Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Originally sent Jan. 15

Bill & I stopped at Burgess Grill for a bite of lunch this past Thursday and ran into Coach Bob Bodenhamer & wife Ila. We had a great hour plus visit and talked about everything from politics to health problems. We have long discussed Republican politics!! And, we mention the 'other party' too! haha!
Coach has a new pacemaker (since last June). No heart troubles, a fibulation (sp?) problem. Hes doing great! Really good to see them. They talked about the '57 reunion last summer & how much they enjoyed attending. They live at Norman now (many years) and knew a lot of 'news' I didn't know!!

And visited a few minutes with Martin Sanchez who was also enjoying Burgess cuisine!

Received this from '59 classmate Jerry Morgan here on Tuesday morn - really good to hear from Jerry. He is still re-cooping from a stroke:
This is my first time to letters on the PC. I am having a lot of problems with vision and balance. When your balance depends on vision. When your vision does not focus or have depth perception, you can not walk. I have been working on retraining my brain how to walk. I am having problems with my stomach. I will see a doctor about it Thursday. I go to outpatient therapy at Mercy on M, Wed, and Thursday. Never knew this could be so hard, typing on PC. Thanks Jerry

Received this interesting email a few days ago:
Georgia, we are currently in Hanoi, VietNam, soaking up a new culture. Will take a train down to SaPa ethnic region tomorrow, then back to Hanoi and then on a boat to HaiPhong harbor. After that we will start flying south to see the rest of the country ending up in Cambodia and Thailand. It is all a bit overwhelming, but incredibly interesting. The food is grand and everyone is very friendly. Marilyn (Thompson) Seely - class '60.

Class of '53 Alice (Dezelle) Maksim is asking for information on '53 classmates Lucille (Cowles) and Judy (Grandrud). Alice says they were both 'army brats'. That Judy married a Lawton boy whose family lived at 701Arlington for several years but she can't remember his name? Anyone with info on either of these gals?

The list (below)(not posted here) is from Ivalou Gilliam. Sadly, it's those known to be deceased in class '58. Ivalou is in charge of this for the upcoming 1958 reunion and she is trying to make sure she doesn't omit a name OR have anyone listed that should not be!!!IF you see an error or know of another '58 grad who has passed, please let Ivalou know. Date is not set for the 1958 -50th, but will let all know when I receive info.

Regards from 'home'........Georgia

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