Thursday, January 31, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 30.

Received this email from Ken Easton.....
Following is information on the Class of 58 reunion. Please pass this along:The committee for the LHS Class of 58 will meet Friday, February 1, to continue plans for the 50 year reunion on August 15 and 16. All class members who would be willing to work on the reunion are invited to attend. Your input is important and your assistance in finding class mates is needed.
The meeting will be held at Easton's Hardware, 6902 NW Cache Road at 7:00pm.
Please contact Kenneth Easton, if you can attend or would like to be on the committee. Phone 580-353-6252 or e-mail <>; (580)353-6252 phone; (580)353-6253 fax.
And remember, if you know '58 classmates that are (sadly) deceased, let Ivalou know at:

As the saying goes..."weather is here, wish you were beautiful"......the wind has been sweeping down the plains at a high rate of speed, bringing cold & possibility of all kinds of inclement situations!!!! Threat of snow on Thursday! I have heard from several on the west coast where they are experiencing all kinds of bad weather also..... Come on Spring!
......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 26.

I am so sorry to report the passing of Marguerite (Spencer) Bassell, 93, of Lawton. Mrs. Bassell passed away this past Thursday, Jan. 24. Mrs. Bassell is the mother of our '59 classmate Sally Beth Wiseman and two other daughters, Susan Heiligman and Patricia Bassell and a son, James R. Bassell.
Services for Mrs. Bassell will be this next Tuesday, Jan. 29 at St. Pauls United Methodist church here in Lawton, 2:00pm. An on line guest book and sympathy cards are available at: <>

I know our thoughts and prayers are certainly with this family in their loss.

I had this email from '59 classmate Jerry Morgan. Seems most encouraging:

Last time I tried I got sick because of the flicking on the PC screen. I am trying again. Thanks for your prayers and my being in your thoughts. It is different being on this side of the problem. Stroke- Bleed on the back of Brain. Bleed causes pressure, pressure causes swelling. Damage to vision and Balance. I was very, very fortunate to not have any more problems. I have therapy on M, W and Th. I have been in therapy since back in December. I have been released by my vision therapist. I was advancing faster than she could help. I just push myself each day. My goal is to be at our reunion next year. As I have the most current record for our class, I have started to make arrangements to have it be on a CD or DVD. Their will be several copies out so we have a better chance to share the knowledge among us. Mean time I moved from a wheel chair to a walker. On Thursday I was moved to a walking staff. I DIDN'T DO WELL WITH A CANE. PLUS IT LOOKS BETTER-- overalls, ball cap, redwing boots and a oak limb as a staff. My balance still gives me HECK. Love To All.

Certainly do wish Jerry all the best as he re-coops and really appreciate his efforts to keep tabs on all the '59 grads. Hes done a great job. Remember....if your contact info changes let Jerry or me know!!!! Our 50th is just around the corner! Jerrys' email:

I also know there are others with health problems. Hope you will join me in keeping them in your prayers and hoping for improvement with their health.

Regards to all.........Georgia

Thursday, January 24, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan.24

I am so very sorry to report the passing of Jack Lewis Babbitt, 70, of Velma. I personally knew Jack, always liked Jack but knew he has been fighting cancer a long time. Jack is LHS class 1955 and is brother to our '59 classmate Jerry Babbitt, brother to Jill (Babbitt) Martin, class '57 and Jane (Babbitt) Schau, class '60 or '61? Jack married another '59 classmate, Jannell Nunn. They divorced years later and Janell is sadly also deceased.
Jack is also survived by two sons, Dale Babbitt and Terry Howard Babbitt.
Services for Jack will be at 1:30pm this Saturday, Jan. 26, at Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel here in Lawton.
An online guest book and sympathy cards are available at <>

Also noted the passing of Dianna Jeanne (Ketchum-Wren) Lloyd, 62, of Lawton, Dianna is shown as a '62 grad of LHS. Dianna is survived by a son Jason Lloyd and two daughters, Janet Burk and Cathleen Goguen.
Services for Dianna will be 3:00pm Friday, Jan. 25, at Cameron Baptist church. An online guest book and sympathy cards are available at <>

I know our sympathies are certainly with these families at this time of loss.

