Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Originally sent Jan. 2, 2009

Well, so far - so good! This year is going pretty much like last..! haha!

Welcome! Some of you may be receiving this news for first time. Some have asked to be added, some have been 'suggested' to receive LHS News which goes out sporadically - as news occurs! If you should receive this twice, please let me know as I am 'updating' my email lists. And, getting some returns, so if you change your email and want to continue to receive 'news', be sure to send any changes. Remember, past LHS News is archived at along with photos and links to other Wolverine related events!
Can't imagine, but, if you do not wish to receive LHS News, just email & request!

Again, bad news first:
Thought some of you might remember this lady. M. LaVerne (Wicker) Brennan, 83, of West Hartford, CT. passed on Dec. 29. Services were in CT. She was born in OKC but eventually ended up in Lawton - briefly - where she taught the school year of 1953 at LHS, apparently married that year and moved. Survivors include a brother Roy (think he is a builder in Lawton); a daughter Patricia and a son Terence.

btw....I did not know until after I sent info on the passing of Faye (Moore) Good Godwin, mother of Libby Lou (Good) Brazzel....someone told me that Mrs. Godwin was sister of Ila Gunter who tried to teach us freshman Algebra!!!!

My sister-in-law, Lugene (Williams) Mushrush, class '54, is currently in the hospital in Houston. I would ask you to join me in keeping her in your prayers.

Received a most thoughtful 'package' from my Elvis researcher email pen pal in Italy. Luca sent me the new Elvis Duet Christmas CD which is sold out in these parts! Its great! The 'King' is in rare voice!

Want to share some emails I received........
"As these last minutes of 2008 go by...I'm going to stop watching times square, which doesn't hold the awe it did when we were so much younger and just seeing it for the first times...and I'm going to stop and wish each of you a most remarkable coming year, one that will stand out in time as the best ever...Happy New Year, Love Karen" [(Bridwell) Richmond - class '58]

Received kind words from Charles Ellenbrook......[LHS News] ...."it helps to enlighten and in keeping the LHS family together."

Also warm greetings from Edward Hesler and wife Rita out sunny CA way!

Also quick greetings from '59 classmates Becky (Mincey) Roberts, Ella (Price) Hunter, Ed Adams, Richard Densley; Barbara (Ramey) Wiseman, class '57; Mike Lehew, class '68.

Great New Year admonition from Glen Thomason, class '56....."Alcohol does NOT make you fat! It makes you lean....against tables, chairs, floors, walls, and ugly people." tee hee!

Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux sent 'snow' pictures from Baton Rouge, LA. ..."Georgia, 3" for Baton Rouge was unbelievable. And the grown up's who were out building snowmen was unbelievable as well." Love snow in those palm trees!!!! Cute little girl is Kays' youngest granddaughter, Lilli.

btw....Kay is really rooting for a SOONER WIN on the 8th as her neighbors are giving her a hard time about OU!

Also, more great snow pictures from Bob Looney, class '64, and wife Vicki's yard up in Spokane. Over 50" of snow in past month! Bob is brother of '59 classmate Claudia Looney.

Several sent this link to the year in review. 'Uncle Jay' explains the past year. If you haven't seen it, it's great, very clever! You will enjoy!

Still winter ahead....stay warm and stay in touch! Regards, Georgia

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