Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Originally sent Jan. 3, 2008

I hate to start the new year with sad news but thought all would want to know.

So sorry to report the passing of Floyd Ross Porter, 70, Lawton. Floyd died Dec. 30. He was a 1955 grad of LHS. Floyd was born in Tennesee and adopted when he was 6 weeks old by Sara & Ross Porter of Lawton. Floyd was very knowledgeable in computers and airplanes. Had his pilots license, flew small aircraft and sailplanes and ferried air coupe aircraft from factories to sales outlets all over the US. Floyd has a sister - Diane (Porter) Haynes - 2-3 years younger, she was not mentioned in the obit but as far as I know she is still living? The Porters lived in the house just north of me on corner at 11th & Arlington. I played at their house many times during the grade school - junior high years. The Porters had the Coca-Cola bottling company in Lawton (had belonged to Sara Porters mom) and Ross was always giving us a Coke out of a cold Coke box he kept in the garage. Such a treat! Services for Floyd will be Saturday Jan. 5, First Presbyterian Church here in Lawton, 2:00pm. Floyd is survived by wife Mary Jean (Hampton), a daughter, Tammy Porter, and a son, Floyd Ross Porter, Jr.

Also passing, Lt. Col. (rtd) Durwood Saunders "D.S." Wilson, Jr., 82 of Lawton. Originally from North Carolina and a graduate of West Point, D.S. came to be in Lawton and married a local gal, Cynthia M. (Wildman) Eastman in 1971. Many of you know Cynthia. She is a 1950-1951? grad of LHS. She taught dancing at Storey & Barton years ago. Sweet gal. She survives D.S. along with numerous kids, step-kids, and grandkids.Services will be Saturday, Jan. 5, Old Post Chapel at Fort Sill, 10:00am.

Had this email from Connie (Lassetter) Johnson, class '56:
I remember Sammy and Dicky Eagleshield at Emerson School where I attend the 5th and 6th grades. Theyhad that cold black hair and wore whatever the boys wore in their hair back then. They were always nice to me.
pssstttttt...Connie was so pretty and so sweet, everyone was nice to her!!!! Connie is sister to our '59 classmate Gary.

And from '59 classmate Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis:
I remember Sammy and Dickie Eagleshield......first encounter was when I "shared" the stairwell at LHS one day and they took up most of the room....actually, they were both very nice to me and sooooo quiet. Another time some of us girls had gone to the movie and got in trouble with the usher for "talking too much"...imagine that! we scattered throughout the theatre and when I looked up I was sitting next to one of the Eagleshield brothers!

LOVE this 'story' from Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman:
"I went to grade school with Kenneth Cambron so I guess he started out at the same time. I don't remember graduating with us in '56 though. I think the Eagleshields went to Emerson too. I'll never forget the time I was riding the bus down from Oklahoma City and a young soldier's wife was sitting next to me. She was coming to visit him. She had asked me if we would be bothered by the Indians. I told her I really didn't think so and tried not to laugh. Sure enough, at Richard's Spur, a couple of local Indians got on the bus. I thought the girl was going to pass out. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I was 8 or 9 years old and I had to be polite but it took all the control I had not to giggle."

I visited with '59 classmate Anne (Shepard) Tubbs out at some of the after-Christmas $ale$!!!! She was doing fine. Brrrrrrrrr! Very cold and windy today, but dry! Regards.......Georgia

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