Been slow news days lately so this was all I have to report....hope all are doing well. Regards......Georgia

Saturday, January 19, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 17

So sorry to report the passing of Mary Oleta (Nelson) Way, 93, of Marlow (formerly of Lawton). Mrs. Way is mother of Gay (Way) Cox who is a '52 or maybe '53 grad of LHS. Funeral services will be Friday Jan. 18 at the Chapel of Peace Mausoleum at Sunset Memorial Gardens, 3:30pm. (west of Lawton on old Cache Road).An on line guest book is available at <>

OK....1958 grads!!! Loretta (Hartline) emailed to let me know and ask me to pass on....the 50th reunion of LHS class 1958 will be Saturday August 16 at the Best Western here in Lawton. They are also hoping to do a night (Friday?) at the Medicine Park Music Hall (old skating rink at MP - neat place). There are no other details at this time but Loretta said she would pass along asap. the date(s) on your calendar!!!! If you have any info on 1958 grads or want to ask any questions, you can email Loretta at: or Ken Easton at:

Not many but a few emails are bouncing back to me! Remember....if you change your email address and want to continue to receive the LHS sure to let me know of changes. Had several NEW ones/changes this week and I appreciate it! Also, have enjoyed emails from numerous NEW people to the news!!!

Very cold weather is back here in the home-town and state......hope it is short-lived. Regards to all.... Georgia

Thursday, January 17, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 15

Bill & I stopped at Burgess Grill for a bite of lunch this past Thursday and ran into Coach Bob Bodenhamer & wife Ila. We had a great hour plus visit and talked about everything from politics to health problems. We have long discussed Republican politics!! And, we mention the 'other party' too! haha!
Coach has a new pacemaker (since last June). No heart troubles, a fibulation (sp?) problem. Hes doing great! Really good to see them. They talked about the '57 reunion last summer & how much they enjoyed attending. They live at Norman now (many years) and knew a lot of 'news' I didn't know!!

And visited a few minutes with Martin Sanchez who was also enjoying Burgess cuisine!

Received this from '59 classmate Jerry Morgan here on Tuesday morn - really good to hear from Jerry. He is still re-cooping from a stroke:
This is my first time to letters on the PC. I am having a lot of problems with vision and balance. When your balance depends on vision. When your vision does not focus or have depth perception, you can not walk. I have been working on retraining my brain how to walk. I am having problems with my stomach. I will see a doctor about it Thursday. I go to outpatient therapy at Mercy on M, Wed, and Thursday. Never knew this could be so hard, typing on PC. Thanks Jerry

Received this interesting email a few days ago:
Georgia, we are currently in Hanoi, VietNam, soaking up a new culture. Will take a train down to SaPa ethnic region tomorrow, then back to Hanoi and then on a boat to HaiPhong harbor. After that we will start flying south to see the rest of the country ending up in Cambodia and Thailand. It is all a bit overwhelming, but incredibly interesting. The food is grand and everyone is very friendly. Marilyn (Thompson) Seely - class '60.

Class of '53 Alice (Dezelle) Maksim is asking for information on '53 classmates Lucille (Cowles) and Judy (Grandrud). Alice says they were both 'army brats'. That Judy married a Lawton boy whose family lived at 701Arlington for several years but she can't remember his name? Anyone with info on either of these gals?

The list (below)(not posted here) is from Ivalou Gilliam. Sadly, it's those known to be deceased in class '58. Ivalou is in charge of this for the upcoming 1958 reunion and she is trying to make sure she doesn't omit a name OR have anyone listed that should not be!!!IF you see an error or know of another '58 grad who has passed, please let Ivalou know. Date is not set for the 1958 -50th, but will let all know when I receive info.

Regards from 'home'........Georgia

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 7

I am so very sorry to report that Mona Thomas passed away Sunday evening. (Jan 6, 2008). Mona is the mom of three classmates, our '59 classmate Kay Tillman, Betty Edmondson - class '56, and sister Sammy Deutschendorf - believe class '53. She is also Aunt to our '59 classmate Larry Ray. Funeral services will be Wednesday Jan. 9, at Centenary Methodist church here in Lawton, 10:00am.I know you will join me in extending sympathies to the girls and their families and to others who have also lost loved ones recently.

