dale, and Trigger at the CA Museum years ago).

"Regarding Roy Rogers: My Husband and I purchased a VCR tape of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and probably the only movie that they made together. Gene was the good guy and Roy played the bad guy. We only paid 25 cents at a church yard sale. Also, several years ago we purchased a CD of Roy's songs and some I had never heard him sing before. Growing up in the 50's he was one of my idols. Those were the good ole' days!!!!! Thanks again for all the news. "
Becky (Mincey) Roberts, '59

....."years ago while working for Continental Air Lines I met Roy and Dale. Later on at one point while VIP escorting Dale and her entourage, we stopped for prayer and they asked me to join in. OK, I'm name dropping but I am proud to say I held hands and prayed with Dale Evans.God bless,"
Mike [Lehew], '68

" one of the largest days in my young life was seeing Roy and Trigger at Craterville Park as a mere lad. I remember Trigger being there a few days before Roy. His workouts drew huge crowds. Some of the older folk said there were more people there for Trigger than when Roy showed up."
Ed Adams, '59

"I used to see all the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movies in Lawton as a kid. Then we'd come home and replay the movie. I met Dale Evans several times as she used to come in to San Bernardino to shop before they had the mall in Victorville. They lived in Apple Valley. I met both of them there as we spent several months there. She was extremely friendly and pleasant and would greet you like an old friend. Kinda sad that the memorabilia is being split up. Somebody on TV this last week remarked that they were so shocked to see how small in stature Roy Rogers was. We all thought he was at least 6 ft 4."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, '56

From my own notes, back in late '60's and '70's, we frequented events at the National Cowboy Hall in OKC. Had numerous opportunities to visit with Roy & Dale and also Gene Autry! They were always very nice and Gene Autry had a lot of good memories of Lawton and was good friends with Lawtonian Max Brock. Max owned or maybe managed the theatres in Lawton back in that day and had a lot of contact with Autry and others in showing their films. I remember the cowboy movies...mostly at the Dome!

Several commented they got a chuckle/laugh out of the 'earring fitting' bit.......this comment came from '59 classmate Ben Ansley.......
"Georgia, I am so glad to hear about you earrings ears have grown so much that they flap in the wind...Ben".
I kinda doubt that but always enjoy hearing from Dumbo...uh, I mean, Ben!

'60's classmate Preston Holsinger asked if I would send this out and it is hoped that some of you will help by taking a minute to vote at link below........
."We need your help in getting a $50,000 Pepsi Grant for building a hard surface baseball diamond for Lawton's special needs children. We just need you to spend a couple of minutes every day in July to vote for our Miracle League project. The Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with special needs to play baseball with a specially designed rubber turf field. The Miracle League of Lawton-Fort Sill is building one of these baseball fields for our special needs children. We need your help in winning the money necessary to build this field of dreams. The Lawton-Fort Sill community is home to thousands of children who need this field, and more are constantly coming to our community as soldiers with special needs children are assigned to Fort Sill. This is a simple and easy way to make a difference in some physically and mentally challenged children's lives. So, please click on the following link and vote daily to make that difference:" Go to:
THEN.....Click on the link on the Pepsi home page, there will be a rather long (about 1.5 inch) oval white box with a magnifying glass in it. This will be in the very top right side of the home page. Click on this and type Miracle League and then click on the magnifying glass. This should take you to the Miracle League Lawton/Ft Sill listing. Click "Vote for this idea"

Regards to all..........Georgia

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent June 29

Sorry to report the passing of Helen (Bunch) Crow, 70, of Walters. Helen passed on June 23 and services were June 26. Helen is class 1957. She is survived by her husband of 52 years, Billy John Crow; four sons; a sister, Jeanne Jarvis; numerous grandchildren.
Extended obit and gust book at:

A note from Robert L. Shotts, '54 via Ed Harp, '54, to let all know that Truman O. Pettijohn, 76, passed on June 26. He had been fighting issues related to diabetes for some time. Robert related that he & Truman go all the way back to first grade at Woodrow Wilson and that he was in Oklahoma City about a month ago to visit with Truman who was class 1953. He is survived by wife Carolyn. There will be a Memorial service at 10:00am on Friday July 2, church of the Savior in OkCity (5600 NW 63rd).
Burial will be in Sunset Gardens in Lawton at approx 1:30pm. He is currently at Smith Funeral Home in Anadarko. No obit posted as of this writing:

Also passing, George Miller, 82, of Lawton. George passed June 23 and a memorial service was held June 28. He attended Lawton schools but left just 6 months before graduation to join the Navy. He married Pat (Witzel) in 1953. Extended obit and guest book at:

And, Vernon I. Greer, 90, Lawton, passed on June 25 after complications from a stroke in mid-May. A Memorial service was held June 28. Vernon did not attend LHS but I know a lot of classmates remember V.I. as he owned & operated Greer's Flowers from 1946 until his retirement in 1984. He made a lot of prom corsages and home-coming pom-pom chrysanthemums in 'our' day! He is survived by his wife Marian 'Tiny' (Johnson); a daughter Dixie (Greer) Walker; a son Steve, both LHS grads.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Our sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones.

Classmates in the news......Preston Holsinger, '60, who is retired and living back in Lawton, is getting involved in his community! He was recently installed as President of the Lawton AMBUCS. No doubt he will do a good job and be very busy!!!!!

Pete Costilow, '63, was featured in a story in the Oklahoman this past Sunday. Pete and two other Oklahomans who served in Vietnam were interviewed regarding their service in the war and the upcoming opening in Norman of the Dignity Memorial Wall. The three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial [in Washington, DC] will be unveiled at Reeves Park Wednesday and be open to the public through July. Pete was a Chinook pilot, flying support missions. Pete said it was decades before he could talk about his experiences and he knows other vets have the same situation. He stated...."I just hope that any Vietnam veteran will try to come..." [to visit Dignity Wall]!

My bro George, '63, is BIG into Western memorabilia these days. He has just returned from Denver where he attended a Western collectibles show AND an auction of Roy Rogers/Dale Evans artifacts from the museum that Roy started years ago. The museum was eventually moved from CA to Branson, MO. Recently the family [five children of Roy and Dale] made the decision to sell off all the collectibles. This past week-end in Denver was 1/3 of the collection, another auction was held several weeks ago, and the third and final sale of items will be held at Christies in NYC July 14.
Trigger [the original] is also going to be sold or may have been? The first Trigger, one of several horses named Trigger, was taxidermied when he died.George said some really 'nice' stuff and most went way over pre-sale estimates.
No, George didn't buy anything at the auction. The show....well, another matter!

Do you realize that after 'our' 1940's, '50's, early '60's generation(s) passes.....even don't know who Roy Rogers is....! Sigh!

Well, to those who do remember...........Happy Trails to you........and a safe and festive 4th. We hope to be watching fireworks in Boston Harbor this week-end! And, if you don't have your fireworks yet, may not be too late, great product/great buys at:
Fireworks ~ an American Tradition!
Happy Birthday America!