Also passing, Donald Joseph "Jinxie" Bread, Sr., 63, of Elgin. He was raised in Lawton & Carnegie, attending schools in both places but shown as a 1962 grad of LHS. Services were on Saturday, Jan. 5 in Lawton.

And another loss, former Lawton resident and '69 LHS grad, Linda Kay (Markham) Flagg of Austin, TX. A memorial service will be held Jan. 12 at Cook-Walden Hill Country Cremation Garden in Pflugerville, TX.

'56 grad Tom Wells emailed to say that he & wife Judy have left cold, snowy, Kansas and headed south for the winter. They will be nesting in San Antonio until the spring thaw when they head back to Kansas. They plan to stop in Ft. Worth to visit with Roy & Sue Sullins. Roy is still continuing well with his re-cooperation from car wreck in October.

Also an email from class '56 Patsy (Conner). Patsy lives in Arkansas but spent the holidays in the Teton Valley with her son and family. They chopped their own Christmas tree there in Wyoming. We had been discussing cutting your own tree and I mentioned that a friend of mine gave me the cardinal rule of thumb on Christmas tree cutting some years ago...he said, "remember, they look smaller in the field." He also told of having to major lumberjack the tree to get it to fit into the stand and the house and as soon as it was inside and 'warmed up'....bugs of all types woke-up and began swarming around! It was a funny story & sealed the deal for an artificial tree in a bug-free box for me!

Some have emailed and had one call from a relative in FLorida asking about the grass fires in our area that have made national news. Terrible fires on Friday, north up by Fletcher. Part of interstate was closed for awhile due to smoke. On Saturday, fires west over by cache, several homes lost or damaged. On Saturday/Sunday, fires east toward Duncan, Punkin Center area, many acres burned & some property lost. Friends of ours in all areas sustained damage to property. Fortunately, as far as I have heard, no one hurt. State is considering a fire ban but think these were all accidental.

Other than dry, beautiful here on Saturday, mid-70's. Sunday too! Yours truly took advantage to do some yard work! No, can't tell but was good to be outside! on Monday...clouds coming in...change in the air! Colder! Regards to all...... Georgia

Thursday, January 10, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 3, 2008

I hate to start the new year with sad news but thought all would want to know.

So sorry to report the passing of Floyd Ross Porter, 70, Lawton. Floyd died Dec. 30. He was a 1955 grad of LHS. Floyd was born in Tennesee and adopted when he was 6 weeks old by Sara & Ross Porter of Lawton. Floyd was very knowledgeable in computers and airplanes. Had his pilots license, flew small aircraft and sailplanes and ferried air coupe aircraft from factories to sales outlets all over the US. Floyd has a sister - Diane (Porter) Haynes - 2-3 years younger, she was not mentioned in the obit but as far as I know she is still living? The Porters lived in the house just north of me on corner at 11th & Arlington. I played at their house many times during the grade school - junior high years. The Porters had the Coca-Cola bottling company in Lawton (had belonged to Sara Porters mom) and Ross was always giving us a Coke out of a cold Coke box he kept in the garage. Such a treat! Services for Floyd will be Saturday Jan. 5, First Presbyterian Church here in Lawton, 2:00pm. Floyd is survived by wife Mary Jean (Hampton), a daughter, Tammy Porter, and a son, Floyd Ross Porter, Jr.

Also passing, Lt. Col. (rtd) Durwood Saunders "D.S." Wilson, Jr., 82 of Lawton. Originally from North Carolina and a graduate of West Point, D.S. came to be in Lawton and married a local gal, Cynthia M. (Wildman) Eastman in 1971. Many of you know Cynthia. She is a 1950-1951? grad of LHS. She taught dancing at Storey & Barton years ago. Sweet gal. She survives D.S. along with numerous kids, step-kids, and grandkids.Services will be Saturday, Jan. 5, Old Post Chapel at Fort Sill, 10:00am.

Had this email from Connie (Lassetter) Johnson, class '56:
I remember Sammy and Dicky Eagleshield at Emerson School where I attend the 5th and 6th grades. Theyhad that cold black hair and wore whatever the boys wore in their hair back then. They were always nice to me.
pssstttttt...Connie was so pretty and so sweet, everyone was nice to her!!!! Connie is sister to our '59 classmate Gary.

And from '59 classmate Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis:
I remember Sammy and Dickie Eagleshield......first encounter was when I "shared" the stairwell at LHS one day and they took up most of the room....actually, they were both very nice to me and sooooo quiet. Another time some of us girls had gone to the movie and got in trouble with the usher for "talking too much"...imagine that! we scattered throughout the theatre and when I looked up I was sitting next to one of the Eagleshield brothers!

LOVE this 'story' from Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman:
"I went to grade school with Kenneth Cambron so I guess he started out at the same time. I don't remember graduating with us in '56 though. I think the Eagleshields went to Emerson too. I'll never forget the time I was riding the bus down from Oklahoma City and a young soldier's wife was sitting next to me. She was coming to visit him. She had asked me if we would be bothered by the Indians. I told her I really didn't think so and tried not to laugh. Sure enough, at Richard's Spur, a couple of local Indians got on the bus. I thought the girl was going to pass out. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I was 8 or 9 years old and I had to be polite but it took all the control I had not to giggle."

I visited with '59 classmate Anne (Shepard) Tubbs out at some of the after-Christmas $ale$!!!! She was doing fine. Brrrrrrrrr! Very cold and windy today, but dry! Regards.......Georgia

Thursday, January 3, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 31, 2007

So sorry to report the passing of Evelyn Pearl (Clark) Martin, 94, of Edmond on Dec. 28. Mrs. Martin taught American history at Central High School and Tomlinson Jr. High. She retired from Lawton Public Schools in 1976. I knew Mrs. Martin fairly well as we attended church together and she & my mom were in a ladies social group. She was a great cook & I have a recipe of hers I make every holiday - a wonderful gelatin salad. Just had it! In 1980, she & husband Albert moved to Edmond area to be close to [only child] daughter Jean Marie Adams (Mrs. Paul). Albert passed away several years ago. Services will be Wednesday, Jan. 2, Edmond church of Christ, 10:00am.

Also passing on Dec. 29, Bobby Dean Booth, 61, of Lawton. Bob is a 1964 grad of LHS, played football and was All State. Also played basketball and baseball. He attended OSU where he also played football. He is son of Bobby Neal Booth (deceased) & Johnnie Milburn Booth, they ran an upholstery business here in Lawton. Services were Monday, Dec. 31, here in Lawton. So sorry for both these losses.

Well, the 'news' about Richard 'Dickie' Eagleshields' sister and the brother certainly sparked 'memories' for a lot of classmates.

This from Doyce Grayson:
Tell Joe Lansden, he was right on the mark for Bob Ishmael. 1956 was it. Bob's brother Joe is also a friend to the class. Sammy Eagleshield was in 1955 and 1956 classes. His brother Dickie was after that. They also ran with fellow classmates Kenneth Cambron and Freddy Alandes. They all lived in 100 Block of A Avenue. I don't know how much fear their Great-Great Grandfather put in the soldiers in Arizona and New Mexico, but I'll bet it didn't compare to the fear Sammy and Dickie put into the one's at Fort Sill and basically they were nice guy's, if they liked you.
Now Mr. Bish told me that he didn't agree with that. He said he remembered them well!! Kenneth, Freddy, and Dickie have passed on, Sammy lives in Anadarko. You should hear his answering machine, or it might be him!!! I don't know? We certainly had some intellects in that Class. Your friend Doyce. Happy New Year.

This from Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert:
FYI- I discovered several years ago that Dick Eagleshield is buried by Geronimo at Ft Sill Apache Cemetery on the east side of I44. A friend and I were researching cemeteries in the county and that cemetery was one of ours to research. Interesting what we can learn.

btw...Duff is headed back to Houston in January. She is a cancer survivor and will be possibly taking part in some new clinical studies. I hope you will join me in keeping Duffy and other classmates with health problems in your prayers.

What I remember most about Dickie Eagleshield (besides the black leather jacket)....he had a crush on '59 classmate Stephanie Lester. We were in Junior High - 8th, maybe 9th grade - Stephanie was a cheerleader & that's when football games were at Ron Stephens Stadium.
Dickie would show up during games & stand off at a distance with some of his 'groupies' & watch Stephanie. It was obvious he had 'visions' of something???? Sadly for Dickie, never worked out!

I do know that class 1958 had their first organizational meeting for their 50 year reunion which is coming up fast! Will pass along details when I get them. Meanwhile, if you have input or questions, get hold of Ken Easton.

Received an email from Glen Thomason, class '56, he sent me a picture of a rockfish he caught Dec. 5 out on Chesapeake Bay.
My Bill is baiting up! Huh, Mitch!

Well, just cooked pot of black-eyed peas, cornbread, and assorted sweets. We are heading out shortly to go welcome the New Year with friends and family. I want to wish all of you an enjoyable evening and a blest New Year.I thank Ed Adams who sent me this link and I want to share as it expresses my sentiments to you all. <>

Closing out the year 2007 from the 'ol home town'...didn't it go by fast! Warmest regards to all, Georgia

Never a Christmas Morning,never the old year ends, but someone
thinks of someone, Old Days, Old Times, Old Friends.
Happy New Year Wolverines ~ 2008!
......LHS News......
originally sent Dec. 27

Joe Lansden wrote to say that 'Bobby' Ishmael was class '56.

This evening from Susan (Hankins) out in NM. "I read in maybe two days ago paper that a sister of Sam Eagleshield (class of 55 or 56), Carol Ann Soatikee, age 65, died on 12/20. She also had a brother, Richard Eagleshield, whose photo is in the 56 class in 1955. Kinda confusing, though I remember at least one of the brothers from high school. A very interesting note says that Carol Ann was a great-great granddaughter of Chiricahua Apache Chief Mangas Coloradas. That means that Sam and Dick were too. We had some historical classmates and I didn't even know it?wonder if anyone did. Her service is/was [past] Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Apache Reformed Church."

Susan also sent a couple of beautiful pictures of the snow out her way
And, I also had a sweet email from Susan's sister Duffy Gilbert.

Just received this tonight.....the class of 1958 will be meeting at the Tea Room, 213 C in downtown Lawton - TOMORROW - Friday Dec. 28 at 10:00am. Anyone interested in helping plan the 50 year reunion is invited to come.

IMPORTANT: Classmates.....just before Thanksgiving Ken Russell sent me his email list of '56 grads and asked me to incorporate them into my list so they would receive 'news' direct from me. I'm slow but think I have it all set. Please let me know IF you receive this news twice from me or have any other 'problem' with it. Hope won't be too many duplications and certainly NO deletes!!!
Ken, if you would, send this email one last time to your list to make sure I didn't miss anyone. If you get this from Ken and not me, let me know. Thanks.

Well, now you are all up to speed on the 'news'. Very cold here, moisture, feels like snow in the air. We'll see. Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 27

Mike Wyant emailed on Thursday to let me know that Caralee (Everett), class '57, passed away on Dec. 25 and her funeral will be this Friday, Dec. 28, in Belton, TX, 2:00pm at Dossman Funeral Home. Mike had just written the first of December to say that Caralee was having problems again with cancer. So very sorry to hear of this loss.

And, I am sorry I missed the recent passing of Robert Lee 'Bobby' Ishmael, 70, of Lawton. Bobby passed away on Dec. 13 and grave side services were on Dec. 17 here in Lawton. According to the paper Bobby grew up in Lawton and was a '58 grad of LHS.

Email from '59 classmate Claudia (Looney) Davis and she is off to ring the New Year Barcelona and the Canary Islands! Wishing her a great trip & told her to write about it when she returns!

And, a 'note' from '59 classmate Kay (Haines) Young up Tulsa way. She is doing great and still visiting with a house full of kids and grand kids!

As another year winds down, I wish you a blest New Year in 2008....regards to all....Georgia